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The online car show dedicated to American-made iron: old skool, new school, and no school
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Featured Member's Rides

'42 Studebaker Coupe
Victor's '76 Corvette

Steve's '67 Mustang
Rich's '55 Mercury

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New Forum Topics

Photos of our first cars

1950s Mystery Car #5 (solved by NMCarNut)

1960s Mystery Car #6 (solved by SunNut)

1930s Mystery Car #7 (solved by 23Abe)

Mystery Motor #3 (solved by kjhh54)

New game - cars of 1940s

Pics from Tiger Run 2014

Upcoming Events

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Run for the Gold Car Show
Fri, Sep 5th - Sat, Sep 6th
Oakhurst, CA
NE Georgia Swap Meet
Sat, Sep 6th, 2014
Commerce, GA
Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race
Fri, Sep 12th - Sat, Sep 13th
Stanton, MI
Original Big City Rod Run
Fri, Sep 12th - Sat, Sep 13th
Sierra City, CA
Hot Cars and Guitars Tour
Sat, Sep 13th, 2014
Hollister, CA

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New and Recently Updated

PCP 2014 SHAKER #26 (CrazyShaker)

turbo68's firebird (turbo68)

My '70 Boss 302 (HDLowRider92)

Ed's 2005 Mustang GT (EdSztuk)

1966 Ford Falcon Futrua Sports Coupe (ECCAT4T)

1966 Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible (ECCAT4T)

55 Corvette #6 (BJ)

Gary's 33 Plymouth 4dr Sedan (Aboveknee)

Pat's 65 Barracuda (pat65cuda)

"POWER WAGON" (67Rt440)

Benners Baby (Wayner)

Joe's 50 Chevy Truck (ajoehageman)


61 Ghia 429 (junker039)

Green Hornet (suptclark)

Tim's Javelin (Timbo01)

Bob's Goat (llfuller)

Suzy's Rambler (SEdmonds)

Mike's New Toy (pirate64)

Kevin's 1981 Corvette (57super88)

Welcome to American, the world-wide car show that won't get rained out.

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