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Inspired by the events of a true Story

1929 Type car in the garage of this abandoned Clotsville home

Lindbergh Baby

Photo of Newspaper dated "New York, Friday May 13, 1932* " found on the floor of the Clotsville abandoned house..

Charles Lindbergh The Spirit of St. Louis Story

~ Elizabeth and my sister Angela standing on the porch of her home in Clotsville, NJ

~ Our parents once came up to my sister Angie's home for a visit as I had christened her daughter Elizabeth ~ From the left side where my parents are located stands Mike, Rose, Nancy and Jimmy ~

~ Elizabeth standing by the large frozen lake in Clotsville, NJ ~

~ Elizabeth standing by a very blurry white birch tree that needs to be taken over again with the use of a tripod ~

~ Nick on a diving board over the large frozen lake in Clotsville, NJ ~

~ The Daily News paper dated May 13, 1932 has now been framed to better preserve it and has been hung up in my computer room right next to Joe Spinnel's drawing of him and his lady friend named Claudia ~


MEMORY LANE -- early 1960's

1932 Lindy's baby found - slain

It was Saturday evening and it was time to go see the "picture show" of the usual movie attraction and entertainment of this weekend........We decided on "J. Edgar" a new film release, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, a fantastic actor........When we arrived at the theatre I could not recall the exact name of the film so I requested the two cashiers at the movie booth to furnish two senior tickets for the "Hoover" film......."huh", was the reply as who would even remember who "J. Edgar Hoover" was, and rightfully so as this story happened many years ago........I found the correct name and was than able to buy the tickets for this scheduled Saturday night entertainment.....

When we went into the theatre to see the "picture show" we found that the theatre was empty except for three fairly young adults that had arrived just before us......I thought to myself that this film was not about to be overcrowded due to the nature of the story line and biography picked by Mr. Eastwood for this story, as this director is even older than I am........But as it turned out there were enough people that attended, that would help Clint to maintain his residence at the beautiful Carmel, California location.......I can recall my brother once telling me that when he was in Clint's restaurant in Carmel, Clint was right there having his meal with the locals of the surroundings.......My wife and I had also been to that location and did the 17 mile drive in Carmel....This was all part of our drive from San Francisco down to Hearst Castle and believe me when I say, it is one of the nicest picturesque drives one can possibly think of........Disappointingly, we never did make it to Clint's restaurant though, as we still had much driving to do..........

Without my recollection of this time period much of the film had to do with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping of the thirty's in Flemington, (Hopewell) New Jersey..........and this started to ruffle my memory.......


Once upon a time and sometime during the early 1960's we would go visit my older sister and her family in a place called "Clotsville" in New Jersey.......I recall that the location was in northern Midvale, New Jersey and I loved going there as it was acres and acres of land owned by Mr. Clot a man in his early 70's........The land also contained a hugh lake that added to this wonderful was the kind of place that when it snowed and all the snow turned black from the city traffic in other towns, the snow in Clotsville would still be pure white as due to the lack of auto traffic in that particular area......I can recall Mr. Clot would say it was time to build another home on this property [remember he's in his 70's] and this would later in life give me the inspiration that I needed to build up and maintain the much smaller property that I possessed.....Mr. Clot had built many of the homes on these acres and acres of land which gave it the distinction of being named after him and becoming "Clotsville"..........

I have recently checked the latest Internet maps concerning this area that at one time was know as Clotsville but to my disillusion have found it no longer to be there....Maybe it became an imaginary name that I dreamed up some where along the way but all I was able to locate was state owned park land thru out that area.....I have, the other day confirmed this story with my sister in order to remove any doubts that are in my mind..........

Anyways, while visiting Angela, my oldest sister during that time period, she had told us [the us being, younger sister Dolly and husband Ed [RIP], brother Vito and wife Shelly and me and wife Elizabeth] about a home somewhere deep in the woods that had become abandoned due to the death of a very old husband and wife of German Heritage and she also directed us to the dirt path that would take us to that general location........Being young and curious the six of us decided to hunt down this house located deep in the woods.....After what I can recall became a long walk in the woods, we did in fact reach our destination of this fine looking home........I can recall it being a large, I believe, three story type of structure that looked to be in very good condition as all appeared to be in sound shape with the exception of the side stoop entrance that was without steps......In place of the steps was an old board that had been situated so as to allow entrance into this now abandoned home........

