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1969 Camaro Coupe

350 CI/350Turbo/10 Bolt

Well, here it is, my inflationary investment. Seems 1969 Camaros are going through the roof. I found this one on Craigslist and the seller agreed to knock 6K off his asking price. This fit right into my budget.

There's nothing special about the car. It's a California Camaro, 350 CI, 350 Turbo, 10 bolt rear with 2.73 gears. Highway friendly.

It is a STOCK AIR CONDITIONING Camaro. Just needs to be sorted. I have no idea about the paint. It looks like a custom mix, copper and silver ralley stripes.

Power Steering, Power Brakes, , front disc brakes, new interior with copper thread used for stitching accent on the seats. OEM radio. Nice throaty dual exhaust.

The front coils were cut so I ordered stock replacements to get the nose back up. New aluminum radiator.

Nothing special except it's mine. Little things need fixed here, and there, but overall rust free, new interior, and an easy driver. Everyone should own at least one 1969 Camaro in their life. This is my second as my 1st one got destroyed by a transporter.

Time to get wrenching. I promise NOT to put Z/28 badges on it.

The Camaro is on the operating skates....let's roll

First order of business, new coil springs Come on FedEx!!!!


UPDATE: The coil springs are in and the Camaro now sits level, with the top of the fender openings reading identical. YEEEEEEEHAW!!

Now, the next project: Do you think these plug wires are just a bit too long? Oh and of course they managed to get against the headers.

So I am going to cut the wires down and splice new ends and contacts on them and make them to fit. All the damages to the plug wires are at the ends by where the boots are. So, why not keep the wires and make new spark plug wires???

I'm environmentally friendly without knowing it. Greta would be proud of me.

The Edelbrock valve covers on the engine has seen better days. Chrome peeling, stains and Vick Edelbrock would not be pleased to see his name on these at a car show.

I got had buying a set off an EBay seller who said his were stock height, and came with gaskets and the bar clamps to keep the cover flat.

They arrive, and I've never seen such a tall valve cover. 4 inches tall. I couldn't fit them under, or around the wiper motor, or the power brake booster. Sent the seller a message, and he gave me the equivilant of too bad so sad.

So I decided now to TRY to paint these Edelbrock covers. I spent most of the morning with sandpaper and green scotch brite and a wire wheel.

Here's where I'm at with the process

Oh this was fun. One would think changing plugs on a 350 is easy. UNLESS the engine has HOOKER HEADERS. I was not a HAPPY HOOKER with these headers. If I told you how long and what it took to get these old plugs out, my man card may be revoked and a spatula put in my hand.

After many countless posts, other owners of these headers on Camaros confirmed, HOOKER HEADERS SUCK.....

I finally got these plugs out and I'm replacing them with shorty plugs due to the close proximity of the headers to the plugs. If I could afford new headers I would but I'm saving up for my golden years.

and these shorty plugs were no joy to install. They have a 3/4 inch base so I had to buy a 3/4 inch spark plug socket just for them. I used the old fuel hose on the ceramic part of the plug to get the threads started. And other tricks to try to worm the shorty plugs behind, around or through the headers. HOOKER HEADERS SUCK.

My neighbor, who's a pastor, had to help me install the last plug as I laid UNDER the car holding the socket onto the plug and he worked a box wrench on the end of the socket. NO CUSSING AND SWEARING ALLOWED.

But at least all the plugs are changed. Thank you LORD!!!!

driver's side was fun see how well those headers go with the steering box. The headers come with a'll need it. Made strong enough to just hammer them into place. CLEARANCE BE DAMNED!!

All cleaned up and ready to be primed and painted.

All primed up ready to be painted

All painted up and looking GREAT, until I dropped it on the stones.

I have nephropathy in my one hand and I don't have a true feeling of how much pressure I have on something. SURE 'NUFF' I didn't have enough grip on the valve cover and into the stones it fell.

I just stood there, thinking of the scene of Tom Hanks in the movie "The Money Pit", when the bathtub he's filling by bucket, as he gets the last bucket in the tub, the tub falls through the floor into the floor below crashing into a skillion pieces.

He just stares, and begins an hysterical laugh, scream, cry, asthma inhale, and it goes on and on.

