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1996 Grand Sport Corvette in the Admiral Blue with white center stripe and 2 red fender hash marks. One owner with 45K on it. This model came with the black interior but you could get it with a red interior.

GM made 1000 units all with a special VIN number. This is number 330 of the 1000 units built. This is the last year for the C4 Corvette generation.

All came with LT4 engines producing 330 horses and 340 lbs of torque.

All came with a 6 Speed ZF transmission as well.

The wheels are fronts at 17x9.5 and the rear are 17X11.

Massive 315 tires on the rear standard.

Love the patriotic look of it.

Seat embroidered with Grand Sport

click on the link to find the Grand Sport Registry.

This is what the ALLEN'S Exhaust unit looks like from EBay, great person to deal with. Even gives a Corvette Discount. We need all the help we can get.

I had the stock mufflers removed and installed this nice unit from ALLEN'S Exhaust.

It's called their CHAMBERED MUFFLERS and tip package.

If you recall from the 60's GM had a CHAMBERED EXHAUST system you could order on like the 1969 Z28 and the exhaust looks like someone went nuts with a hammer and just bent the pipe here and there all the way front to back. This is just a short section of Chambered Exhaust which ACTS like the muffler.

This unit removed a LOT of weight on each side and also opened up the exhaust now to where this Corvette sounds like a Corvette. The stock mufflers were so quiet yet they had a drone which was odd for OEM.

I am so pleased with the final result as far as sound and looks. The installer did an excellent job mounting. The whole swap cost $280. I didn't want the expense of a complete exhaust system and this swap was the best bang for my buck.

Compare the old square black exhaust to the new oval chrome tips. For me it was the best change I made in the car so far. Now on to bigger and more costly projects.

Hi HO away my money goes.................

1996 Corvette Grand Sport celebrates it's 25th Anniversary.

Article by Hemmings:

Video and audio clips


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ghpcnm on Aug 1, 2020 said:

My son and I were touring the Bowling Green Corvette Plant as one of these rolled down the assembly line. It could have been yours. THUMBS UP !!!

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azmusclecar on Aug 2, 2020 said:

Thanks Dave, now keep your thumbs OFF my ride!!


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ghpcnm on Aug 20, 2020 said:

As the youngsters say, "That's dope, man". :-)

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azmusclecar on Aug 20, 2020 said:

I believe those kids were talking about members of Congress.......and I cuncur.

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57timemachine on Jan 1, 2021 said:

Rob, have you ever had your special Vette on the track. Whether it was drag racing or track racing. If so any results on your efforts. If you did I would imagine the Misses does not know about it and we will keep it that way. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Jan 2, 2021 said:

George, No I have never had this Corvete on the track neither drag or road course.

I come from learning from my first 1965 Mercury Comet 289 4 speed, if it breaks, it's going to cost a lot to fix. Motor mounts, syncros, valve jobs, lost oil pressure is among the history.

So my days of track and drag are behind me. This Grand Sport handles sweet on the mountain twisties from Payson to Phoenix. It sticks like peanut butter to an old wool Army blanket.

My revs are limited to 5K to 5.5K No more speed shifting. At age 70 I'm happy to have a knee that can still work a clutch.

This Corvette has some old school in it yet has a few nannies that can save this old man's arse should I think my youth returned with a bad decision.

I did reach 138 mph at Las Vegas Speedway in a Richard Petty Driving Experience track car.

And Richard Petty was there to autograph my photo. When I told him I'm available to drive, he said great Rob, we are looking for a tractor trailer driver.

Uhhhh, so I did drive rig for him for 9 months while his full time driver had surgery. Great experience, but hated over the road trucking.

Not my cup of tea.

Happy New Year to all.

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Mario on Jan 3, 2021 said:

Happy New Year Rob! Great story with being driver for Richard Petty. The King #43 was always one of my heroes. I watched a lot of NASCAR racing and he truly was King. Thanks for the story. Mario

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ghpcnm on Jan 7, 2021 said:

Little did I realize that you're famous. I suppose I must start showing more respect... NOT !!!

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azmusclecar on Jan 8, 2021 said:

Well Richard Petty went by the nickname KING, Dave, I will allow you to call me, Robert the Great. Sort of goes with the Scottish heritage and nobility of which I have none but wish I did.

When I worked for THE KING, I also worked on the pit crew to add to my credentials.

Yes, and I wanted you to know there were always people around trying to steal memorabilia.