We slowly walked over the old board that was sort of on a hill, the higher part of the board on the doorway threshold of the house and the lower part in the side yard, calling out to any one that might be in the home, but to no listeners.......Slowly we worked our way in the door way, still calling out, found the door to be unlocked and proceeded to enter........The first room entered as I recall, was a large kitchen area with the table completely set with dishes and utensils on a table cloth, as if people [large family] were about to sit and enjoy an evening dinner all together...........

I noticed an old time wind up telephone on the right side wall with a separate mouth speaker and hearing devise for ones ear such as was quite common in those days but not too much in use as the time period allowed for the newer modern hand held hearing and speaker type devises........There were newspapers spread out on the wooden floor beneath us so as, it appeared, not to make the floor soiled........I also noticed a stairway leading to the upper floors on the left side wall.......In the mean time we kept calling out for any one who might be in the building or surrounding area that may hear us but to no avail........

I can recall going to the rear of the home where there was a large type barn garage that actually contained a 1929 type automobile, but I don't recall going into the garage, instead just viewing from outside its contents.....Above you will find a picture of a similar car as I recall from that day of events....Actually it could have been any one of these cars as shown in the following URL...

After realizing that this must have been the abandoned home we left everything as it was without disturbing any of its possessions or furniture and were leaving the building, with me being the last one out as I had just decended from the stairs of the upper floor.......On exit I will never forget how I came out of the door way with my wife in front of me........The wooden board in the entrance way was wet and slippery, and I slipped on the board, went completely off my feet flying into the air, coming back down on the board with my back, bouncing up off the board to land on my feet as if I wanted to use it like a diving board.......If I actually wanted to do this I never could have done it...This all happened within split seconds...When my wife turned around to see if I had also come out, all I could say was," you wouldn't believe what just happened".

At this point we all headed back to my sisters brother unbeknownst to me had picked up some of the newspapers on the floor of the kitchen and than later gave them to me on that day.........Last time I spoke to him about this home he did not remember the newspaper incident but I still have that paper that I kept as a memory.....Above is a photo of the original newspaper that my brother Vito had picked up from the kitchen floor....Today on December 16, 2014 I have placed the entire newspaper in a glassed enclosed picture frame in order to further preserve it in the best possible way.

For some reason or other, I always thought and felt that THIS HOME IN SOME WAY, WAS CONNECTED TO THE LINDBERGH BABY KIDNAPPING. [gut feeling, psychic, found newspaper headlines, German Heritage, who knows.?....The shadow do.!!! ].....

During my career with an insurance company of employment, a salesmen that visited our department from an outside company, can't remember his name ** ; but I do recall that he worked for Honeywell at that time........HE THOROUGHLY BELIEVES THAT HE WAS/IS THE KIDNAPPED SON OF LINDBERGH......There were even stories written about him, to this affect, that were in magazine print for public distribution and that I had read during that time period......

Sadly, after several months of our German home visit I recall that the word out there was that the complete home was wiped out and burned to the ground.....

Nick - November 25, 2011


On January 6, 2013 the above story (Chapter 21) has been emailed to the History Channel (H2) for their possible further research/investigation, based upon the History Channels (H2) request, for the public to send in stories that may be of interest and made into a segment for "America Unearthed"......

**On February 28, 2013 after confiring with Stan a fellow employee at this insurance company the salesman's name has been confirmed to be Harold Olson, RIP - see further note below under comments dated 3/1/13) .....This link contains story of Mr. Aldingers belief that he is the Lindbergh kidnapped baby....(This link added January 6, 2013)...... .....This link contains a 1998 Hunterdon newspaper story concerning the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, along with those individuals that believe they are the kidnapped baby....(This link added January 6, 2013)...... .....This link contains a Harold Olson story.....(Link added March 11, 2013) This link contains much of the data concerning the Lindbergh Kidnapping....(Link added March 11, 2013)

Video and audio clips

Lindbergh Documentary [part 1 of 2] added 12/29/11 to this Biography

Documentary [part 2 of 2] added 12/29/11 to this Biography

.........Music of the 20's and 30's.......

