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Some of my rides since the first in '65....

Had this new Malibu beauty for a short while in 1970: white vinyl top, black body, white bucket seats, black carpet, white lettered tires. One of my sweetest rides.

Sweet new '66 Mustang with cream top and bucket seats, bronze body and carpeting.

Drove this '65 for a couple years while living in Indy in late 70s.

New '65 Beetle, my first car. I've had three more since.

Drove this high-mileage '55 Dodge (white top, yellow bottom) in '67 while in Army in California and Texas. Sold it to an Army buddy who drove it home from Indiana for his wife in Alabama. We remained friends!

Had this white '62 Chevy convertible for a year at IU in 1972. Stick shift and no power steering made me give it up!

Had this '51 Dodge at IU for a short while. Taught me to love Oldies at a distance!

This 62 Dodge would run!

Dorle had this 4-year old '70 Vega when we married. We got rid of it quick!

Drove this new '74 Quick Brown Audi Fox 4-door for 10 years and loved every mile.

Replaced Quick Brown Fox with this new '84 Mazda 626 and drove it for 6 years while starting a family.

This new gold '87 Mazda 323 wagon replaced a white '70 Beetle with Q95 radio decals. Family still growing....

Drove this new '91 red Mazda 626 for a few months. Replaced with MPV.

Loved this new '91 Mazda MPV. Great family car. Dorle totaled it just before Christmas, 2000 and survived with broken leg!

This '85 190E ate front brakes and rotors, but was a great tank of a car!

Replaced 190E with this '94 Camry and drove it for a few years.

Upgraded to this '98 Camry in 2001 - great car!

Replaced the totaled MPV with this new one in 2001. A great family car, it became Dorle's Mommy/Work ride.

After returning to Chicago, drove this new 2010 Civic for 3.5 years and loved it. Great gas mileage - on the open road.

Bought this new 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid in January 2014. We have loved this car - easy to drive and it averages 41 mpg!

Had to leave this great 2001 A4 TDI in Heidelberg, Germany, after driving it there for seven years. You could "catch" me going down the Autobahn at 100 mph and getting almost 40 mpg....


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