If caught they were charged with:


Buh Dump Dump .... I crack myself up at times.

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ghpcnm on Jan 8, 2021 said:

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Mario on Mar 1, 2021 said:

Hey Rob, try out the new game Brandon and I worked on called Name the cars with the Hidden Gas Caps. If you ever pumped gas at a station and are our age you should do well. The game went live today. Regards, Mario

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azmusclecar on Mar 1, 2021 said:

Oh my, this will be fun.

I hope I pass so I can get into the Pumper Humper's Hall of Fame.

Remember the service bell at the gas station? You look to see what car needs servicing so you make a mad dash to the driver's window. 57 Chevrolet? NO PROBLEMO. 58 Oldsmobile: PEACE OF CAKE 58 Pontiac Bonnevile? No sweat Chet! 56 Imperial Hampton: Pass side tailight. 57 Cadillac Coupe Deville: Flip up the tailights 58 Lincoln Continental: Way too easy.

Well let me go take the test and see how well I do.

This test should be easier than the one where they ask if a train leaves Chicago going 25 mph headed east and another train leaves Pittsburgh headed west at 30 mph which one will get to the Indianapolis first? MY ANSWER: I DON'T USE TRAINS. I drive my car.

The teacher obligingly placed an F on my test paper.

Wish me luck.

I guess he was a train person.

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azmusclecar on Mar 1, 2021 said:

I am having humble pie for lunch...see unlike the cartoon character Yogi who was smarter than the average bear, I only scored 76.

Wow...maybe I best get my affairs in order before anymore gray matters slips into the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Truly enjoyed the test, thanks for creating.

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Mario on Mar 1, 2021 said:

Hey 76 is very good. I believe average is around 50 so you're much better than the average bear Yogi! Try again and you'll do even better. Thanks for playing the game. Regards, Mario

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NorthShoreMustang on Feb 25, 2021 said:

Sweet car man! Like the new exhaust tips. Originals are hard to see. Nice blue color.

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Mario on May 8, 2021 said:

Great article you posted Rob on the 1996 Corvette Grand Sport celebrating it's 25th Anniversary by Hemmings.

I see you have 1 of 810 Coupes that were made of 1000 total counting the convertibles. I wonder how many are still around of the 1000. Regards, Mario

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azmusclecar on May 9, 2021 said:

Thanks Mario, this 25th Anniversary sort of snuck up on me. I hope to someday find a good beautician to apply a new coat of makeup to the ol gal. Her clear coat is thin and her color has faded. But shes always ready to go have fun with a turn of the key. I had a painter all lined up but then Covid hit and the shop closed down and so Im back to square one. I just want a nice refresh for her. In fact looking in the mirror I personally need a refresh too. I asked the woman cutting my hair the other day if she could cut it to make me look younger.

She replied: Im a beautician, NOT A MAGICIAN.!!

She had sharp scissors and a razor in her hand. I felt it was best if I just sat quietly after that.

Get out and enjoy life today by sharing a smile with someone who lost theirs.


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Mario on May 9, 2021 said:

That's funny Rob, "I'm a beautician, NOT A MAGICIAN!!" You're great at one liners.

I'm sure your Corvette looks good as is, just enjoy it. Spring is here, take her out for a spin and enjoy the weather.

Best Regards, Mario

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ghpcnm on May 29, 2021 said:

I was looking a little shaggy and rough around the edges. So, I went to a beautician to get my hair cut in hopes it would make me look better. When I got home, my wife took one look at the new me and said, "Well, at least you tried."

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azmusclecar on Aug 31, 2021 said:

Sad news,

I sold the Grand Sport to a collector to sit among his other prized possessions.

The buyer has several collectable C4s including a Malcolm Konner 1 of 50 Edition. He also has a ZR1 as well.

I have sold my house and selling the Grand Sport made sense at this time due to downsizing and losing my 3 car garage.

So I am glad it went to an appreciative buyer to sit among it's brethren to continue to bring joy to others.

I have my eyes on a 1970 Cutlass S but the market on cars now is crazier than my mother in law.

I believe I am going to wait it out and see what bargains there are later in the year. My policy of buying high and selling low is one I need to break.

So until then please keep up the great posts and I promise to revisit this site when I need a refresher of eye candy of the better times in life.

God bless.........time to close the Grand Sport saga.

