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Restoring my Canadian 57 Pontiac.

My 57 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe sedan is a Canadian issue Pontiac, meaning it is based on a Chevrolet and not an American Pontiac. I purchased the car in May 1996 in Omeme, Ontario, Canada. The car was built in July 1957 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada by GM Canada and was sold in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada by a dealer named AMOS in that town. The car ended up coming back to Ontario in 1979 to its birth place of Ontario. My dad Anthony (1927-1993) bought the same car in 1959 and kept it until 1970, I was born in 1958 so I grew up with the car and have fond memories of it. I rebuilt everything on my 57 before I decided to do the body and paint. I collected many 57 accessories for the car because I am accessory crazy. The car was very solid being an Alberta car and that minimized the body work. I drive the car on average 4,000 miles to shows and cruises every year. This car has been a real joy since 1996 and I hope to continue the time travel. Cheers.


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57timemachine on Nov 16, 2020 said:

I just feel the need to clarify, that this 57 is not the very same car my mom and dad had. It is an exact copy of our family's 57 except for the many accessories I have added. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 29, 2020 said:

Beautiful restoration of your 57 Pontiac George. Since you made it an exact copy of your Dad's car then I would say your Dad is very happy that you honor him this way. Cheers, Mario.

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57timemachine on Nov 29, 2020 said:

Mario, very sadly my dad passed on July 16, 1993 from cancer. Three years before I bought the 57 Pontiac. My dad did get to see my many other vintage cars that I built. He was always a big fan of the 57 Chev Bel Air I built and he would come see it often as I did a body off resto on it a number of years ago. Of all my dads GM cars that he owned, he always said that his 57 Pontiac was his favorite. He always felt it was the most reliable of all the cars he owned. That is until the motor finally blew because of very high mileage by 1970. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Dec 4, 2020 said:

Nothing better than a vinyl front bench seat and some twisties to bring your girl tight up against you. Of course that being your wife she complained I was driving like a kid. Wow, killjoy. I guess I won't bother to take her and the station wagon to inspiraton point. Tonight it's called Frustration Point.

Beautiful restoration.

My uncle was a tried and true POINTYA** mechanic most of his life. I would sit on the milk box in front of the house waiting to see his car with the golden Indian Head lit on the hood and knew it was him coming down the street.

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Mario on Jan 3, 2021 said:

Happy New Year George! Just admiring the detailed painstaking work you did with the 57 Pontiac resto. I'll bet a lot of Love went into this project and kept you going. Enjoy your beauty, cheers, Mario.

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57timemachine on Jan 3, 2021 said:

Happy New Year to you too Mario. I did not go as far with my 57 Pontiac as I went with my 57 Chev, as far as the restoration goes. I did an extensive body on restoration with the Pontiac, not a body off like the Chev. Thanks for the kind words, it is always appreciated. Cheers.

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Mario on Jan 3, 2021 said:

By the way Brandon was able to make it so anyone can add photos to your Inliners page. I added a pix of my Dad's 71 Chevelle straight 6. Mario

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Mario on Feb 2, 2021 said:

Great restoration George on your 57 Pontiac. You must be anxious to take it out for a drive now that we're in the middle of winter. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Feb 2, 2021 said:

Like most true gear heads, winter is always brutal. Not being able to drive one of the toys is pure murder. I suppose it makes us enjoy them even more, once spring gets here. You lucky guys in the down south have no idea what I am talking about and I envy you folks for that. Come early April if weather permits, out come the toys from deep winter hibernation. Cheers.

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Mario on Feb 3, 2021 said:

I know what you mean George we just had a foot and a half of snow dumped on us on Long Island, NY! Some places got 2 feet! It will be around for several days since temps are below freezing. And the PA Groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter! Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Mar 8, 2021 said:

Mario, here in Southern Ontario we are getting spring like weather in very early March. I hope that ground hog is very wrong because I am really getting the old car shakes right now.

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