I saw myself in that scene. If you haven't seen the movie, it's a good one. I give it 2 Siskels and 2 Eberts THUMBS UP as my rating.

Well, time to go mend a marred valve cover.......later dudes.

Slow but steady process. Finally got the valve covers RE-painted after dropping one into the stones and marring that all up. New grommets, cleaned the PCV.

The air cleaner that was on the car was toast. The chrome was pitted, and the filter had more holes in it than a politician's campaign promise. I purchased this 12 inch unit since a 14 seem to overwhelm the top of the engine.

Installed new valve cover gaskets. New PCV hose

Driver's side, had to fix the kick down cable, reposition return spring, little things. Wire ties and zip ties to get some order to the disorder.

Still have to buy some spark plug wire looms.

Then after I get the looms installed I can position the plug wires and cut and crimp the wires. I also bought heat sox for the wires and plugs.

More to come.....

Spent a few hours today "trying" to recall how to post videos here AND on my old You Tube channel.

I had one a year or so ago, where I downloaded videos of wild elk coming into my back yard for water. My neighbor installed a non-freeze water tank and a feed tank. I had as many as 25 elk in my back yard at times.

I had to delete them due to it being illegal to feed wild game in the National Forest. I wasn't breaking the law, but I didn't want my neighbor getting into trouble.

So back to my first statement, it took awhile to re-school me on videos.

Time to head back to the garage to look for leaks, and pull the fill plug on the diff BEFORE I drain it. Maintenance was not the previous owner's strong suit. Oil, filter, trans fluid and filter, you guys know the drill. Like Dave said, it's all in the details.

To quote one of my favorite actors, Robert Duvall, " I love the smell of OLD GEAR LUBE in the morning". It smells like VICTORY. Napalm, Old Gear Lube....whatever.

And here we have the OEM 2.73 rear gear with stampings. Non Posi but that's cool. I'm the one who's burnt out. Not my Camaro.

Can you see the date?

41-6-69 part number 3910823

I just discovered the Brake Release rod and handle, you know the black handle with the word Brake Release on it, is GONE.

Silly me I didn't notice that before I bought the car. It's hard to catch everything when you're dealing with a seller and talking and etc.

So, I've asked if the handle and rod are available and it seems the rod is internally attached and woudl require some welding.

So after the rear gear is changed then it's on to the Parking Brake Assembly. I wanted to adjust the shoes and lube the cables anyway.

The funny thing is, I set the Parking Brake and when I went to release it, THEN I noticed the handle and rod was missing. I got the brake mechanism to release using a screwdriver. Thank you Lord.

Ahhhhh the joy of removing the parking brake assembly. 2 studs protrude through the firewall and of course, what do you need to do to get the nuts off? Fat, short arms are not an asset when it comes to reaching the nuts. The hood hinges, and the power brake booster are sort of in the way. So, take off the hood hinge, jam your chubby arm down and little by little, unbolt the 2 studs.

As you can see, the rod mechanism broke off. This the reaason for the replacement. Now the fun of reinstalling the assembly. The FUN never stops.Do IT??? :-)

I finally got my RIPIM Meter installed. Just came back from a short drive and sure enough, 2700 RIPIMS at 75. All the math adds up.

Great website:

Video and audio clips

Well it sounds good.

Full temp and oil pressure, still need to lower idle, but so far so good.

Well, it sounds and is running much better now with new plugs and a few tweaks on the carb and getting the plug wires OFF those nasty Hooker Headers.

It's coming along. Slow but sure.


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ghpcnm on Aug 7, 2022 said:

Nice find and looks like a fun project. I love the center console and the shifter on those auto Camaros.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 7, 2022 said:

I was always good at that shifter feels right at home. Except you can't throw it.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 8, 2022 said:

Excellent Rob, what a great find! A 69 Camaro with all power options like AC, much needed in AZ. Great engine just like I had in my original 69 Camaro but I didn't have AC.

You did very good with this and you'll have a ball driving "The Hugger". Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 8, 2022 said:

Thanks Mario, the wife has mentioned how SHE would like a Muscle Car to drive to shows. Hmmmm, somehow I think she was saying something without saying something. I need to find that book that's titled "What women say without saying it". Somethings telling me not to get too attached to this car.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 8, 2022 said:

That's funny Rob, I bet your wife wants the 69 Camaro! It's a great looking muscle car and also attractive to Ladys.

