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2013 Covercraft SEMA Show Feature Vehicle

The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car


We prefer to think of this as our “Ram Air System”, as it’s obvious we now have the amount of air required to propel the car to higher speeds, and can say without a doubt, this is a 200 MPH Street Legal High Performance comfortable riding, highway driven muscle machine. The SBC 350 motor in this car is known as a ‘traditional’ small block, one we used over the normal LS Motor Family.

Updated Engine Bay photos of The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car, with the Braided Stainless Steel Wrapped Radiator Hoses installed. Every aspect of this unique installation was thoroughly thought through by Spectre Performance before it was designed, as it is a tight fit.

Hood clearance is an ongoing issue, plus the alternator itself was moved higher to provide the needed clearance for the driver’s side 6” cone filter. The photo shows the alternator removed for a more detailed look of the installation.

Thanks again Spectre, you have shown your commitment by sponsoring The Maxx2Racing Team with these components.

Magnaflow Exhaust Installation

Magnaflow made this installation much easier by providing all of the components to complete the system, including straight sections, various degree bends, cutouts, and Polished Stainless Steel Mufflers.

Believe it or not, this was done twice to fit each component to the car itself. Once it was fabricated, it was dismantled, shipped to Jet Hot to be coated in their 1300 Sterling Coating, and then shipped back to reinstall.

This is a one-off installation, as the car has an Occupant Compartment Frame (OCF) for safety. The main hoops of the roll cage are welded to the OCF, a safety factor far beyond what is usually done on a Unibody Car. Most of these installations have plates welded to the floor, with the main hoops and other cage bars also welded to plates attached to the floor. In retrospect, we would have installed what is known as Donut Holes’ to run the exhaust through.

What we now have to fabricate is the exhaust components from the rear of the mufflers over the rear end, and to the back, and install the exhaust tips. These Dual Tips are so ‘awesome’, it’s almost a shame to even get the dirty.


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