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My toys

or my little hobby

A shot of my little hobby. Blue '57 I've owned for 36 years july, 2008. Got it when I was 14 years old. My parents paid $150 for it. The pink 4-door I've owned for 33 years. Bought it for $100 The pink Hardtop in the back I've owned for 28.5 years. I paid $150 for it. The green '57 (actually a windowed Sedan Delivery) I got in Oct, 1981 for $1,000. The white 2-door Wagon I bought on Mar 29, 1988 as a B-day present to myself. A good friend owned it at the time and needed money so he sold it to me.

Just setting in the back yard sunning.

My cardomain web pages with additional photos.

I like to dabble in newer stuff as well.

My '86 LS & '06 LTZ Montes. The '86 has a 305 HO small block under the hood with the 2004R O/D trans. I got it in late 1996. It was pretty abused by the PO. I've tried to make it nice again. The '06 Monte I bought in Oct, 2006 through my local Chevy dealer. I got a real good deal on the car and couldn't pass it up. The 3.9 V6 does pretty good, too.

A couple weeks ago we picked up a real nice '03 SS Pace car replica Monte for my girlfriend. It has 67,400 miles on it right now. The 3.8 V6 is nice and the car handles incredible.

Oh and besides my other 5 toys I picked this one up in october, 2004 for $300. I got everything but an engine with the car. It even came with a Muncie 4-speed in it. The guy I got it from claimed it was his very first car he got in 1975 when he was 15 years old. Looks like he & I had some things in common. We both wanted a '57 Chevy as our very first car. In january, 2005 I found a guy parting a '79 Camaro so I bought the 350 engine w/350 TH trans out of the car for $300. He even threw in the headers plus other parts from the Camaro.

My 210 4-door Sedan. I am the 2nd owner of this car. I bought it in aug, 1975 for $100 with 45,000 miles on the clock. Right now today she has 81,300 ORIGINAL miles on her 283 V8 engine. She was made and assembled in the Norwood, OH plant. Some of the options she has are: electric wipers, cigarette lighter, back-up lights, tissue dispenser, glove box light, deluxe heater/defroster, fender skirts with skuff guards, and very rare option 3rd note horn.

Had the missing Pace car decals added to the car friday 04/24/09.

The graphix shop did a great job of installation.

This is my VERY first car.

A '57 Chevy BelAir 2-door Hardtop.

I got this car july, 1972 as my high school graduation present that was given to me 4 years early.

It runs a 1968 327 V8 w/Saginaw 4-speed trans, w/stock rear end. Bucket seats, a Vette shifter & console are in the interior.

Wheels are S/S Cragars (14x7 front, 14x8 rear)

I still own this car today. 39 years later.

This is my Two-Ten 4-door Sedan.

I got her august, 1975 with 45,000 original miles on her stock 283 V8 engine w/powerglide transmission.

I am second owner of this car.

Today she has just over 81,000 original miles on her.

I've owned the car 34 years this year.

This is my other BelAir 2-door Hardtop.

I bought this car january, 1980 from a guy I went to high school with. He needed money to support his young family.

This car runs a 1969 302 V8, Muncie 4-speed trans, w/stock rear end. A Vertical gate shifter stirs the gears.

There are S/S Cragars on the car with BFG radials at all 4 corners. The two back wheels are custom made by Cragar for me.

I've owned the car 29 years this year.

This is my windowed Sedan Delivery.

It was bought in october, 1981. The man I bought it from traded a '72 Dodge Charger for it. He got it from the guy who pulled it from the field in southern Indiana next to the Ohio river.

This Delivery had been under water at least one. River clay was found in the roof.

Rumored to be 1 or 92 made by Chevy in 1957. My Delivery is number 57 of the 92 made.

Orignally a military vehicle it still wears the Olive Drab paint under the '57 Highland Green currently on the body.

It runs a 1960 235 6 cylinder engine, w/stock 3-speed manual trans, and stock rear end.

For a Sedan Delivery you had to special order it to get a full bench seat in the truck. Mine has one.

I've owned my Delivery 28 years this year.

This is my '57 Chevy One-Fifty Handyman 2-door Wagon.

I bought it in march, 1988 as a B-day present to myself from my very good friend Steve.

It runs a late 1960s 350 V8 w/Muncie 4-speed transmission and stock (CHROMED) rear end.

The Wagon sports many chromed items including the complete steering.

Wheels are Chevy rally wheels (15x6 front, 15x8 rear) with BFG radial tires.

In the summer of 1995 I had to pleasure of meeting the man my friend Steve bought the Wagon from in 1980. This man owned the Wagon from 1970 - 1980. This previous owner even gave me a photo of my Wagon setting in his parents drive in 1974.

I've owned my Handyman Wagon 21 years this year.

Last but not least my '57 Two-Ten 2-door Sedan DelRay.

Plans are to install the 1974/75 350 V8 I have for the car mated to the Muncie 4-speed in the car.

Wheels will be the cheap knock off Superior slotted mags I own (14x7 front, 14x8 rear)

October of this year will mark 5 years I've owned this '57 Chevy.


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Anonymous on Jun 13, 2008 said:

You have some nice cars but, my favorite one is the $300.00 57 Chevy. How could you go wrong!!! Dick Soja

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Anonymous on Jun 22, 2008 said:

Very nice...M.LeBlanc

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russ432 on Feb 13, 2009 said:

Great collection!

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Anonymous on Apr 26, 2009 said:


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19cvy57man on Nov 27, 2009 said:

Great Collection, My second car at 20 years of age was a 57 cvy 210 del ray 2 dr sdn. at 66 I'v owned 3 the last being a Bel Air 2 dr hdtp. I'v found it is cheaper owning these cars then women in the long run. Best to you and your Chevys.

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