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Rob's 1979 Hurst Olds

Cutlass Calais with a few Hurst Mods..only 2499 built

As she sat in Tucson.....was to be sent to Barrett Jackson to be sold. Seller needed lot space so it was purchased for $2700. Not bad for a complete G Body car.

Bringing the Hurst home from Tucson.

Here she is, just barely got it in the garage. A bit low on transmission fluid and a frozen shift cable made it fun. But it made it. Now to access the parts needed to bring it back to a roadworthy ride.

All original one owner car purchased in Tucson AZ. Original owner died in 1991 and the son drove the car until 1993. Then it sat. Too bad it wasn't stored inside. The AZ sun did it's best to destroy all the plastic and rubber and cloth materials.

Mechanically it's an Olds 350, with Turbo 350 and 2.73 rear gear. All numbers match.

It's no Muscle Car by any means, but if I ever wanted to own a Hurst Olds, this had to be it. My dream 1969 Hurst Olds will remain just that.

I paid $2700 for it. 83K on the clock. It needs a new interior and paint.

I am going through ALL the mechanical parts watching the budget getting above what I wanted but to make it safe, it's the price to pay.

I'll post more pics as the resto proceeds. It won't be any kind of frame off. It's a solid car that allows me to at least check off that HURST OLDS on my bucket list. So I missed my dream car by 10 years. Oh well...................

Let the games begin..................... New fuel tank, New sending unit, New Shocks (4), New belts (3), New tires, New wheels, New radiator, New radiator hose, New transmission seals, New sway bar end links, New rear brakes, New rear brake cylinders, New gear oil and posi lube, New steering shaft, New water pump, New fuel pump, Professional carb rebuild, New plugs, New vacuum hoses, New front brake hoses, New thermostat, New wiper arms, and wipers, New headlight, New instrumentation lights, New shift cable, Trans-go Shift Improvement Kit, New Thrush muffler,

Only car available in 1979 with the 350 cubic inch engine. I will reinstall the A/C unit once all the other mechanical parts are replaced.

Repairing the dash, pulled instrument cluster to get gauges working.

removed gauge cluster, GM used a printed circuit board in this year. Not their greatest engineering offering to the car world. Had to solder broken circuits to get gauges to work. The Tach in this?????????? Such an odd way to make it work. GM engineers must have had a 10 martini lunch and came back to design that.

removed and refurbished console and installed new shift cable on to the Hurst DUAL GATE or His/Hers shifter.

Original wheels removed along with outdated unsafe tires. Put these away to be refurbished someday. 14 X 6 inch rims. Only Hurst Olds got these.

Installed these 17 inch Hurst Dazzlers and new tires for driving. The original tires were unsafe to use on the highway. The build date on the tires was over 7 years. New wheels and tires aid in the handling now. I will install some Belltech lowering spindles soon to take the nose down 2 inches. The front sits too high.

Belltech spindle installed.......lowered the front by 2 inches. Helped the wheel and tire fill up the wheel well.

Better view of how the tire is now higher up in the wheelwell......

amazing what that front drop did to the appearance. Lots of work for that minor change but made a difference not easily noticed in this pic but sideways you can see a slight rake now to the car.

Little by little it's coming along...........not sure if I liek the 17 inch wheels much now..............may try to go to a 15 inch to make it more period correct.

Any one looking for an awesome deal on a set of 17 inch with tires??

lots of rubbing compound and polish to see if there is any paint left on this girl. Olds used paint so thin back then, it was said to be stealth paint. It's there but you can't see it............

Not a bad looking shot..........has a bit of the rake I like..........

added trim pieces to bottom behind fender.........expensive little pieces too


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