When I was first dating my future wife and I bought a new 69 Camaro SS she told me she always wanted to buy one too! I guess it was ESP or something but we had it for 10 years. Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 8, 2022 said:

My wife enters the Riviera in car shows occasionally. She loves it, especially when she wins a trophy.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 8, 2022 said:

It's hard for me to believe that I've owned the Riviera for 12 years. It's driven less than 1k miles per year and sometimes I even forget about it being in storage until the storage fee arrives. It still shows no sign of aging and drives like a dream. I do need to replace the tires even though they have no treadwear and no apparent dry-rot. I never intend to part with that car as it is chock full of pleasant memories.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 8, 2022 said:

I saw a Riviera like yours only it was white and it just didn't pop like yours. It didn't have the custom touches in the interior like yours Dave.

The wife made herself comfy in the driver's seat yesterday after brining it home and then looks out the window and says to me:

"when can you have this ready to go?"

Not a good sign, not a good sign AT ALL........

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 8, 2022 said:

Well at least you still have your Blazer! Or does she want that too?

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 8, 2022 said:

Well she did mention selling her Element and somehow she saw ME smiling as I drove the Blazer. That was bad on my part. Never ever ever let them see you are enjoying something. It will be taken away.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Hi there, Rob. Is that the original color on your Camaro?

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

You know? I don't know!! I guess I better go get the codes off the VIN and look. I know it's a repaint. But that wasn't your question, was it?

I was never smart and in school if I didn't know the answer to a question a teacher was asking me, I'd answer the question I wanted her to ask.

Those 3 years in 5th grade were rough.

I'll get the codes and answer your question.

Thanks for calling in. :-)

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Well, thanks to my sleuthing abilities and always wanting to be a shamus, I was able to determine the OEM paint is..............(drum roll)

RALLEY GREEN............

please, no applause, save it for the end.

I can't find a spot of green on the car so it must have been a total color change....

It is also an X-11 car which means:

X11 - Style Trim Group (includes SS350)

And there you have it boys and girls. Don't try this at home.

Class dismissed.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Whoever did the respray appears to have done a great job.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Oh, the interior code of 711, no not the store called 7-11, 711 denotes black so that is what is was. Ralley Green with Black Vinyl interior and an SS350. My job here is finished.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Oh, it was born on the 4th week of August 1969. Code 08D. I just couldn't sleep knowing I shortchanged you. Now I feel better. :-)

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Here's a little note that may be of interest to any or all Camaro owners.

The last digits on the COWL TAG after the plant build code rarely if ever match the VIN.

Here is WHY THEY DON'T. Copied from Camaro GM website:

Location E - Body Number

A number assigned by Fisher Body, no relation to the VIN. Note: This is not what some call the "serial number" or more specifically the last six digits (or any part) of the VIN. If they match it is only by chance as more times than not the body number will not match any part of the VIN at all. During the 1969 production run this body number was assigned when an order was accepted causing cars built at the same time to have very different body numbers.

I bet you feel smarter already. This will be on the test.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Hey Rob here's some interesting facts on the 69 Camaro.

I owned a 69 Camaro SS350 which I ordered in Sept 68 and picked up in Dec 68. The new 2nd Gen 70 Camaro started build in August 69 but the rear quarter panels came out wrinkled because of faulty dies. GM had to remake the dies twice before getting it right.

So Chevy kept on building 69 Camaros until Feb 70 when they finally got it right.

After Dec 69 GM classified the new Camaros as 70 models until Feb 70 when the real 70 redesigned model finally came out!

So the earlier 70 Camaros were actually 69 models. Your car was built in August 69 which really should have been a 70 model! Confusing right? Oh well that's show business!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 14, 2022 said:

Well well well, it's the PAUL HARVEY of Camaros...awesome....I did not know that. It was worth chewing through the restraints to get out of bed and log on here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Aug 22, 2022 said:

Rob, congratulations on this sweet 69 of yours. I like her just the way she is, sweet and original. Mario, must be drooling because he obviously had one. By the way thankyou for not turning it into another fake Z 28 or SS. Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 1, 2022 said:

You're right George I can't believe of all the cars in all the lots Rob picks this gem of a 69 Camaro!

