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Jim's '41 Chrysler Windsor

6-passenger sedan

"Daisy" was purchased new by a woman, in Utica, NY. Nothing more is known about her beside her first name, by which the car has been known since purchased by the second owner, many years after the woman. There were two successive owners for brief periods before the fourth owner, who owned it for 24 years before I bought it in 2009.

The car is basically an unrestored survivor, still having the original factory interior, with near perfect dash and trim plastics, in navy blue mottled ivory color. The deep blue wool mohair upholstery is beginning to show some weakness due to age and a few moth holes. However, it is too nice to re-do, The woven silk lap-robe rope and rear seat assist straps are impressive, as is the undamaged headliner, which is only slightly discolored.

One of the prior owners installed a Fenton dual carb manifold, which could have been available in the early days. The engine was rebuilt top to bottom about 10,000 miles ago. The mileage, when I bought it, was about 38,000 and now is about 43,000. The Vacamatic Semi-automatic transmission has been rebuilt, as well as the brakes. The front end is tight and the steering is very precise, with no slack.

The car has an amazing, rattle and squeak free ride and the road comfort equals or exceeds any modern car, in my opinion. I have driven it n several road trips, one of which was about 600 miles round trip.


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azmusclecar on Apr 30, 2015 said:

Daisy and her VACAMATIC.........I have never heard of that tranny. It brought to mind: Lucy and her VEGGEMATIC from the old TV show "I love Lucy". Looks like a very luxurious ride. I came from a poor neighborhood in the 50s, we never got to see really nice cars like this. All we had was Chevys and Fords and Studebakers in "the hood". Oh there was a guy with a Kaiser too. He was making a statement with that ride. Your ride belongs on the other side of the tracks. Over in the professional section of town. I'm learning a lot more about these cars nowadays.

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nickmon4321 on May 9, 2015 said:

...I can recall that my next door neighbor had a car like this one and I believe the transmission was called 'fluid drive' which sort of meant you could but didn't have to use the clutch when shifting into another gear but one would only have to use the clutch when shifting into first gear...I learned to drive using this car when I was about 14 years old...Looks to be in great shape so take good care of it as I'll call her 'Curly' as that was my neighbors name.!!!...

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Anonymous on Jan 23, 2017 said:

Fluid drive is correct and thanks for your memory as I obviously have lost a little

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Anonymous on Sep 24, 2018 said:

Technically, it was a “Vacamatic transmission with Fluid Coupling”. That’s what What Chrysler factory materials of the time called it. Vacamatic described the semi-automatic transmission and fluid coupling was a fluid filled chamber between the engine and the transmission, similar to a torque converter. The transmission was a four speed with a column mounted shifter. Two gears in Low range were in the position of 2nd on an old “3 on the tree and the two gears in High range were in the position of 3rd. The clutch was necessary only for shifting into Reverse, Low Range, High Range or between any gears requiring going through Neutral. Shifting between either gear in Low or High Range was done by lifting off the accelerator, causing engine vacuum to activate the clutch, therefore ”Vacamatic.” For a 3800 lb., 6-cylinder car, Daisy had impressive acceleration.

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nickmon4321 on Jan 24, 2017 said:

~ Thank you for thanking me but what were you doing over the last year and a half as that's how long it took to get your reply lol ~ So now I'll go back to sleep and wait for your next comment ~ lol ~ zzzzzzzz ~ I hope that I don't snore too loud as I may wake some of the others that may be listening my friend ~

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cobra1961 on Sep 23, 2018 said:

great car wish I had one

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1941HighlanderClubCoupe on Aug 12, 2023 said:

Hi Jim, I know this is an old post, BUT I have a 1941 Windsor Club Coupe with a Vacamatic and I am having troubles with the upshift. Who rebuilt your transmission / vacamatic unit? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob

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