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Blazer of Glory

S10 Blazer Restomod

Look who's back!! And with something a little bit different.

A car builder in Tucson was thinning the herd and I was able to bring this one home for a fair price.

Not your typical 2.8 or 4.3 engine. A nice little cammed Chevy 305 powers the little Blazer. Oh it's no blaze of glory, BUT IT'S DIFFERENT.

Has Camaro seats, P/S, P/B, AIR CONDITIONING (a MUST for AZ) Bluetooth audio, Custom Steering Wheel, Custom Wheels with staggered set up. Disc front, drum rear, 700R4 with 3.42 posi, DUAL EXHAUST, POR 15 Chassis paint, Cowl Hood, Hood pins, LED Lights, New WHite Letter Tires, Tint, Dashcover, and things I am forgetting.

No, it's no Corvette even with the Chevy fender badging. But, it's a neat little hot rod to use for shows since there probably won't be many others like it. Also room in the back to haul.

It fills a niche for me to have something to work on while I still search for a Corvette. Since all I had to drive was the wife's Honda Element, maybe NOW you will see why I just had to buy this.

More pics to follow.

Blazers tailight

Blazer custom aluminum wheels 15 inch

Blazer dual exhaust exit in front of rear wheel WITH CATS for emissions inspections.

Newly overhauled roller lifter 305 with a little bit of cam. Even some chrome eye candy for the car show crowd.

Blazer headers, help the 305 exhale.

Camaro seat

Nice TILT steering wheel and dash

Car tunes aplenty.........with Bluetooth.

Time for a nap? Parts hauler? Camping? Small square dancers??


New Chrome Grill and metal COWL HOOD with hoodpins


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Mario on Jul 20, 2022 said:

Well, well, well, if it isn't our dear friend AWOL Rob back on our website!

Different isn't the right word, more like 180 degrees, about turn extraordinarily opposite BUT yet really cool!

Love this cute new addition and yes we want more pictures. Maybe a video too!

Glad to see you back in action Rob, we missed you! Cheers!

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azmusclecar on Jul 20, 2022 said:

Thanks for the welcome back Mario..yes this is quite different for me. I was even debating about buying a Street Rod or Hot Rod or a LaSalle. I just couldn't pull the trigger on those. I had a 1985 S10 Blazer and also a 1982 S10 pickup. So I was familiar with the platform. And for what I paid, there was a lot of work and money spent on this so to me it was a bargain I could enjoy in the meantime. The hardest thing to do is to get the speedometer fixed. I'm already researching how to do that. The OLD SKOOL RUMBLE of the cammed 305 makes me feel young again. It's a good cruiser and comfortable so it's one of my lower priced buys and I don't think it will eat much.

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ghpcnm on Jul 22, 2022 said:

Long Time...No See. That's a nice S10 you have there. THUMBS UP !!!

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azmusclecar on Jul 23, 2022 said:

Thanks's not my usual cup of tea...but then again, life is full of changes.

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ghpcnm on Jul 24, 2022 said:

It's just a phase you're going through...LOL.

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azmusclecar on Jul 24, 2022 said:

Now I know Dave, if this S10 would be Daytona YELLOW, you'd be all over it .....LOL

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ghpcnm on Jul 24, 2022 said:

I like your new ride...I really do. However, you will always be a Vette man, IMO.

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azmusclecar on Jul 24, 2022 said:

I know Dave. I just can't seem to find the right one. I've fallen away from the C2 market. Now I'm looking for a C6Z06. I had one back in 2007 but then the dreaded needle bearing issue rose it's ugly head and I barely had enough money to buy the car, let alone have the top end all rebuilt. And of course GM didn't step up to the plate one bit to help the Z owners who had the issue. I sold mine and never got to enjoy it.

Now the C6Z06s are dropping exhaust valves in the 427s and grenade the $15K engine. So now I need to find a Z where the head has been repaired or replaced. And once again, GM doesn't do a thing to help the owners.

So, I'm taking it day by day. I just paid for my 24x24 garage to be built and only the S10 sits in there as my daily. Now I just need to find a stablemate for it.

Thanks for your compliment. Save the wave.

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