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Pat's 65 Barracuda

Engine:318 ci
Carb:4 bbl
Transmission:Man 4 speed hurst oe shifter
Rear end :3.23


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ghpcnm on May 10, 2015 said:

Gotta love that 'Cuda. THUMBS UP !!!

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azmusclecar on May 10, 2015 said:

Hey...does that thang have a HEMI in it???????? If it does you need to put it in the back UNDER THE GLASS! My aunt and uncle bought the first 64 Barracuda that came to town and had it until it literally fell on the ground from rust. I kept asking him to sell it to me and he kept saying he was saving it for his son. Well...his son wanted nothing to do with it. White, red interior with 273 with the push button auto. It's great to see this one with a 318 and FOUR SPEED! That 2.94 rear gear must make it a nice highway driver. Great color too.

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pat65cuda on May 10, 2015 said:

Thanks for the comment... Yes that 2.94 gear matched with the 4 speed is perfect for highway and I must say that this little sleeper still has enough power to destroy a set of rear tires in a short time ;) My little 4 bbl carb is awesome. I still get 16 mpg though.

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azmusclecar on Nov 3, 2017 said:

I keep coming back looking at this car to find something wrong with it.............

so far...............I haven't found a thing. When it's right, it's right!

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pat65cuda on Nov 5, 2017 said:

Thank you for the comment ..I appreciate It is not perfect it is a summer driver...but a very very clean driver i must say :) I take good care of it. Your car is also very nice and this model is quite rare here in Quebec.. Keep taking care of it ... You're doing good.. :)

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azmusclecar on Nov 5, 2017 said:

There's an article in Hemmings Muscle Machines December 2017 issue, page 80 they restored a 1965 Barracuda called Black & Blue. It's far from stock but it is always nice to see a car come back from the scrap yard and get a second chance at life. That rear window is iconic when it comes to reminding me there was a HEMI under there. When I was a kid building models, the influence has never left this 66 year old's memory.

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jhar62 on Jul 15, 2020 said:

Very nice car, I had an early 64 for 13yrs.It still had the Valiant emblem on the rear valance. I love that car,Intel it got rear ended one mothers day.

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57timemachine on Oct 31, 2020 said:

I always thought these mid sixties Mopar's were really sharp. I am old enough to remember the Hurst Hemi Under Glass wheelie car. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Nov 16, 2020 said:

Man oh man, what would it cost to replace that rear glass today. Ochh.

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pat65cuda on Nov 16, 2020 said:

Hello 57timemachine .. Thank you for the comments .. I am myself old enough to have seen the hemi underglass in their prime time :) but in pictures only ... Concerning my rear glass worry ...i have one spare...and ...they are made real tough.. Nice 57 you have there ...Bravo ..

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Mario on Nov 29, 2020 said:

Beautiful 65 Barracuda you have Pat. It's a rarely seen car today. I was lucky to see the original Hemi Under Glass back in the late sixties at the Westhampton National Speedway in NY. It was a blast!

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