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Is it Gold Medal or GOLD Metal

OHC6 , my 2nd one

Look at what followed me home Dear.................Dear? Hello?

Yepper, found a nice 1966 Pontiac Tempest with OHC6.

My second one. I missed the old one that went to a worthy owner for his talents and restoration.

I had to pay more for this one........and found it in California and drove it 855 miles home. Yes.......855 miles and it ran well.

With 2.41 highway gears.......the tach read a nice 2000-2200 for 65-70 mph. Averaged a nice 15-16 mpgs but faced strong winds from the east hampering mileage numbers.

So I'm back......I have a 2 page list of work to do. If you are reading this you must have extra time on your hands......come on over.....I have a lot of dirty jobs I can't get the wife to do so bring your own tools.......and you will get a 10 minute coffee break when I feel you deserve it and eat your lunch with one hand, the other one can be turning a wrench.

I'll make sure you get your name mentioned on this, I'll see you soon. Time to play in the garage.............

This car is so lowly optioned I think it came with rims and no tires......I have the original 14X5 steelies....original carb, intake, exhaust, and some other options. Still has it's original AM radio. It only gets one station.......called STATIC............but hey crank it up and listen to that 3 watts pounding in your the top of the dash vibrates from all that bass.

This car suits me, it's SIMPLE............

You see what I see????????????????

Dual exhaust on a OHC6??????????????? Yepper and I'll take a pic of the OHC6 engine and you'll see a 4 barrel carb and split exhaust.

This OHC must be making a kazillion horses.okay minature horses...

Okay........maybe not a kazillion...........

See them there purdy Rally 1 wheels? Yepper......classic.

Yepper another three on the tree............but this too shall be changed to another 4 speed. Interior is nice with bench seat.....takes me back to old skool's me and my wife and my dog in the front seat. The dog sits beside me since wife refuses to. The dog gets it.......wife no and I don't think she's trying hard to.

If you see this in your rear view better pull over........intimidating eh? Okay.......maybe not.......

230 CI overhead cam 3.8 liter. Previous owner added 4 barrel Holly, 4 barrel intake, dual exhaust manifold, this was an option added by Pontiac beginning in 1966 called the SPRINT PACKAGE. The engine is stock other than those 2 modifications. The true Sprint Package added higher compression and different cam for up to 207 ponies.

The OHC6 was increased to 250 cubic inches later and was discontinued after 1969. It was available in Tempest, LeMans, and Firebird models.

And it was the engine chosen to be in the Banshee, a Pontiac prototype 2 seater.


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ghpcnm on Nov 23, 2015 said:

Damn, that's a good looking car. Hurry...engine pics, please.

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azmusclecar on Nov 24, 2015 said:

Soooo, you'd rather have more pics of the car rather than the owner? My feelings would be hurt if I didn't know you're the car fan you are..... Thanks for the compliments. I may need to bring it to Florida......if I can ever get my wife to agree to visiting the Sunshine State. She thinks Arizona is the SUNSHINE State.......bless her little pea pickin heart..........( famous quote borrowed from Tennessee Ernie Chevrolet)

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Nov 24, 2015 said:

Please...No owner pics !!! LOL :-)

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azmusclecar on Nov 24, 2015 said:

You can just feel the love in this post above......

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ghpcnm on Nov 30, 2015 said:

Thanks for the engine pic. Can you feel the love?

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Nov 30, 2015 said:

I feel something..............not sure if it's love.

At my age I can attribute this feeling to a myriad of things............I'll check and get back to you.

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SPRINT6 on Dec 5, 2015 said:

AM, finally getting over to tell how glad I am you could not resist the power of the CAM ;-) Once you get one it's hard to let go. I've always loved the base Tempest with it's trimless barebones no nonsense look. IMO you need to keep those steelies and add some poverty (Dog Dish Caps) But you are correct Pontiac Ralley Ones look so damn good :-D I had a '66 Tempst Drop Top Sprint many years ago. IIRC it has no carpet, rear armrest, grab bar and only a DS sun visor. Very unusual to see it with PB & AC. Anyway glad you found another. Cheers SPRINT 6

[Reply to this comment]

esstenner on Dec 14, 2015 said:

Well that's a real nice find (welldone) that front end looks soooo good, actually the whole car is great. I do love a mid size GM thought the info on sprint package was amazing to think of the choice you had back then. keep up the post updates.:^)

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Dec 14, 2015 said: is so much fun to hear this little OHC6 with it's dual exhaust note....sounds a little raspy as first and then as it gets higher people think they are being passed by a Ferrari........okay so it's a slow Ferrari..... I was out cruising the interstate yesterday at 75 and it was a nice little deep tone from the back as the tach read 2100 rpms.

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ghpcnm on Dec 20, 2015 said:

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend. Take care of that 6-Banger and of course, that beautiful 'Vette of yours.

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