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Our 1963 Lark R1 289/240HP

This is our 1963 Studebaker Lark with the R1 engine. The R1 is a normally aspirated 289 rated at 240 HP. It was first used in 1963 and was standard in the Avanti. Ours is a four speed and we race it at the PSMCDR. I also take it out to the track once in a while to let people see a Studebaker in action. It has run a best of ET 13.84 and 98.51MPH.

Video and audio clips

Our Studebaker/Orphen Drag Race at Brown County Dragway, Nashville, In

Part two. Our Studebaker/Orphan Drag Race at Brown County Dragway, Nashville, In


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BobPalma on Aug 6, 2008 said:

This is by far the fastest non-supercharged Studebaker extant! BP

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Brandon on Aug 6, 2008 said:

Beautiful car. I never knew Studebakers could haul ass like that, especially in stock form!

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fjr340gts on Aug 6, 2008 said:

"MuscleCar" is quite befitting a title for this "surprise" from South Bend, IN. I bet the R1(289 4bbl) and R2(Paxton supercharged 289) powered Studebakers took a lot Chevelle SS owners by surprise!

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TedHarbit on Aug 8, 2008 said:

Richard and Rose have probably the quickest R 1 Lark in the world and was accomplished by spending a lot of time trial and error testing and it has paid off. Richard is also probably one of the best four speed drivers around today. They are great ambassadors for the Studebaker name.


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Anonymous on Dec 9, 2015 said:

Hey ted.... what is the difference between a 289 and an r1?

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TedHarbit on Dec 9, 2015 said:

Both are 289 inch engines. The R 1 has a hotter cam, more compression at 10.25, a dual point distributor, an aluminum cam gear instead of fiber, and is rated at 240 hp while the standard 289 with four barrel is 225. Hope this answers your question.


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Anonymous on Jul 17, 2011 said:

There are very few REAL 4 speed drivers left on the planet. What a treat!

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ghpcnm on Mar 25, 2012 said:

Five words... 'Baker Lark With A Bark !!!

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