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BBC 496!!! NOT 540

Still for sale with video. Lower price.

I apologize for the misleading info I was given by an untruthful seller. The engine is NOT a 540 as was originally declared. Upon investigation the block is a 454 and you cannot stroke a stock GM 454 block to 540.

Only to a 496 cubic inches. I take the blame for not being able to breakdown the block number to note it's originality.

The engine is still for sale at a lowered list price and as always it can be a best offer.

The world I grew up in of honesty, integrity and handshakes on deals is sadly disappearing. Caveat Emptor. Latin for LET THE BUYER BEWARE! I need to heed my own advice. Life moves on.

This is the 496 BBC that I will be removing and selling to install an LS. Not sure if it will be an LS1, LS3. This 496 has a small cam and is very streetable. It likes anything over 2000 RPMs. Tons of torque. Runs on pump gas. Idles at 650 rpms. From Carb to Pan. Also has a beautiful serpentine belt system with power steering.

10.5 to 1 compression 496 stroker. Zero balanced motor. Eagle crank and rods, Mahl Pistons. Edlelbrock heads and Intake. Proform 950 carb. Msd with 3 step

here is a link to my Craigslist ad for the 496 sale. Thank you.

Video and audio clips


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azmuscle on May 18, 2024 said:

This is my latest project car. I'll post more on it later as it progresses. Like a drug addict I tried to stop the insanity (called by some) of this car addiction. I've had Camaros and Chevelles and Mustangs and Barracudas but never a NOVA.

I strictly bought this to return to a street cruiser. It will get an LS swap hopefully this year.

It now contains a 540 BBC that I will sell to fund the costs of the LS Swap. Yes, this car is an Ex drag street racer.

I bought it just to swap out the 540 for an LS and add A/C. I'll tell more as the project progresses. Sorry for the bad pic but my other pics were loaded onto my other laptop which is on it's last legs. I'll need to get them transferred. Thx Rob

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Mario on May 18, 2024 said:

Welcome back Rob! We sure did miss you and your colorful posts!

Congratulations on this fine Chevy Nova and hope to see more pictures!

Cheers my friend, Mario

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Anonymous on May 19, 2024 said:

Thanks Mario. Try as much as I could, I just needed a project car to feel that attachment to some of the best times of my life. This Nova is in rough shape but has a lot of upgrades that I wouldn't have been able to purchase and install and stay within a budget.

The Nova already has a 5 speed Tremec in it with Wilwood hydraulic clutch. It has sub-frame connectors, an 8.8 inch Ford, disc brake rear, it has a 2000 Corvette fuel pump in a brand new 20 gallon tank. So it's read to go to an LS swap.

The 540 engine has a lot of quality components in it and when a bog block can rev to 6500..and stay together, it takes a lot of top shelf components.

But I'm looking for more of a modern resto-mod Nova with easy starting and nice driving manners.

This 540 is set up for the street, with a hydraulic cam and it's manners are okay but it's a but testy under 2K RPMs. It's just way too much engine for what I want so it needs to go and an LS with A/C installed to make it a comfy driver here in AZ.

So little by little, day by day I'm looking at what needs to go, be resold, and what needs to be purchased.

I just sold a set of Crager Wheels the old UNILUG and the lug nuts wouldn't stay tight. It was nice they fit the 4.75 GM and the Ford 4.5 bolt pattern front and back. But I didn't have faith in the wheels since 10 mile drives loosened the torque some 10 lbs.

The Ford 8.8 has 3.73 gears so highway driving is manageable here in AZ at 75 taching 2200.

And the tires were all out of DOT date codes for 7 years with wear bars showing.

So, just spent money on wheels and tires, nothing too outrageous.

Well more info later. I definitely wanted a project car I could drive, and work on. Just having a finished driver left me with wash, wax, polish, repeat. This Nova gets paint last.

Okay enough jibber jabber, back to the shop.

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Mario on May 19, 2024 said:

You have a lot going for you Rob with this 71 Nova and I'm sure you'll get it all done that you want.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you on your latest project car. Good Luck and may all your dreams come true. Cheers, Mario

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Mario on May 21, 2024 said:

Great pictures of that fabulous engine Rob! You should get top dollar for it when you're ready to sell it. Hot days are coming so take advantage of the weather now. Cheers, Mario.

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azmuscle on May 21, 2024 said:

Amen Mario, our 1st 100 degree day is this week. I have about 22 pics of the engine to advertise and had a call this morning from a guy who is into drag racing.

I'm trying to sell the engine still in the car so the potential buyer and see, hear and feel how it runs. I believe it was said to have 600 HP and about 650 Torque. It is one the thee fastest cars I've ever driven. The best thing is that the Nova was aligned on a jig when the frame connectors were welded in and the rear frame was squared before that.

