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Hot Rod Pinups

Hot rods and pinups go together like pizza and beer., friend of, took that age-old wisdom and ran with it. Check out their collection here.

Here are some sample photos to get you motorvated. These particular shots are from the David Perry Studio.



Anonymous on Jan 1, 2009 said:

MORE, MORE, MORE.!!!!!!!

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pontiacsg on Jan 21, 2009 said:

Hot woman and cars,they go together like peanut butter and jam!

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Anonymous on Jan 30, 2009 said:


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Anonymous on Feb 7, 2009 said:

more more more again

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russ432 on Feb 13, 2009 said:

Great shots!

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Anonymous on Sep 13, 2010 said:

Gimme some more of THAT !

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chwilbur on May 6, 2011 said:

Wonderful ! ! These beauties make me feel young again, envying every one else's wheels. I drove a Crosley which I picked iup for $25 as a wreck. A woman had driven into the rear of a pickup, smashing the radiator as well as the sheetmetal & then drove home w/o coolant & burned up the engine. At 15, I rebuilt the engine using a "Motor Manual" & parts from a catalogue. I designed my own front sheetmetal face. Dad used the thickness of a matchbook cover to set the points. Ran like a charm ! Then I bought a used '47 Kaiser for peanuts. No one wanted a Kaiser, esp. not a used one. But I found out that it was a luxury sedan with a great heater and radio, which most cars then did not have. Huge back seat - great for drive-in movies.

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Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011 said:

All these pictures are great! The girls look good, too. :) My only regret is there aren't larger photos available. I'd love to be able to use them as wallpaper.

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Warrior on Jun 2, 2015 said:

Girls, girls, girls. Nothing better than car babes!

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Anonymous on Jun 29, 2015 said:

you don't want to know how many times I held up these photos with one hand!

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