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Chapter 12 - Clem Caserta character actor


Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 8:03 AM



Over the course of my life time I have been lucky and fortunate enough to meet and get to know many celebrities just by being in the right place at the right time.......At this particular time there was a meeting of a fine character actor who has been portrayed in various gangster type films.......He has often been referred to as "Jimmy Whispers" and also maintains an acting school located in the vicinity of Staten Island........On several occasions on Staten Island I have met different celebrities including various politicians [Vito Fosella] either at the local shopping mall, theatre, local flea market [Steven Segal] or during the course of NYPD normal work assignments [Clem Caserta]........Although there are many character actors that are familiar to the public when they are seen in person, they may not be familiar when referred to by their name, so I have taken the liberty to inject a film clip of a now famous scene for Clem.....Should you wish to view this scene please click on the video at the end of this story........

...........In 1996 when I was assigned at New Dorp High School in a special administration department, Mr Clem Caserta came to this high school to take care of some personal matters pertaining to his situation.......He wanted to go before all the other parents that were waiting their turn for assistance in their special ed problems.........When I viewed and recognized Mr Caserta the first thing that came to my mind was the fight scene in the film, "A Bronx Tale" but it still became my job to let him know, in a professional manner, that he had to wait his turn for assistance..........

I must admit that he acted like a gentleman and did as I requested......[I personally think that he made the demand to be next in line, as he wanted to be recognized as an actor...In this way he could sign autographs and further move his acting photos to the public in attendance, as I later saw him do while he was waiting for his assigned turn to come up; and in my mind I saw nothing wrong with anyone furthering their career ].........From research I have learned and it is my understanding that Caserta and Diniro were good friends when growing up in the village and Diniro did the best he could in helping Caserta to get acting jobs in the Film Industry.........That help from Diniro gives me great pleasure in knowing that Diniro is willing to help an old time buddy.......That's the way its always been done in Hollywood if one were to look back at many of past films in history........The rest of the afternoon in the administration department was spent in a delightful manner in conversations and chatter with Mr Caserta.......As Mr Caserta acted in a manner of a fine gentleman that he really is, [in real life] I have taken the liberty to also include a gallery of further photos of his many accomplishments portrayed as a character actor............For these photos and accompanying stories please click the following link..... : gallery of fine films that clem caserta has been portrayed in

Incidentally, for this past fathers day, my daughters and their families have kindly offered me as a gift, a surprise bonded leather presentation binder with the inscription "THE MEMOIRS OF NICHOLAS M.".......So as to give me the inspiration to continue and complete the many Chapters in my life story..... [ohhh noooo - fuunnnnyyy]...... So hang tight as we slowly resume this great adventure together....................

Nick 6/23/11

Video and audio clips

Biker Fight Scene with Character actor Clem Caserta in the film "A Bronx Tale"......


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