The car lifted the light Nova up with the 90/10 front shocks and when it settled there was no need for any steering input. The MH Racemasters hooked and didn't send the rear end to the front and vice versa. And then to be able to drive this on the street was a combination I hasn't experienced before. The car felt SAFE in it's form.

I may even be questioned why bother to change the BBC out. The older I become the less speed is important to me. I want a reliable, if needed, daily Nova driver and the big block won't permit much of any A/C unit install. And in AZ, A/C is gold.

So a healthy LS will take it's place and be more reliable, more street friendly, and less prone to leaks and carbs going out of tune etc.

Yes, LESS IS MORE.......but just enough less, not too much less. Like Goldilocks said, this one is just right.

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Mario on May 21, 2024 said:

I Totally agree with you Rob, less is more! You absolutely need AC in AZ 100+ degree weather and this great engine won't allow that.

Like you said our priorities change as we get older and speed does not trump comfort. Am I allowed to say trump??

Anyway you got a good plan and keeping the engine in the car will help you get as much as possible to sell it. Let the new buyers drool over the torque and HP. Hearing is believing!

Well get busy working on that gift horse Rob so you can get the LS1 or LS3 that you want.

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azmuscle on May 21, 2024 said:

Thanks for the encouragement was all about brakes, and bearings and lubrication. The parking brake drums on the Ford 8.8 are new to me and a real challenge. I didn't replace them, YET.

Lubed all the zerks including drive shaft. Removed all the calipers and cleaned and greased the sliders with hi temp silicone grease. Made sure all the mating surfaces of the rotors are clean for tomorrows installation of wheels and tires. Yepper by 10AM it's time to head for the house. Can't wait to see what the wheels and tires look on the Nova. Thanks again Mario.

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57timemachine on May 22, 2024 said:

I have always had a real soft spot for third generation Nova's (1968-1972). I had a 1970 coupe from 1979 to 1980 when it was written off in an accident. The car only had a mildly done up 307 but I still loved it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. Cheers.

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azmuscle on May 22, 2024 said:

Well Geo, I just happen to have ONE 307 Fender Badge and I am more than willing to throw it into the deal if you purchase the 540. I feel like you are family. I won't do this for total strangers mind you. Let me know...consider the 307 as a Badge of Friendship. I will ship it and the 540 gladly at your cost. What are friends for?

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azmusclecar on May 24, 2024 said:

I will only be using this thread to try to sell the Chevy 540. I've started another thread that will entail the other modifications and photos of the Nova.

Please view my other thread of the 1971 Nova from strip to street cruiser. Thank you

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Mario on May 24, 2024 said:

I viewed your other page on your 71 Nova Rob and it looks great.

If this page is to sell your 540 how about a short video on how it runs and sounds. That would be a good selling feature. Best of Luck, Mario

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azmuscle on May 24, 2024 said:

That's a great idea Mario. I'm waiting for a WIX filter to arrive so I can finish a full oil change. Then I'm waiting for the correct lug nuts from Jegs so I can install my wheels and tires. Once that's done take the Nova out of the garage and take some better pics and do that video you suggested.

So it's a waiting game for a week until the lug nuts arrive. Sadly Jegs sent me the wrong ones. Mistakes happen so I won't be enjoying the car over the Memorial Day Holiday.

Your suggestion is greatly appreciated. Rob

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azmuscle on May 27, 2024 said:

Video added of 540 start up, idling, and gauge readings. Thanks for the suggestion Mario

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Mario on May 28, 2024 said:

I just saw and heard your video on your 540 engine. Sounds Great! Engine looks good, no leaks, runs smooth, idles good and oil pressure/temp looks good too. Good Luck in finding a buyer it's a great price. Mario

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azmusclecar on May 28, 2024 said:

Thanks Mario, as you can read I tried to make our northern brother Geo an excellent deal even throwing my one and only 307 fender badge in the pot like adding gravy to his taters but he turned me down.

But he was quite respectable about turning me down and has his reasons. I'll respect him for that.

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Mario on Jun 8, 2024 said:

OK Rob you still have a great looking and running 496 engine to sell. The unscrupulous seller who lied about what he was selling will have to answer for that at a later time to the higher powers.

You will do fine and sell your 496 for a good price so you can continue with your new project car Nova. Keep us posted, Mario

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57timemachine on May 25, 2024 said:

Rob, the 307 badge and that sweet big block sound too good to turn down but I think I will stick to my 261 inline six in my 57 Pontiac and the 400 V-8 in my 74 Chev. You see I like to take it nice, slow and easy. Also being retired, I can not afford six to eight miles per gallon. Thanks anyway and cheers.

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