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Solo Speed Shop 38 Chevy Custom

Built in 1954 Canton OH

This car built by Bill Mazak in 1954

GNRS 2012

GNRS 2012

This '38 Chevy Custom was originally constructed in 1954-1956 by Bill Mazak in Canton, Ohio. The custom you see here was envisioned by Bill in the early 50s and included a lot of cool tricks, among them the engine, a tricked-out Jimmy built from an article published in Popular Mechanics - March 1954, along with a cool chopped top with filled side windows (all leaded the old-fashioned way!), and ultra slick door handle mods.

The engine takes right from the magazine build-up starting with a 6-cylinder Jummy 270 incher, adding the Fenton intake with a trio of Rochesters, exiting through Fenton headers. Other features included Crane racing cam, aluminum timing ear, degreed balancer, Mallory Dual point dizzy, Hildebrandt "Beehive" oil filter, and H.D. GMC clutch. Transmission - Saginaw 3-speed.

The dash has some cool features as well, like early Sun style tachometer, and period pinstriping.

The front suspension is an early Chevrolet ('41-'48) clip grafted on. Rear end is early 40s Pontiac with custom traction bars. Wheels/Tries: Front - stock 16" x 5" - 6 lugs w/ old Moon style caps on white wall bias plys. Rear: Stock OE Pontiac 15" x 7" (By Wheel Smith) with Spyder rings and chrome lug nuts. Tires are 7" Hurst "pie crust" cheater slicks.

270 Jimmy Six built from Popular Mechanics Magazine March 1954

Custom intake manifold

The car was last titled 4/3/1956, and cruised Canton, Ohio until the late 60s when Bill and his wife moved to Arizona. The car was disassembled for a repaint shortly after and would remain in the state for 40 years until Bill passed away. Shortly after, his widow placed a small ad and sold the car to another hot-rodder, Larry Srigley, who purchased in 2010. Larry loaded the car up in pieces and took his dream car home to Allquippa, PA. Unfortunately Larry was not able to build his dream custom because of family health issues, so he advertised on the HAMB this past summer.

I spotted the car and instantly knew it would be the next project for SOLO Speed Shop. The car arrived back in CA in July 2011, the the work began to bring the custom back to its former glory. With our sights set on debuting the car at the GMRS, we tore into it right away. With the tremendous help of Ricardo McGyver, SOLO Speed Shop's one tool - old school specialist, we've been slowly getting her back together. The body received some patch panels, while the firewall was cleaned up. The engine was all fresh and just needed a few pieces and details to complete. The biggest challenge was the clutch/brake pedal setup as that was missing along with the original trans. We put together a GM Saginaw 3-speed, and used stock '38 Chevy clutch and brake pedals. Next up was the glass - a real challenge to say the least on a car chopped 4.5"!! After a couple tries we nailed it. There's a lot of small details left, but our goal was to get it to the GMRS, then get it back on the road where it belongs - Cruising SOLO Speed Shop Style!

1938 Chevrolet Old School Custom
Chopped 4-1/2", side windows filled, custom streamlined door hinges
1941-1948 Chevrolet suspension/front clip/steering
Engine:GMC 270 ci - Hi-Perf. 6 Cylinder built from Popular Mechanics Article - March 1954:
GM Rochester Tripower, Fenton Intake and Headers, Mallory Dual Point Dist.
Aluminum Timing Gear, Hildebrant Beehive Oil Filter, Crane Racing Cam, GMC HD Clutch
Trans:Saginaw 3-speed
Rear:Early 1940s Pontiac


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Anonymous on Mar 9, 2013 said:

I had one of the 38 chevys back in 1957. It was absolutely perfect. No custom work. No rust. No problems. It just kept running and running, as my everyday driver. i loved it. It was one of the most dependable vehicles i have ever owned. Wish i had it today.

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SOLOSPEEDSHOP on Mar 10, 2013 said:

Yes very cool car! I have a buddy whos selling a stock one just a cool old car if interested email me! Tks Bill

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jeremycabler613 on Apr 8, 2013 said:

i like it

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