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It may be prettier, but it wasn't better

My 2nd C2 in an attempt to make up for my 1st one

This is my 2nd C2 Corvette. 1964 Daytona Blue, 327 engine and 4 speed. Pretty isn't it? I purchased it hoping to relive my first 1964 Corvette experience. It's been said: "somethings are better left alone"! Let sleeping dogs lie. Don't poke the bear. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. No matter how many times you hear them, do you abide to the rule??? Put your hand down, you look silly.

Look at that view. Intimidating. Menacing. Awesome. But the soul of this car was NOT like my first one. I got this at a good price, but a car you're really not happy with at a good price is still a car you're not happy with. Like the saying, a bad car at a great price is STILL a bad car. Yes I am full of sayings.........and maybe other stuff.

Isn't this a neat magazine shot? I try to take good photos. I studied photography hoping to get hired to take Playboy Bunny pics. Like most of my life, that didn't work out either. Our dreams at age 14 cannot be trusted since they are hormonally charged. But we grow out of it in 50 or 60 years, right?

I heard many compliments about what I thought was MY rear end when i overheard spectators at car shows walk by and say: WOW I like the rear on that one. Then a friend told me they were talking about the C2. WHO KNEW? I was then told if I heard the word A**, they were talking about me. Now I know.

I couldn't verify if this was actual mileage. This C2 didn't have the original engine. There were things that a Corvette expert could come and look at and determine certain things about the car. I'll explain in another photo. I did pay a Corvette expert for a review of the car before purchase. I didn't want to get burnt paying good money for what may be a parts car.

The OEM wheels were original KNOCK OFFS. Also called FALL OFFS if you didn't get the right spinners on the correct wheels and tighten them with a LEAD HAMMER beating on them. That just so went against my nature, like when Grandma kisses you and slips you the tongue. The horror stories of inexperienced wheel installers not getting the wheels tightened and unsuspecting owners become the owners of the wobbly Corvette club. I like the look but they were hard to keep clean. I'm more of a hot rodder, not a purist.

This is not a fuel cap. This is where you put your money in and never see it again. It's like the dark hole of the universe that sucks the money out of your wallet, your savings, and your 401K.

It doesn't matter what fuel mileage you get. If you buy a Corvette C2 for fuel mileage, then I have some land here in Arizona that will someday be beach front property I'll sell at a killer price.

I decided to sell the Kelsey Hayes and use the money to make some changes to the C2.

Well, the car was an M21 CLOSE RATIO transmission The car had a 4.10 rear gear ratio.

Fun for the street but get out on the PA highways and try to withstand the sidepipes at 4000-4500 rpms for miles and see what you think.

My first C2 had an M20 Wide Ratio and a 3.08 rear gear. Highway friendly and nicely streetable.

When I test drove the car, I knew I wouldn't be able to live with the M21/4.10

This C2 was ORIGINALLY a 327 FUELIE. The Corvette expert was able to discern that by two things. The high redline on the tach and the very big hole in the radiator core support where the hose fed the air into the Fuel injection unit. Just because what is was, didn't make it worth more as it is. All the fuelie parts were gone. Yes, someone could have bought this C2 and tried to reinstall all the fuelie parts and take it back to it's originality. But it wouldn't be me.

As you can see this C2 in 64 had the single brake master cylinder. That also was added to my list of changes to be made for enjoyment and safety.

And yes it had four wheel drum brakes. They functioned well and I grew up with drum brakes so I know their faults. Drive wise and stay alive.

So I sold the Kelsey Hayes, the M21, and the 4.10 and used the funds to make the Corvette what I wanted.

But it just wasn't the same as my first C2. I didn't enjoy driving this car as much as I thought. Sure I got the thumbs up and all, but that is not why I buy a C2. I buy it for my nostalgic memory. And sadly this C2 just had bad mojo, or a dull personality, or bad karma or something. Sadly it sat more than it should have.

Here's the office and where business gets taken care of. Nice seats and dash and all but what was missing in this car, was a part of me.

I put a lot of ME into my first C2. I hired out to get the changes made to this C2. Maybe the personal touches I put in the first C2 is what made the difference. This car felt very sterile. Pretty to look at, but not much deeper than it's looks.

Maybe it's like the first person you kissed and you can recall it like it just happened. Then you find another and that person's kiss just isn't like that first one.

This is all speculation and I have no scientific data to back me up.

I bought new Torque Thrusts for the C2 still trying to emulate the first C2 but it just wasn't there. My son was even surprised how little I drove this C2 when the weather was awesome in PA which is rare.

I moved from PA to AZ and trailered the C2 with me. At my new home at an altitude of over a mile high, the C2 didn't like the thin air environment. Even after several fuel adjustments, this car must have been allergic to good air.

I get a phone call asking me if I was willing to sell the C2 to a car dealer. I said "Lets' talk". Their first offer made my jaw drop and they made me an offer I could not refuse.

So as the transporter pulled up and loaded the C2, I didn't feel remorse, but a sense of relief. And my bank account looked much healthier.

So off went C2 number 2. No sadness, no regrets, no fond memories. It was so much of a different experience than the first one.

How can an owner of a C2 be unhappy with a Daytona Blue 1964 with sidepipes and Kelsey Hayes and 4 speed??????

So that is my story. I've since tried to find my elusive first C2, but it may be with Jimmy Hoffa somewhere. Not a trace to be found.

With C2 prices as they are now, it's NOT a good time to buy certain cars and C2 Corvettes are on that list. Yes there are some fair buys out there. But I have been looking for the C2 that has the look of my first one.

Thus, my saying of, just because it is prettier, doesn't make it better is born.

Thanks for looking.


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ghpcnm on Dec 20, 2021 said:

THUMBS UP !!! Great story and great humor. I always wanted a C2 Vette with knock-offs, even though they can be a pain in the arse.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Dec 21, 2021 said:

Amen Dave, it was just a thought worm that dug itself into the gray matter regarding the spinners coming off at anytime. I got into a habit of spinner whacking with the lead hammer several times after a drive. I'm sure anyone who saw me beating on my Corvette with a metal hammer was quick to assume I had the mind of a donkey.

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Mario on Dec 21, 2021 said:

Another Great story Rob on your second C2! It sure was pretty but as you said many times, it's only skin deep!

Love the pictures you took of the entire 64 Vette in and out, and the 327 was tops. You are so lucky to have owned 2 C2's, most of us never even had one!

Good Luck on your quest to find a 3rd C2 at a reasonable price. I heard everything comes in 3's so you have a good shot at it! Be safe, Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Dec 21, 2021 said:

Thanks Mario..........yes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They do come in threes........AMEN.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Dec 21, 2021 said:

AMEN Rob, to the Holy Trinity!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Dec 31, 2021 said:

Happy New Year 2022 Rob! Wishing you good health and lots of car fun! Mario

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