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Isuzu Vehicross Ironman

It's like a 4X4 Corvette...okay maybe not.

Okay so it's NOT a Corvette 4X4. It's a concept SUV Isuzu created in 1999 and produced for three years. Looks like it was designed yesterday.

They produced 4000 before the end of production for the US. Isuzu then went out of business in the US but a lot of parts are GM due to the partnership the two manufacturers shared.

More were produced for Japan and Europe and Russia. Lots of You Tube videos showing what these little beasts can do off road. AMAZING.

Purchased from the second owner in San Diego. Vehicle has really never seen any off road exposure. Rust free 112K on the clock. Well maintained. Fun little beast to drive. Weighs as much as some mother in laws. Very heavy drive train.

It's no rocket nor will it win any fuel mileage contests. On the drive home from San Diego the VX averaged 18.5 for the 450 mile trip. The suspension geometry is amazing.

Has TOD.torque on it's mostly in 2 wheel drive until it senses it needs to use all 4. Senses wheel slippage and transmits power to other wheels.

The dark plastic or vinyl cladding along the body keeps the rock chips to a minimum. 16 inch wheels in 1999 was rare. Next year they went to 18 inch wheels.

The view out the rear is USELESS. I need to install a backup camera. That spare tire takes up a large chunk of viewing area.

Nice tow bar installed. Previous Owner pulled a trailer with Kayaks on it.

Isuzu sponsored the Ironman competition in 1999 and thus they named a special Vehicross the Ironman edition. It comes with special colors and badging.

How's this for a sport interior? Recaro buckets make it a comfy ride for a short wheel based vehicle.

Even has a Cassette where are all my cassette tapes?

And a CD player that holds 6 CDs..........way ahead of it's time.

Leather is in good shape for 20 years old. Love the two tone...reminds me of my 2017 Corvette Grand Sport I had. That's why I call this my 4x4 Corvette.......

Almost as nice as the seats in my 2017 Corvette GS.

Isuzu used their stock dash layout in the Vehicross...buyers hoped there would be something a bit more futuristic....... It gets the job done....just seems a bit archaic in a concept vehicle.

Too bad we didn't have this Corvette technology back in 1999. How about a dash swap????????????? Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO!

3.5 Engine....sadly Isuzu used a timing belt instead of chain but this is a non interference engine thankfully. Timing belt needs replaced, not sure if I want to tackle this or not. Sometimes my best tool is my wife's credit card

Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if THIS Corvette LS will fit in the VX's engine bay?

This past winter we were blessed with 31 inches of snow in less than 30 hours. I have seen videos of these little brutes tackling that depth and more. I need a vehicle that can get me out in case of an emergency for myself and for neighbors. So bring it on snowman............

Sorry but I am not a tour guide for Jurassic World...........but the decals do make people ask questions..............

Amazing to see this 20 year old vehicle get so many looks and questions and people have never seen or recall these little "useless" SUVs. Their purpose is FUN................what's wrong with FUN.

Except the word "fun" is in FUNERAL...............

Vehicross badging. No I do not run, swim or bike like in a Triathlon. I just drive the SUV and save all that energy for more important things....... :-)


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ghpcnm on Jul 11, 2019 said:

WOW ... That thing looks as clean as the browser history on a nun's laptop. NICE FIND !!!

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azmusclecar on Jul 12, 2019 said:

Thanks Dave...I see you are still in your mellow yellows

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