1930's type automobile - Car in the Barn


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nickmon4321 on Jan 8, 2013 said:

From: "<nick To: riesangela Sent: Sunday, January 6, 2013 12:37 PM Subject: Clotsville - Lindberg Baby kidnapping

Hi angie.....Its me again.....I was watching a new show on the History Channel (H2) the other night and during the show they asked if anyone thought that if they had a story that would be of interest to the public, the History Channel might be interested in using it on their show..... The first thing that came to my mind was when you lived in Clotsville and you told us about the abandoned home in the woods....

So I up-graded this Chapter and Emailed it to the new show on the History Channel (H2).....I'm not sure that the History Channel received this email because I also directed that a CC be sent to me but I never received the CC copy...Just thought I would let you know of this occurrence.....Click on this link to view this Chapter and the up-dated info at the end of the text part......Nick

The name of the new History Channel (H2) show is, "American Unearthed" with Scott Wolter, in case you should want to view that show......

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nickmon4321 on Jan 8, 2013 said:

-----Original Message-----

From: Angela

To: <nick

Sent: Mon, Jan 7, 2013 11:18 am Subject: Re: Clotsville - Lindberg Baby kidnapping

Nick, That was very interesting reading. But if I remember everyone did take something from the house. It wasn't anything much but a small rememberance. The area where we lived was later very bulit up and you would no longer reconize it. There where homes built in the back street from us all up and down the road. It has changed completely. Probably when the old folks died the daughter sold everything off. But it was a nice place to raise children back then. Thanks for the memories. Love Angie

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nickmon4321 on Jan 8, 2013 said:

From: <nick

To: angela

Sent: Tue, Jan 8, 2013 12:28 pm

Subject: Re: Clotsville - Lindberg Baby kidnapping

Angie........Do you recall the name of the town where Clotsville was located in, in upper northern new jersey.....?....I seem to have some

recollection of the towns name, but I do not want to influence your thinking until you tell me that name, that is if you can recall it.....Nick

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Anonymous on Jan 30, 2015 said:

I'm probably a little late with the answer. But the name of the town was Midvale

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Anonymous on Feb 13, 2013 said:

Hi Nick. The story is fascinating and makes you wonder what went on in that house Still, I think the "diving board" incident is even more amazing! Every time I think of you flipping up on your feet, I laugh Mark Key West

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nickmon4321 on Jan 9, 2013 said:

From: Angela


Sent: Wed, Jan 9, 2013 10:15 am

Subject: Fw: Clotsville - Lindberg Baby kidnapping

Hi Nick, The town we lived in was called Midvale.

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nickmon4321 on Feb 12, 2013 said:

-----Original Message-----

From: <nick

To: amun <>

Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 8:37 pm

Subject: Charles Lindberg; Re: Scott Wolter, America Unearthed;

Hello Scott,

You have a great show (America Unearthed) on the H2 Channel. I really appreciate the research involved. I attempted to send you this email on January 6, 2013, but had trouble in my attempt and have reason to believe that the email never materialized. Hense, the reason for my second attempt.

Here is a Web page that will indicate the Charles Lindberg story that I am making reference to ( Hope this email makes it's way to you and Good Luck with your new show.

Best Regards, Nick

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nickmon4321 on Feb 13, 2013 said:

-----Original Message-----

From: DINA

To: Mom & Dad <>

Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 8:52 pm

Subject: Re: Charles Lindberg; Re: Scott Wolter, America Unearthed;

It worked....I got the C.C. email...Which means "amun" also received it.....

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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nickmon4321 on Feb 13, 2013 said:

To: dina....mark.....liz......angela....vito

Subject: Re: Charles Lindberg; Re: Scott Wolter, America Unearthed;

From: nick

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 08:53:44 -0500

Thanks Dina....It worked this time after three different attempts....Thanks again.....I never could have done it without you.....It took your magic touch in Key West, Florida near Hemingways historic home to get it sent to <>.....