Rob aka AZ

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Mario on Sep 21, 2021 said:

Hi Rob, I really feel your pain! I went through the same recently. Last year I sold my house and downsized also, so I had to sell my 67 Impala to a collector in CT. I live in NY and he sent a trailer to pick it up and deliver to him in CT.

My wife and I moved into a Co-Op in a nice town called Oyster Bay, NY to be closer to our son and daughter. We had a large 4 BR 3 Bath house 2 car garage and now live in a 1 BR 1 Bath condo no garage. But it's on the 1st floor so no more steps. It's less upkeep and less work.

I will keep up the "great posts" as you said if you keep revisiting this great sight. We can still talk about all the cars we had and relive our memories. Remember we only have 1 life to live so live it up! Cheers, Mario

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azmusclecar on Sep 21, 2021 said:

Thanks Mario and best wishes and God's blessing to you and yours. Less is more and I have succomb to that thought. I am trying to get my wife to let go of some things and she asked if I was on that list!!

I got the last word once I was out of earshot...

It's safer that way. :-)

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Mario on Sep 23, 2021 said:

You're funny Rob. I'm sure your wife did not say you're on the list to remove for downsizing!

So what did you downsize to? I find less is better at our age although I miss my 2 car garage and 67 Impala.

But I can still go to car shows and talk to gearheads like you on this sight! Cheers, Mario

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azmusclecar on Sep 23, 2021 said:

I have my tools and garage memorialbilia in storage (insert crying sound here) and all I have to drive is my anemic 4.3 2000 Chevy Silverado. The kids with electric skateboards go faster than I do.

No, the wife's Durango gets the prime parking in the garage, Spoiled wife, with a spoiled life.

I didn't even see when it happened. I must have been asleep at the wheel when she took over. I didn't hear it, see it or feel it but I found my man card in the freezer one day with a tiny note saying: You won't need this anymore.

As far as other downsizing, I have lost 2 pounds this year. Of course I can't see anyplace where that is provable.

Other downsizing measures, I removed some of my collector car tee shirts and sent them to a young man who was visiting his grandfather and asked me if he could see my Corvette.

I not only left him see it but took hom for a ride in it, and then gave him parting souveniers of a model Corvette and one of my baseball caps.

He went back home to Ohio and wrote a letter to me saying I was the coolest guy he ever met. 12 year olds are so impressionable and honest.

So in return for his honest opinion of me, I sent him some Corvette tee shirts which he may wear when he is my size or use them as night shirts. Another cap and some Muscle Car Magazines to give him more propaganda to will him over to the collector car side.

So it has been an enjoyable experience except when my wife catches me on the internet searching for my next ......uh project?

I hate being called out on my own words when I say: I'm done with cars..and it is reitterated verbatim to me as she slams the laptop shut on my fingers and then presses down on the lid.

We just withdrew our offer on a house we found but it failed the home inspection worse than I did Algebra. Who invented that crap? Using letters for numbers???? Come on...I was happy when I knew the difference between a letter from a number. Let's NOT complicate Rob's life anymore. PLEASE!!

So I got my black 8 ball out the one that you shake and then sit on the tabel and ask it a question. What does my future hold I ask?

I turn it over and there is a skull and crossbones in the window. Hmmmm guess I'll put that back in storage. Too much honesty even from an 8 ball.

So here I sit bored to tears, I cry alot nowadays. If I thought the Covid lockdown was bad this is like being in lockdown with my exwife and two mother in laws and nowhere to hide.

Ahhh yes the joys of life. Remember, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Hey that's a catchy little jingle......I'm hungry for a candy bar. Forget the 2 pound loss I mentioned previously. Besides I lied.

Hmmm I have a hankering for an Almond Joy AND a Mounds bar. I am so so weak when it comes to candy and cars. Lord, forgive me. The devil made me do it.

Until next time...........keep the revs high and the speed within reason.


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Mario on Oct 1, 2021 said:

Well Rob great to hear from you. And that your downsizing is working for you.

I'm emailing a copy of your latest post to a Psychologist friend of mine to see if there's anything he can do or recommend. I'll let you know.

In the meantime you shouldn't operate heavy machinery and stay close to home.

Don't worry everything will be all right, keep the Faith and keep busy. Let's see some new pages from you with pictures of what interests you, but remember kids are watching.

If you get into trouble I can be bought to supply you with an alibi. Anything you need. Cheers!

