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Some WOODIES we may have ALL forgotten

Okay, so it's vinyl. Don't hate the poster

I am trying to be like my hero Mario and since he already posted the Woodies of HIS generation, and I'm a LOT YOUNGER than him, I feel it only fair that the VINYL WOODIES get some press. So here are 10 of them. I had the Chevrolet Malibu WOODIE, but mine wasn't the Laguna option.

Enjoy and don't come down on Mario too hard. Afterall...he is old.

But see Mr. Mario, it even says WOODY .......on this Blazer.

Please refer to pic 12 Mr. Mario, you will see where I was misled.

Thousand pardons.


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Mario on Aug 3, 2022 said:

How can any sane American Torque member call a "Vinyl" cladded car a "Woody"???

They are very nice to look at I agree Rob, BUT to call them "Woodies" is dishonest.

Luckilly I'm a nice guy and will give this one to you because I like you even though you're trying to pull a fast one.

Nice post, where did you get the idea for this? Maybe you want to post some "Woody" Concept cars?

Cheers, Mario

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azmusclecar on Aug 3, 2022 said:

Well, after your verbal spanking Mario, I did as any kid in my generation would do. I went to my room, and thought about what I did.

I didn't stand in the corner like they made me in grade school with that funny pointed hat.

No, no vinyl Concept Cars. I have learned where my place is now. I ventured outside the box and no more of that.

I'll be over here writing: Vinyl is not wood 500 times.

My apologies to you Mario. (Dave told me to do it)

Never poke the bear ....lesson learned. :-)

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Mario on Aug 4, 2022 said:

Hey Rob, I give you an A for effort and humbly accept your apology. It is actually a good post on Vinyl Faux Woodies, so we can agree on that.

I don't want to upset George because he has a nice 1974 Vinyl Woody Chevy wagon. I showcased it in my 70's Chevy wagons post. Clean car.

Keep up the good work Rob. Maybe you can put some Vinyl Woody decals on your new Blazer and add that to your post! Cheers, Mario

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ghpcnm on Aug 7, 2022 said:

I've owned two of those simulated woody wagons: 1) 1974 Chevelle and 2) 1980 Escort. Lots of fond memories. The old Chevelle got so rusty that the spare tire was just about to fall through the rear floor by the time she went to the salvage yard LOL.

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azmusclecar on Aug 7, 2022 said:

It seems like those 74 Chevelle FAUX Woodys were pretty popular......George had one, Dave had one, I had one, now let's see, who didn't have one???

I won't mention any names but the initials are

M A R I O ??????????? perhaps?

The evening I picked up my 74 Chevelle Woody, I drove it home and stopped to fill'r up. Came out the next morning to a half full gas tank.

There was a hole about half way up or is it down the gas tank and I lost half a tank of gas. Dealer fixed the tank, but wouldn't reimburse me for the lost fuel. I just love customer service AFTER the sale.

But it's a beautiful day in AZ, lots of rain last night to fill the aquifers. We need it. Headed to look at a 69 Camaro this morning. Overpriced by about $6K.

I doubt if I'll bring it home at that price. Nothing special about the Camaro. 350 Auto 10 bolt decent body non GM paint color. We shall see. Good day to get off the farm here and go to the big city. YEEHAW....even put on new underwear.

You know what they say about wearing clean underwear in case you have an accident...or is it if you are IN and accident?

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ghpcnm on Aug 7, 2022 said:

Just a note...The imitation wood on my '74 Chevelle got so faded that I spruced it up with some marine spar varnished. I brushed it on to give it a more woody effect and believe it or not, it turned out pretty darn good, LOL.

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azmusclecar on Aug 7, 2022 said:

AYE Matey.....that sounds like seamanship at it's best. If the castaways on Gilligan's Island had you they'd been off a lot sooner.........

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57timemachine on Aug 25, 2022 said:

As far as I am concerned the vinyl "Woody's" were far more practical than the real wood jobs, far far far more practical. Yes I am guilty of owning a make believe woody and I am proud of it. My dad bought our family's 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Estate in May 1974 and I still own it now with just over 56,000 miles on it. It will be in the family as long as I am alive. After that it is up to my brother Mike. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Aug 25, 2022 said:

I hear ya George. There's always a "SHAMER" in the crowd. We never had to worry about wood rott, or termites, or kids whitling their initials into our cars, or splinters, I could go on and on.

It's okay George, you're among friends. Look how many trees we saved buying the "practical" Woodys!! We were tree huggers before tree hugging became popular.

I believe I am done here. Dont' let one of those ORIGINAL WOODY owners beat you up, and take your lunch money. Just stay on our playground away from the bullies. This is a safe place George.

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