Even if I don't ever hear from the commitee, we accomplished this together......

Now also check out the last comment on this website as this comment too will be added as a "Lindberg website comment"......Dad

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nickmon4321 on Mar 1, 2013 said:

Google search for Harold Olsen done on 3/1/2013.

Many people question whether the body found was actually the Lindbergh's child. "This case is like the assassination of John F. Kennedy," Mr. Davidson said. "There are at least five different theories about what happened." They are all believable, yet we'll never know what really happened. "If it was not the Lindbergh baby, Harold Olson has the best story." A businessman from Connecticut who died a few years ago, photos of him as an adult, shown side-by-side with Anne Lindbergh, bear a striking resemblance.

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nickmon4321 on Aug 17, 2013 said:

This morning at 2:00 AM I caught a repeat showing of the "Pawn Stars" Program that had originally been aired on January 24, 2011 concerning a man that showed up at this programs location in Las Vegas and he had material that he inherited from his grandmother about 65 years ago concerning this Lindbergh kidnapping case....The material all looked very authentic and was also examined by this programs expert in these matters who felt the material was real and he did not put a price on it's value.......The material was given to this mans grandmother by the detective that had hands on in this questionable case and he indicaed that she should hold on to this material as it in some future date may become very valuable....The material contained newspaper clippings of the story, nails from the ladder that supposedly was built from the kidnappers attic and who himself was latter executed for this crime and many other official authentic letters and official material pertaining to this case......A sale or deal was not reached by this man or the programs Pawn Star so the frustrated man left this location with his inherited material......In my opinion, I believe that assuming that this material is shown to actually be authentic, with todays better technology and in the right hands, that this material might be able to come up with a much more conclusive findings in this case.....

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nickmon4321 on Sep 28, 2014 said:

Several days ago while browsing the 'Linkedin' website I came across two names that interested me....The first name was Scott Wolter who contributed to History's Channels 'American Unearthed' program and the second name was Giorgio A Tsoukalos who contributed to History's Channels 'In Search For Aliens' program...I requested to be connected to both individuals in order to further communicate with each of them and was accepted by Scott Walter but was not able to send my request to Georgio due to a privacy policy that was inserted by him....

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nickmon4321 on Dec 22, 2015 said:

~ About two weeks ago when I took my wife's 2007 Aura Saturn to my auto mechanic 'Auto Tech' in Staten Island on Richmond Road and New Dorp Lane for repair of a leaky exhaust pipe, the young lady at the desk that saw this "Lindy's Baby" chapter, mentioned a story about her grandfather and his mother ~ It seems that when her grandfather was an infant he resembled the Lindy Baby so much so that the police stopped her grandfather as an infant and his mother to make certain that he was not actually the Lindy Baby right after the kidnaping occurred ~ Very Very interesting story and I thank her for sharing that private information ~ Like they say, ' This is a Small World ' ~

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nickmon4321 on Dec 7, 2017 said:

From Jul 3, to July 26, 2017 Nick said: ~ "So that I have a memory of who I sent this chapter to I am going to keep the name and date of each recipient in this comment, but if any one wishes that I not mention their name in this area just let me know and it shall be removed without any hard feelings" ~

~ Anne - Hollywood Website - 6/23/17 ~ Jeffrey Rider - Hollywood Website - 7/1/17 ~ Kathy Lewis - Hollywood Website - 7/3/17 ~ Frank (Totonno - Photo above) My neighbor across the street - 7/19/17 ~ Leslie, Jim, Connie - Very good friends on FaceBook - 7/26/17 ~ Linda Royster Debose - Old Hollywood - 8/3/17 ~ ~ Robert Rottenberg - Old Hollywood - 8/19/17 ~ Clem Caserta - Facebook - 8/30/17 ~ Lance J. Reha - FaceBook friend - 9/8/17 ~ Claudia York - Joe Spinnel friend - 9/9/17 ~ Vintage Photo's Website on FaceBook - 10/30/17 ~ Connie Mulford - Vintage Photo's - 11/8/17 ~ Lionel Touzellier - Friend Request on FB - 12/7/17 ~

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