Oh well, I'll have to relive my youth through his eyes! Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 22, 2022 said:

Ahhhhhhhh thank you.....I'm keeping it like you said and JUST LIKE ME:


[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 23, 2022 said:

Yes keep it original Rob, it will be worth more that way and you'll enjoy it more. Maybe you can find an original steering wheel, that's not what came with the car. But to each his own. Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 23, 2022 said:

Oh there are parts on the Camaro that I hope to change out. I always loved the ROSEWOOD steering wheel. But I'd need your wallet to buy one of those.

Oh I've been burning through the Benjamins with coil springs, installing seat belts, new valve covers, modifying spark plug wires, new plugs, securing some wiring, cleaning ground wires, repairing a window crank handle, and I am enjoying the HECK out of it.

Did I mention the previous owner put down sound and heat deadening, then glued the padding to the deadener, then glued the carpet to the padding?

And I had the enviable task of trying to locate the holes for the seat belt bolts just in the front. I sought help on the Camaro Forum seeking measurements etc in order to hone in on the area.

I was poking and prodding with a sharp awl but trying to get through those 3 layers was a joke.

I finally found the two on the passenger side and duplicated MY measurements and VOILA!!

Some posters on the forum are great at giving their opinions but rarely if ever the Joe Friday version of JUST THE FACTS PLEASE.

I am waiting on parts now. So I'm the grounds keeper now with weeds up to my *** thanks to all the rain we've had. This has been the wettest summer and trust me, I LOVE IT. But as the saying goes:

If you pray for rain, you also have to deal with the mud.

That's a quote from a Denzel Washington movie.

I always pay homage to those who I quote.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 23, 2022 said:

Funny how we or I talk about turning a car back to original and when I see one that lays that claim to fame, I see repo parts from China on the car.

It may "LOOK" all original but you'd better have the correct date coded parts on that ride to make that claim.

I never "bust" on anyone's car when I find things that aren't copacetic. I also don't tell people that their kids are dumb and ugly. It just seems like the wrong thing to say or do.

And never ask an overweight woman when the baby is due. It took weeks for my black eye to go away.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 23, 2022 said:

I have to share this:

I was working on the Camaro and I had the driver's door open and I heard this buzzing, faint, but yet a buzzing noise.

Here the key was in the ignition and after 50 years that buzzer still works. Now if GM could pay that much attention to that, why didn't they pay attention to the bigger things in cars??

Oh that's a rhetorical question.......but feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Back to work. Have a great day inspite of what others do or say.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 29, 2022 said:

So your 69 Camaro is officially an SS350. That's so cool. That's what I had and I loved it!

You need to get the SS badges front and back and the hood with the 2 chrome hood scoops. Also the front grill should be black.

I also had the black Hockey Puck stripes on the front fender going back to the front doors. That's a decal you can buy.

And don't forget the SS350 chrome piece on the front fenders. The original steering wheel also had SS in the center.

Take a look at an original 69 Camaro car brochure for all the details on ebay and pick one up. Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 31, 2022 said:

Mario, I think this would be a GREAT GIFT PACKAGE to me from Santa Mario Claus. I'll send you my address and make sure the parts are packaged well. Oh I will need fast shipping so don't cheap out and send them by Eventual Express. AKA the POST OFFICE.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 1, 2022 said:

What's the rush Rob, make a list of what you want on the car, prioritize the items and this becomes your wish list.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Sometimes a little extra cash comes your way, take out your wish list. It's a Journey not a Marathon. My Little Grasshopper! Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 29, 2022 said:

MY pockets aren't that deep Mario to buy and add all that SS badging and trim. Besides I heard it takes .005 off your quarter mile time due to drag and weight added.

No, this one will never be matching numbers. Engine is already swapped, color is not a factory color. Way too much has changed.

Nope it's just a nice driver, someday.

I always wanted a 1969 Z/28. I used to sit in school and when we used paper bags to cover our school books, I would doodle Z/28, then color it in like it appears on the car.

My doodles got more attention than the teacher. And my grades proved that. I did want to become an art student and design cars or emblems or wheels, anything to do with the car world.

