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I'm Not Re-Living The 50's, I Never Left!


This old 'All-Steel' 1949 Mercury Coupe Body is sitting on a Full 1972 Pontiac GTO frame, Not just a 'Sub-Frame'.

It runs the GTO 350 Engine with 6-Pack (Three 2 Barrel Carburetors) and Lunati 'Street-Strip' Cam has been completely re-built, has Automatic Transmission, with 2600 Stall, Column shift.

It has the GTO Front End with Power Steering, A/C, and complete drive line including the drive shaft, rear end and air bag ride.

1954 Chevy grill bar with teeth and parking lights, with turn signals and even the Emergency Flashers work.

AM/FM/CD/Stereo with 6 speakers & amplifier.

The new large capacity Aluminum radiator, and heavy-duty electric fan helps keep the engine cool while cruising down the highways at 75-80.

She's been 'nosed', 'decked', headlights 'frenched' hood & fender skirts louvered, pin stripped, dueled out with great sounding Flo Masters, all-electric windows, Cadillac power seats, Air Conditioning, new black-wall Radial Tires, Dummy Spotlights with 'door poppers' in them, duel antennas, 'Seymour Butts' on one antenna, new steel fuel tank, Lake Pipes, and no old Cruiser would be complete without Blue Dot tail lights.

This is an extremely dependable car and one of the most comfortable driving vehicles you've ever sat in.

She ahs the 'Diamond-Pleat' 'Old-Skool' upholstery.

She resides just outside of Kerrville, Texas, in the Beautiful 'Texas Hill Country'.

It has about everything done to it that you can possibly do to one, except a dangerous (because of limited vision) Chopped Top. I will never have a vehicle with a Chopped Top, not in this day in time....

I've wanted a '49 or '50 Merc since I was 14, and finally get one when I'm 72. Thanks to all Veterans, present and past, for your terrific service of keeping America safe, and allowing all the Liberals and faggots to 'bad mouth' you, and allowing us to pursue our little hobbies.

Take a gander at my old 1937 Ford Flathead Engine in a Honda Frame.

Thanks for look'n.

OlePhart (McCord)


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rsw1965 on May 1, 2011 said:

Congrats on finding your ride neighbor like that 50's look happy cruz'n PS were dry as bone down here in S.A. too

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OlePhart on May 2, 2011 said:

Thanks Robert, I appreciate it very much. Maybe we can meet, possibly at the 'Wounded Warrior' Car show in Helotes at the end of this month. McCord/Kerrville

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ghpcnm on May 3, 2011 said:

I love that Merc' !!! Beautiful Car

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OlePhart on May 3, 2011 said:

Thank you very, very much. Git close and call me and I'll take you for a ride. OlePhart

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Anonymous on May 3, 2011 said:

Real nice looking short. I also still live in the 50s - my wife said to grow up but too much past is with me.
The Country Fox

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OlePhart on May 3, 2011 said:

Yepper, I may 'grow up', but I'll be danged if I'm gonna 'mature'. har har

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badbillied on May 6, 2011 said:

Around of applause on your part...needs a bigger motor, but someday I might slow down? I'm growin older, but aint growin' up...drives the ol'crazy. Best part is she never rides with me in my car or my Harleys so that works for me. Hot rods are good for peace and quiet, no matter how loud they are.... jus'b'n'me.... badbillied

[Reply to this comment]

OlePhart on May 6, 2011 said:

Thanks, but I don't need a larger engine. I had to sell my bike, an Honest Charlie, a Flathead Ford V8-60 in a CB750 Honda Frame because I lost most of the sight in my right eye from a ladder collapsing under me. I loved that damn bike. Oh well...... Send ya pics if you're interested and will give me your e-mail address...Oh, heck, I'll put some pictures of her in American Torque for everyone to see. Regards, OlePhart

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v8b2000 on May 26, 2011 said:

Sir, you are officially my hero! I don't have words to describe your car. If there's one regret I will always have in my life, it's that I wasn't around when these gorgeous works of art roamed the streets.

Keep it rolling & keep it real! From your MAN-STEP partner in crime.

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on May 26, 2011 said:

Ha Ha Ha, I take that as a fine compliment I'll give you a holler if Mr. Howie says he's gonna come to Texas to kick my ole butt........ har har OlePhart

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Jun 10, 2011 said:

Hey there Ol' Phart...How goes? Howie's upset with you. LOL !!!

[Reply to this comment]

OlePhart on Jun 10, 2011 said:

Oh Man, I need'ta find a big rock or sumpin to hide under. Thanks for the warning...... heh heh heh

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OhioT on Jun 12, 2011 said:

Keep the spirit alive, Ole Phart :-)


[Reply to this comment]

OlePhart on Jun 12, 2011 said:

Thanks, I'm still try'n to....

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ghpcnm on Nov 11, 2011 said:

CONGRATULATIONS to the Ol' Phart for making the Home Page !!!

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2011 said:

Thanks mucho, I sure appreciate it. Ol Phart

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Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011 said:

That is one cool Merc. Love the Pontiac frame and motor idea, running 3x2 carbs also. Way to go Ol Phart !!

[Reply to this comment]

OlePhart on Dec 22, 2011 said:

Thanks Mucho, Anonymous. All y'all have a Most Blessed Christmas and Holidays, but Remember the Reason.........

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ronald_jeffery on Apr 22, 2012 said:

Hi !!

I think this car is major cool....Ron Jeffery !!

[Reply to this comment]

OlePhart on Apr 22, 2012 said:

Thanks Ron, I appreciate it very much. Have a Good'un now..... OlePhart

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