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Hot weather, and Hot Cars

Car SHow to Honor Vietnam Vets

Today in Tucson was the Car Show to benefit the Vietnam War Veterans. This is just a hodge podge of vehicle photos and other sites. From beautiful cars to military vehicles to engine eye candy. It was still over 100 degrees but the best weather is yet to come. Enjoy the pics.


I apologize for the somewhat grainy photos. I changed my cellphone coverage to Consumer Cellular and they issue a free cellphone with their service.

Sadly, one of the worst parts of the cell is the camera. This was it's first use as my camera of choice to take to a car show.

I'm a pretty good photographer but I am blaming this poor quality on the camera. It is slow to adjust to bright sunlight and shade and even darkness. And it's even hard to "FRAME" a car and hold that image due to a very slow shutter speed. I mean slooooooooooow!!!

Please accept my apology. I didn't post a lot of pics as they were just too poor to even be considered worthy of posting.

Thanks, Rob

Okay time for a break, you're half way thru the tour, almost done. Help yourself to the drive in window food on the tray. No calories.

This is our DJ for the day, DJ JOHN. He's been doing this since I can remember. Great music, great trivia and a great guy. His trivia questions are ones you really need to think about. He's also a pastor.


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ghpcnm on Sep 17, 2022 said:

I'm going to scroll through those pics again, searching for a sharp copper colored Camaro. I must have missed it first time through.

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azmusclecar on Sep 18, 2022 said:

Oh my Dave, is it time for the eye doctor exam again???

Why it's the last photo in the group (hee hee hee)

Sadly in this day of parts arriving willy nilly, my Camaro was senetenced to the garage due to a new parking brake that arrived Friday and I didn't have the time to install.

I had removed the driver's side hood hinge to remove the broken one. And with the cables hanging loose beneath, I thought best if it just spent the day in the garage.

So, good catch on your part Dave. But here it is in all it's glory waiting for Dr. Rob to finish the operation and prepare for the next car show which hopefully will be much cooler.

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57timemachine on Sep 18, 2022 said:

Sweet collection of time machinery there. I will take the 56 Chev 210, the 57 Chev rag, the Corvair pickup, the Corvair rag and the 69 Camaro. No I am not greedy, just needy. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Sep 18, 2022 said:

And I guess you will want them all full of fuel, fully serviced, and detailed as well George.

You're not greedy or picky. Just a good chooser!!

I did like the Corvair pickup, that was a hit.

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azmusclecar on Sep 18, 2022 said:

That COPPER COLORED BEL AIR was my choice for the best of show. WOW!

Did that car POP in the sun. And it was a 5 speed with 3.73 gears and a gorgeous interior that would rival Rocardo Montalban's rich Corinthian leather in a Cordoba.

It's a shame you have to close the hood and cover up all that engine work and detail.

I would be proud and honored to own and drive that showpiece.

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Mario on Sep 18, 2022 said:

Great looking car show Rob and you were able to withstand 100 degree weather too!

That was very nice and appreciative of dedicating the show to Vietnam Vets. I thank them for that as I too was one.

My top pick is the 69 Camaro Z28! Not sure if it's authentic but it sure looks good. And then all the Military vehicles was a nice touch.

Honorable mentions: The first year 64 GTO. Not as pretty as the 65-67 in my opinion but never the less it was the first.

The red 57 Chevy convertible with continental wheel caught my eye. The ultimate Fifties ICON.

I like how you split up the pictures and the engines in your post. Looks like we have to try and match up which engine goes with each car. Very sneaky!

Great posting Rob but I don't know how you can take 100 degree weather. Keep them coming. Cheers!

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azmusclecar on Sep 18, 2022 said:

Having lived in AZ more years than I have in PA, you sort of "tolerate" the heat. The heat factor is intensified when you're on a paved surface. All that black asphalt absorbs the heat and bounces it right back into you.

There's the saying out here "It's a DRY HEAT!".

Yes, it is. But I have seen people burst into spontaneous flames. And yes, THEY WERE DRY FLAMES!!

Shade is at a premium, and the car shows I love the best are the ones staged in City Parks, or indoors. Give me shade lotsa shade as the song goes. Or was that "land" in the old song.

Four hours is a long time to spend in the sun, and heat no matter if it's AZ or PA. Old people like me, we try to hydrate but we need to go pee every five minutes and then you miss the cars.

The city of Tucson once had a public opinion poll of HOW TO ENVIRONMENTALLY COOL DOWN THE CITY.

The winning answer came in the form of a joke and some abuse.

The winner:

Have ALL the white haired elderly go out at high noon and stand assembled shoulder to shoulder to REFLECT the suns heat back into space.

Hmpf, I'm blessed to have a full head of white hair, earned honestly thanks to my kids, but why pick on me?????

The suggestion didn't pass..thankfully.

More concrete, less asphalt seem to win out.

And planting more grass is not the answer. We just use more water then.

Have a blessed day no matter WHAT WEATHER you have. God has this all under control. AMEN!!

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Mario on Sep 18, 2022 said:

Thanks for all the weather info on AZ and the Dry Heat. Unfortunately here on Long Island surrounded by the Ocean and the LI Sound we get a lot of humidity. Summer temps are in the 80's and sometime 90's but the humidity factor jumps in.

I guess every state has its good and bad. Stay cool and stay in the shade. Maybe you can carry one of those Parasols with you!

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57timemachine on Sep 20, 2022 said:

Oh oh oh I almost forgot. I want that 1955 Chev sedan delivery as well. How could have I forgot that sweet time machine. Greed is usually bad but when it comes cars..... the more the better. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Sep 21, 2022 said:

George, you had me worried. When you overlooked that Sedan Delivery I was concerned that either your memory or your eyesight was slipping. I now see you are running on all eight cylinders.

And what is one more classic car when it comes to being greedy?

You're not greedy George, you're a collector of fine automobiles and trying to save the the planet.

Does Jay Leno consider himself GREEDY?

You are the Canadian George Leno...we approve!!!

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