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Mario's Gold Coast Waterfront Car Show Glen Cove NY June 23, 2024

My Brother Johns 1968 Corvette

My brother John and I went to the Gold Coast Waterfront Car Show in Glen Cove, LI, NY on Sunday June 23, 2024.

The Car Show was held in Glen Cove’s beautiful Morgan Park on 40 acres overlooking the Long Island Sound. Morgan Park was donated to the people of Glen Cove in 1932 by J.P. Morgan in memory of his wife.

The Annual Gold Coast Car Show was open to all “show quality” cars, trucks, classics, street rods and muscle cars as the Registration states.

John and I drove there in his 1968 Corvette Convertible and over 500 cars registered to show their cars with hundreds of spectators attending. We had a great time looking at all the show cars by the waterfront.

The day was hot but with a nice ocean breeze and lots of shade from the trees in the park. There was a food court, live entertainment, door prizes, raffles, and many tent vendors.

I took a lot of group pictures to give you a sense of what it was like at this Car Show in the Park on 40 acres of prime land at the waterfront. Enjoy, Mario

1 Shelby Mustang and my Brother John's 1968 Corvette

2 1968 Corvette Brother John's

3 1968 Corvette Brother John's at the Waterfront

4 1968 Corvette Brother John's

5 1969 Camaro SS350 and 1962 Chevy Bel Air

6 Over 500 cars and hundreds of spectators showed up for the annual show

7 1969 Camaro SS350 and 1962 Chevy Bel Air

8 Beautiful Long Island Sound North Shore, Food Court and Vendors

9 Morgan Park 40 acres in North Shores Glen Cove, LI, NY

10 Annual Gold Coast Waterfront Car Show, Glen Cove, NY

11 Beautiful ocean breeze and the water was calm with boats in the harbor

12 Show cars along the Park Pavilion

13 1933 Convertible

14 1954 Buick Convertible

15 Custom 40's Hot Rod

16 Car Owners under the shade tree

17 Muscle car row

18 Spectators enjoying a walk and viewing the show cars

19 Corvette row. My brother should have parked here

20 A Corvette for everyone

21 Lots of leisurely walking paths

22 Yogi Berra, NY Yankees, said “When you come to a fork in the row, take it”

23 1954 Buick I had to get a second picture of this beautiful car

24 1970 Plymouth Cuda

25 I like the French headlights on this custom job

26 1965 GTO Convertible

27 1957 Chevy

28 Dodge Viper V10

29 50's Nash Metropolitan

30 1969 AMC AMX

31 Nice view

32 1957 Chevy Retromod

33 1965 GTO HT

34 Yellow Corvette like Dave had

35 One of the sponsors of the event from my town Oyster Bay NY

36 1930's Hot Rod

37 1940 Chevy hot rod

38 1940 Chevy custom interior

39 50's Chevy Suburban 1941 Mack and 1931 Ford

40 1950 Mercury

41 1955 Chevy Nomad

42 1962 Chevy Bel Air

43 2000 Plymouth Prowler Retro-styled sports car

44 2007 Mustang GT

45 Camaro Z28 and owner

46 Pair of Nice Camaros

47 Chevy Nova beautiful paint job

48 Corvette by the beach

49 Customized Buick, really sharp

50 1962 Buick Bubbletop rarely seen

51 Large crowd and food court

52 Forties “Nasty Rod”

53 1971-73 AMC AMX

54 Chevy row

55 Street Rods

56 Crazy Blown Engine

57 Nice Red Ford Pick Up Truck

58 Frenched Lincoln and Chevy II

59 Pair of 1969 Camaros and Pickup Truck

60 Vendors galore

61 Sitting in the shade watching the spectators go by

62 Morgan Park has 40 acres of land for the public's use donated by JP Morgan in 1932 in honor of his wife

63 Old car very modernized. Looks good

64 New and old and a Woody too

65 Suicide doors and teardrop headlights. What could be better

66 Pair of 1931 Fords

67 1955 Mercedes Gull Wing

68 1948 Tucker. Only 50 made in production plus 1 prototype. This Tucker #1044 was sold at RM Sotheby's Auction in Arizona on January 19, 2017 for $1,347,500 to Howard Kroplick of Roslyn, NY who trailered his car to the show.

69 Aerial View of Morgan Park, Glen Cove, NY

70 Morgan Park Beach stock photo

71 Morgan Park Pavilion stock photo

72 Sundown at Morgan Park stock photo

73 Gold Coast Waterfront Car Show AD 2024

74 Registration Form for car show 2024

Video and audio clips

Gold Coast Car Show 2013

Gold Coast Car Show 2022

Gold Coast Car Show 2023

Aerial View Morgan Park LI


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Mario on Jun 25, 2024 said:

This was a fantastic car show by the waterfront in the beautiful North Shore in Glen Cove.

My brother John took his 1968 Corvette and we had many admirers.

Enjoy the show!

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57timemachine on Jun 25, 2024 said:

What a beautiful area to have a car show. A lot of sweet rides there but I would have to say that I would be taking that fabulous 1948 Tucker in a heart beat. Other notible mentions are your brother John's 68 Vette, the 69 AMC AMX and that 55 Chev 210 wagon. Mario, thanks for sharing buddy. Cheers.

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Mario on Jun 26, 2024 said:

Thank you George. My brother John and I had an awesome day in the park.

You're right on the 48 Tucker. First one I've seen at a car show! There are still 47 known survivors (out of 51) but most are in Museums or privately owned. This one was Production number 44 and the owner was kind enough to trailer it in.

Cheers, Mario

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azmuscle on Jun 25, 2024 said:

Let's see, 500 cars and how many pics are there? Well there certainly isn't 500. Am I missing something? Oh relax Mario, I'm just messing with you.

As mentioned above what a great place for a car show. That place has it all. The wind, the water, the shade, the sun, walking paths, views, I'm sure the smell of the sea and food and fumes!!

I'm envious. Tucson used to have a car show like this in the park and all the cars had shade and there was a park where the kids could play and the food vendors were there to satisfy every pallet.

BUT, sadly that went away with enough complaints by non car people and so the car show was moved to a baseball stadium where there was no shade unless your brought your own. The heat on the artificial turf was unreal. The volume of entries dropped like a lead balloon.

I, like Geo, who has great taste, also will choose the TUCKER as I have never seen one in my life. My uncle had a dog named Tucker but that's as close as I got.

I do like the paint on the Chevy 40 Hot Rod, that two tone green looks great on that car.

I almost filed a grievance until I did see a Chevy Nova amongst the pics. Great Paint!!

SO Mario, I believe this was a win win win win for you and John and us and the entrants and the spectators.

And thank the good Lord for the gorgeous weather.

And the crowd all said: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

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Mario on Jun 26, 2024 said:

Thank you Rob for your comments. I took a lot of group pictures of the cars just to get most of them in. Very hard to get single shots of every car. They were all over the place and the park is huge 40 acres.

I made sure I got a Chevy Nova for you and that one was a beauty. The paint job was exquisite and it really popped with the chrome rims.

The 40 Chevy 2 tone green was also nice like you said and the interior was exceptional. I took a picture of the interior. A lot of work went into that car.

And of course the Tucker was a big surprise to see. I left that picture for the last of the cars. It was many years ahead of its time. Tucker #1044 at the show was sold at RM Sotheby's Auction in Arizona on January 19, 2017, for $1,347,500 to Howard Kroplick of Roslyn, NY the current owner.

A great show with a nice ocean breeze on a warm summer day and what could be better than that. Cheers, Mario

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