But, wasn't to be. I'm just me. No claim to fame, just some claim to infamy.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 29, 2022 said:

But I will allow you to start a GO FUND ME PAGE.

Rob's 69 Camaro Resto

Well get to it man, we're not getting any younger. :-)

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 29, 2022 said:

I did buy some used seatbelts from a Camaro owner who was doing a color change. They were faded so I bought some RIT DYE and threw them in a bucket, added some vinegar as instructed and left them soak. 140 degree water. They didn't come out looking too shabby. They don't look new, but they will pass.

Buckle up and shut up.....and no you can't drive.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 30, 2022 said:

I read your note on plug wires: I am going to cut the wires down and splice new ends and contacts on them and make them to fit. All the damages to the plug wires are at the ends by where the boots are. So, why not keep the wires and make new spark plug wires???

Good idea to save some money and modifying the wires but I have to mention that the older plug wires can develop small shorts in the actual metal wire inside the insulation from bending, engine heat, and just moving them around. That causes a misfire which is why it's recommended to change the wires at each plug change.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 31, 2022 said:

Mario, I'll heed your advice on the spark plug wires. I truly like a nice neat engine compartment of which mine is not. I really want to have exact length plug wires and not just "fits all GM SBC".

I have my quirks, and I'm OCD about certain things and with these Prostitute Headers, it seems they just are itching to burn any plug wire that gets near them.

I will check for misses after I install the exact fit wires and if there is one, well, I will swallow my pride and go purchase new wires.

I'm trying now to find the exact wire looms to keep the wires above the headers close to the valve cover.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 1, 2022 said:

I agree Rob a neat set of heavy duty spark plug wires really makes the engine look good. Check out this set made just for 67-69 Camaro small block pre-cut, assembled and HD from Ecklers:

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 30, 2022 said:

Looks like you're having fun, Rob. Keep us posted on your progress.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 30, 2022 said:

GM's motto is: "We put the F U in the word fun".

They're just to proud to advertise it.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 30, 2022 said:

Not all HOOKERS are the same.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 31, 2022 said:

Dave, I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Could you please go into a complete explanation for those that don't travel in your circle.

We're waiting............tik tok tik tok

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Aug 31, 2022 said:

Shorty, Mid Length, and Long Tube Headers...Which do you have?

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Sep 1, 2022 said:

These on the car are long tubes. I thought you meant a different KIND of Hooker,,,,you dodged that question like a politician I see........ :-)

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 5, 2022 said:

Looking good Rob, coming along fine. All those little things take up a lot of time but it pays off in the end.

I would also get new fan belts and heater hoses. They rot and split and cause more trouble than it's worth. Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Sep 11, 2022 said:

It's all in the details.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Sep 12, 2022 said:

Oh and on a humorous note, those *&^% Hooker Headers had exhaust leaks I had to tighten and retighten to get them secure.

I know headers are known for leaking but I have had my absolute fill of Hooker Headers.

My Mom told me to stay away from Hookers and now I know why. Thanks Mom...God rest your soul.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 12, 2022 said:

When I was om a Med Cruise back in 1968 in the Marines we were warned about Hookers. They seem to be a problem everywhere. Your Mom was right!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Sep 16, 2022 said:

Project update: Following have been completed

Purchased AUG 7

New coil springs New Air cleaner Refreshed painted Valve Covers New valve cover gaskets New SHORTY Plugs Plug wires rerouted New wire Looms New belt New coolant overflow tank Oil and filter change New PCV hose and connection Refurbished seatbelts installed Rear axle fluid change Chassis lube Driveshaft U Joints lubed Front wheel bearings repacked Tires rotated

More to come.....waiting on parts.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Sep 16, 2022 said:

Sorry there are no comas (,) in last post. I had the list made, but the software posted it all together as a sentence. Hard to read I know. And I can't fix it.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 16, 2022 said:

Nice going Rob. You got a lot done in 5 weeks!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 24, 2022 said:

Nice job on the wires Rob and the engine sounds great with no shaking. Check the engine mounts, this year Camaro had a reputation for breaking. They were all recalled for a fix. Bad news about the parking brake. That's unusual that it broke like that. I like the videos you made post some more so we can see your progress. Cheers! Mario

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