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MountainWoodie's Woodie


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Nick on Mar 8, 2012 said:

back in the mid ' 50s i worked in the body and fender shop at a chevy dealership and i can recall a customer bringing in a woodie very similar to yours for repair of the wooden part after he had an accident.....because the body repair men only knew how to do metal repair work they were unable to repair this of the "grease monkeys" that also worked at this dealership was a good carpenter so the job of repairing this car became his.....he worked on it for many months and ended up doing a fantastic repair job on this car...the sad part of this story was that after all that hard work the customer never came back to pick up his restored "woodie" car....that car layed for months later in the shop parking lot...never knew what became of it....i certainly wish i owned it now.....nice car you have and good luck with it.....Nick's customized '49 Chevy.....

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