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Trivia Games

Hidden Gas Caps (17 questions)

Identify the cars that belong to these special hidden gas caps. Thanks to Mario Rojas for supplying the photos. Play it

Cars of the '30s (22 questions)

Identify cars from the 1930s. Play it

Pickup ID (21 questions)

Identify classic pickup trucks from the '30s, '40s, and '50s. This one is tough! Play it

1954-1964 Dash ID (22 questions)

A game identifying cars by their dashes. Is it too hard? Too easy? Or too fun? Play it

GTO dash ID (6 questions)

A game identifying GTOs by their dashes. You gotta be a real GTO nut for this! Play it

Tailfins and Taillights (14 questions)

Identify cars from the tailfin era - 1948 through the early '60s. Play it

Muscle Car Game (11 questions)

Identify muscle cars from the late 1960s, back when the engines were powerful and the brakes were fair. Play it

Game for SpeedSceneLive Interview (12 questions)

Created for our 9/2/14 interview on Speed Scene Live with Bob Beck and Bruce Barker. Large photos to show well on camera. Play it

Car Show Game - 1940s (12 questions)

Identify cars that the "Greatest Generation" drove: cars of the 1940s. Play it

Vintage Dragster ID Game (11 questions) loves dragsters and the engines that power them. Check out our latest game that features cars we saw at the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, CA. Play it

Car Show Game - 1950s (12 questions)

Identify cars from the 1950s, back when cars had personality and you didn't have a console between you and your girl. Play it

Engine Identification Game (17 questions)

Can you tell the difference between a Chevy 348 and a Chevy 350? Even if you're not an engine ID wiz, this game will help you become one. Play it

Engine ID Game #2 (V8s from 1957 to 1972) (19 questions)

More engines, and a little more challenging. Thanks to Frank Remlinger for supplying many of the photos. Play it

Automotive History (50's - 60's) Trivia Game (17 questions)

Who was the "Boss", as in the Boss 302 and Boss 429 Mustangs? Discover the shocking answer to this and other fun questions. Play it

GM Car Show Game - 1960s (14 questions)

Can you tell a '61 Impala from a '63? Know the difference between the tail lights of a '67 GTO and a '67 Cutlass? This game ain't easy, but I hope it's fun! Play it

Non-GM Car Show Game - 1960s (12 questions)

Can you tell a '69 Charger from a '69 Roadrunner? Or a '67 Mustang from a '69? This game is pretty challenging. Are you up for it? Play it

Thank you to everyone who played a game and took the time to send feedback and ideas. I've incorporated many of your suggestions, and am working on some of the other ideas.