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azmusclecar on Nov 21, 2021 said:

I saw this video and all I thought was Mario and the Concept here it is for all to enjoy. Funny how I believe the CERV 1 has an issue with it's headlight. Loved the Buick I never realized the Mako Shark had it's headlights down in the grill. Hmpf, learned sumpin new today. Enjoy and be aware that EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving if you have your heart in the right place. God bless and stay safe.



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Mario on Nov 28, 2021 said:

Thanks Rob, this is a really cool video! So many different cars with popping, hideaway headlights.

I always wondered how reliable these are. My concern was driving at night and the headlights wouldn't come out!

Ticket? Accident? Cost to fix? Oh well, they're fun to watch on someone else's car. Cheers!

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ghpcnm on Dec 10, 2021 said:


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azmusclecar on Dec 10, 2021 said:

Why thank you letter with my Christmas list was returned unopened. Shall I send it to you via email? God's love and blessings to you and your family and friends not only at Christmas but everyday of the year. We have more than we deserve and with a grateful heart, remember the ultimate gift we've been given. Now make sure you check your SPA, IGNORED and BLOCKED file for my list..... Merry Christmas DAVE....maybe someday I'll make it to Florida before my time runs out.


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ghpcnm on Jan 1, 2022 said:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 !!! Stay in touch, my friend.

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ghpcnm on Jan 10, 2022 said:

Mecum auctioned off a slew of C2 Vettes this past weekend in Kissimmee. You should have come over here for some fun and bidding. I looked for ya. I saw one old sad lookin' fart who looked somewhat lost and forlorn. I asked if his name was Rob and he replied, "NO". I said, "Well, you look like a Rob" and I walked away.

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azmusclecar on Jan 11, 2022 said:

Oh that was my twin brother Bob. I am out of the C2 market. The prices are just ridiculous what they are asking. Sure I understand inflation but get real. I see the market for street rods is dropping. Seems the latest generatons isn't going to pick up that segment of the hobby.

I saw a nice 41 Pontiac Torpedo all done up with 350, Auto, Vintage Air, Cruise, Tilt, Power windows and brakes, and more for $32.500 My problem is it wouldn't fit in my garage. The bumpers would have had to be removed. Also saw a Lasalle mostly done for $25,000.

I have my eye on one collector car as of now. Hoping to get it for less than $30K. And it is not a Corvette. For $30K you get a basket of parts and a fond farewell wish of good luck as you buy it. Please leave my brother Bob alone.

I told him if any strange men approach him, just look at them like they are a few fries short of a McDonalds Happy Meal.

I'm sure he followed my directions.

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azmusclecar on Jan 12, 2022 said:

And the answer to my road trip to see a collector car............buyer told me to let him know when I was in the town. I did....then he said he was at work and wouldn't be home to show me the car. 300 miles wasted, $50 in gas, 5 hours wasted.

Now I know why he has the car 23 days on CGslist.

Common courtesy like Elvis has left the building.

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Mario on Mar 19, 2022 said:

Hi Rob, Hope all is well. I haven't heard from you in a while. Cheers!

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azmusclecar on Mar 19, 2022 said:

Hey Mario, Just got home from going to see a 1969 Corvette Coupe L46, 4 speed, with only 28k on the clock. And ONLY 30 Minutes away. Sadly, the owner who is in his 80's, kind of like Dave, THOUGHT he owned a 37K Corvette with 50K of repairs upgrades and was valued at 87K. I went through all the documentation with him and showed him where what he has is a 37K Car and 13K worth of repairs. It is a 40K 68 Corvette at best to me.

He was at Mecum in Phx and he said wow it's a buyer's market.

I couldn't offer him 40K for his 40K car and left him with a wish for another buyer.

As soon as I saw the car, I knew something wasn't right.

So..another day, another adventure..........

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Mario on Jun 27, 2022 said:

Hi Rob, just saw your post on the 69 Vette you went to look at. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but I'm sure you'll find the right one for you at a good price.

Our car shows are rolling now here and I like going with my brother John's 68 Vette. It's a creampuff and he gets a lot of compliments.

He wasn't looking for an older Vette and this one just fell into his lap. So you never know!

Take a look at my Car Show post from June 2nd. Lots of nice cars. Cheers!

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ghpcnm on Apr 5, 2022 said:

Hey !!!! I see that snide remark !!!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Apr 6, 2022 said:

Hey, you're in good company. Biden will be 80 soon. See, you're like was a compliment........just in a backhanded kind of wy. I think.

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