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D Blue

At Chester Car Show

2014 Corvette Calendar Made the cover and Jan.

Susanville,Ca. Car Show 1st in Class

2218s WCFB Restored by Chuck Smith 2218 was used for about six months on the early 55's

55 with the hardtop on. Displayed at the Corvette Rolex Reunion at Laguna Seca 2013.

265 Engine Early FG Motor dated I 54 Car came off the assembly line Jan. 8,1955 All numbers correct.

Rebuilt Correct #s motor going in

Donna and I and Laguna Seca Rolex reunion. 60 years of Corvette display

My brother Will and myself after doing laps at Laguna Seca. Ki and his dads 53 in the background

This is the earliest F55FG motor I have seen.

Date Code

MY 55 and Roy's Copper 55 at the NCRS judging at Lake Almanor, Ca. 2013

This (#006) is one of the oldest 55's still out there. It came off of the line Jan. 8th 1955. Doug the previous owner and my brother Bill used to take it to the auto crosses at Pleasanton, Ca. almost every Sunday in the late 50's and early 60's. Bill still has one of the dash plaques. Doug used to let me drive it around when I was in High School in 1961. Doug took the car apart in 1964 where it sat in pieces behind Stanford U. housing. I brought it up to Lake Almanor in 1989 and have been putting it back together ever since. It's taken 20 sum odd years but the car is getting close to where it came from the factory.

Rick and Sandy in Redding

Les and my self, Lake Almanor

NCRS Top Flight Judging 2014 Suison City, Ca 4369 points 97% It was quite an honor

Top Flight Ribbon

Chester Charity Event 2014

Show Car Poster by Davids Photography

06 C6 New toy 427/ 400hp Convert.

Sold the 55 Donna and I are going to travel around in the C6

Weather is so good (Jan) Had to take it out for a ride.

COBRA New toy traded the C6 for it. Powered by a 454 Chevy, e4E80 Trans. Ford 9" rear end cut to fit inside fender wells. Wheels are 12" wide with 335 35 tires. Looks black but is D blue.

Making a few modifications to the Cobra. Power brakes with a Corvette Master Cyl. Relocated the throttle pedal and brake pedal to make it more comfortable.

454 Big Block Can break the tires loose at 60mph on the freeway.......

New bumpers. Told by CHP it had to have bumpers,added Quick Jacks like the originals had


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Anonymous on Dec 20, 2013 said:

Very nice 55

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2013 said:

Good pictures, I remember this car racing around the fairgrounds in Pleasanton in 1961. Stan

[Reply to this comment]

Copper55 on Jan 15, 2014 said:

I like the copper 55 but the white one? LOL Roy

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Anonymous on Feb 7, 2014 said:

Is it for sale?

[Reply to this comment]

BJ on Feb 7, 2014 said:

Anything I own is for sale if the price is right......Might think about it later in the year after it goes up for Top Flight.

[Reply to this comment]

BJ on Jun 16, 2014 said:

I'm going to put the car on the market after the July 4th Parade in Chester. $113,000.00 including the 20 ft. enclosed trailer

[Reply to this comment]

BJ on Jul 30, 2014 said:

Just sold the 55. After 25 years. Time for a new project.......

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2015 said:

I bet the new owner of that 55 is smiling ear to ear. I sold my previous 64 and ended up replacing it with another 64 a year later. I had a 2007 C6 Z06.....incredible ride. Lots to love in both old and new. Good luck on your new project.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on May 15, 2015 said:

Beautiful line of cars you've owned and sold. I had the Corvette Calendar with your 55 on it. Now the car is a celebrity right? NOT THE OWNER!! Just kidding. I've never had a C1. Yours is like a time stamp for 1955. I was only 4 then and a lot cuter than I am today at 64 I can tell you that. I've never driven a Cobra. I guess I'll need to find a willing owner that will let me drive theirs for a day, or maybe a weekend, or a month or two........or more........(I'll send my phone number privately) I bet there's a world of difference in the 3 cars, the C1, the C6 and then the Cobra. Let's see what's next? C7ZO6 CONVERTIBLE. You have to be a convertible kind of guy. It's okay to admit it, you're among friends. Thumbs up on all your rides.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on May 15, 2015 said:

Beautiful stable of cars. I like the Cobra best of all. THUMBS UP !!!

[Reply to this comment]

BJ on Aug 10, 2021 said:

Sold the Cobra. Working on a 56 Chevy pickup. and a 21 T Speedster. Pics to follow

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