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Name the 50s car with this hood ornament

Good luck and may the force be with you.

I copied these hood ornaments from the internet. I am not an expert on hood ornaments. This is a learning experiment for all of us.

This ornament was on a:

A. Ford B. Lincoln C. Mercury D. Dodge

This should be an easy one:

What 50s car was this on?

A. Buick B. Worldmobile C. Lincoln D. Oldsmobile

How about this one?

Was it on a:

A: Lincoln B. Mercury C. Oldsmobile D. Cadillac

Look it's a bird, no, it's a plane, no wait, it's a hood ornament.

On what 50's vehicle??

A: Studebaker B. Rambler C: Nash D. Willys

And what do we have here? An ugly duckling? Where did you see one of these?

A. Cormorantmobile B. Corvette C. Swansongmobile D. Hudson

Practically spoon feeding you this one. If you "HONK" the horn does that give it away??? No it's not a DUCKMOBILE. But nice try.

Calm down, this is not an x-rated thread. Now here is a hood ornament everyone should recall. And keep your hands off the lady.

Was this on:

A. Batmobile B. Mariomobile C. Hudson D. Nash E. All the above

Trust me, E is not your answer.

This odd looking hood ornament was on:

A. Ford B. Oldsmobile C. Dodge D. Desoto E. None of the above.

Look, it's not E. If you answered E, this site may not be for you.

Ah, come on. If you get this wrong, then never ever call yourself a car person (gender neutral) for political correctness.

This ICONIC hood ornament adorned what 50's car?

A. Chevrolet B. GMC C. LaSalle D. AMC E. Jeep F. Buick G. Pontiac (hint hint hint)

This adorned what car?

A. Sheepmobile B. Dodge Ram (pick me, pick me, pick me) C. Mercury D. Plymouth

There's a hint for you, can you see it?

I believe a member of this forum posed for this hood ornament. It is found on the:

A. Speed Racer B. Mariomobile C. Georgemobile D. Davemobile E. Desoto F. Totomobile (driven by the little dog in the Wizard of OZ)

Sorry can't help you here. You're getting cocky getting these all correct

Are you ready for a tough one? Okay this one is not it. Get this wrong and you will receive coal for Christmas.

A. AMC B. M O U S E C. Studbaker D. Studebaker E. Lincoln F. Jefferson G. Washington H. Roosevelt I. Rushmoremobile.

Uh-huh, told you there was a tough one in here.

Let's see who can gues it without multiple choice.

Look it's number 13, that means whoever guesses it, is LUCKY. OR NOT!

Don't make me ask you to write this car model down fifty times on the board if you get it wrong. Look at it......

No it's not the Lionmobile. EEEEsh even I knew that. How smart do you feel now?

Sailing , sailing over the ocean what boat, I mean car, had this unique hood ornament?

A. The Santa Maria Mobile B. The Pintamobile C. The Ninamobile D. Pilgrimmobile E. Plymouth

Easy, peasy huh? But what about number 13, what was your answer there?

Okay, for our friends to the north, okay let's hypothetically call him GEORGE.........he better know this one.

A. Canada Goosemobile B. Trudeaumobile C. Canadian Meteor (here's your chance George) D. Snowmobile

This hood ornament was never found on Al Capone's car. But it looks like a heckuva gunsight huh? What car had this eyecatcher?

A. Oldsmobile B. Gunmobile C. Buick D. Hudson E. Gremlin F. Vega G. Pinto

I think you should "C" the answer...........(hint hint hint)


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23 car nuts gave this a thumbs-up. Do you? Thumbs-up


azmusclecar on Aug 26, 2022 said:

I gave myself 2 thumbs up. I got all of them right.

Good luck, that #13 is a killer. Enjoy or not. All done in fun. If you can't laugh at yourself, others will, behind your back.

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Mario on Aug 27, 2022 said:

These are Class A GREAT Hood Ornaments Rob. You did a fantastic job in putting this Page together.

I will let other Gear heads vote on all your multiple choice items (Mariomobile?) to give everyone a chance.

But I have to accept your challenge on #13. The car with the Lion Head is made in France thus not American (Tricky question!) and the name is...... drum roll...............................Peugeot!

Good job Rob, the rest are up to George, Dave, Brandon, Jeff, Larry and anyone else who wishes to take up the challenge. Good Luck all. Cheers, Mario

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 27, 2022 said:

You get 2 Thumbs Up on this Rob!!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 27, 2022 said:

Thank you Mario. It was a labor of love. Yes, the lionhead is from the PUKEIT, I mean Peugeot. You are at the head of the class Mario. I even throw in a curve, and you knock it out of the park. Well done. Well done indeed. Maybe I'll try another thread in the future.

Time to get out to the garage, and see if I can get the Camaro ready for Labor Day. I'm upset I bought a set of valve covers that are too tall to fit. They hit the wiper motor and power brake booster. I hate wasting money on parts that don't work. It was my bad. Guess I'll go see if I can get the old ones cleaned, and sanded to accept a coat of paint. Sure wish I had a sandblasting cabinet about now.

Have a great day all.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 27, 2022 said:

Too bad about the valve covers being too tall. Maybe you can lower the engine! Just kidding! Don't take me up on that. Easier to spruce up the old ones.

Remember Don't Crush them, Restore them! That goes for parts too. Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Aug 29, 2022 said:

I know most of these.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 29, 2022 said:

Mario told me you might. I even threw that next to last one in there JUST for you.

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