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Colorized Mario's 1967 Chevy Ads

Ads and Commercials

Original 1967 Chevrolet dealer brochure.

Mario's 1967 Impala 327 at Deer Park NY Car Show.

Bonanza TV show Chevy Ad.

1967 Preston Motors


1967 Chevy Ad

1967 Chevy Dealer

Video and audio clips

1967 Impala Glass Garage

1967 Impala Car Splits

1967 Chevy Impala B/W

1967 Chevy Caprice

1967 Chevy Impala

1967 Chevy 100 millionth GM car

1967 Caprice vs Impala

Champion spark plugs tested on 50 1967 Impalas


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More Chevy Coverage

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Mario on May 3, 2015 said:

67 Chevy magazine ads are coooooool!!!!!!!

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azmusclecar on May 3, 2015 said:

You can say that again! I have a book with a lot of the old magazine and newspaper ads for the cars in the 60s. It sure brings back memories of some of the best years of my life. I think I'll go get it out and look at it again, just for old times sake.

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Mario on May 4, 2015 said:

I know what you mean! I also collect old car brochures from that era and go through them every now and then. Love the advertising! Mario

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ghpcnm on May 4, 2015 said:

Way cool !!! Thanks so much for sharing. Those were the days.

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Mario on May 5, 2015 said:

Thanks Dave. I like your Mustang convertible! My first car was a 59 Pontiac convertible. What a joy to ride with the top down! Mario

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pat65cuda on Mar 15, 2016 said:

Very good documentation..well done.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Mar 16, 2016 said:

Thanks Pat. The old ads help preserve our history and tell the tale to the newer generation of how it used to be. Love your 65 Barracuda.

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pat65cuda on Mar 16, 2016 said:

Thank you for your comment... and also thanks again for documenting that great era of the automotive history. Pat.

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azmusclecar on Apr 9, 2018 said:

I have to say everytime I revisit your site I think of my aunt who owned an odd colored Caprice. I recall seeing her waxing it in the shade of the trees in our local park. It was like the pale yellow color, but had a green vinyl top and green interior. I didn't get to see my aunt that much but I always associated that car with her. How she got that color combination I have no clue. Thanks for sharing all the great info on your site.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 9, 2018 said:

I believe this is your Aunt's way of connecting with you and letting you know she is fine. I too connect with my Dad through the different cars he owned. One of which was a 1967 Chevy station wagon!

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azmusclecar on Apr 9, 2018 said:

AMEN Mario, Amen

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57timemachine on Jan 3, 2021 said:

Now there is no denying, that the 1967 Full size Chevy was and is..... one fine looking automobile. The car just screams class from every angle. Mario, I totally get your pride for your vintage ride. Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Jan 4, 2021 said:

Thank you George that was so kind of you to say. This was the first year for Chevrolet to have the "coke" bottle shape. The subtly rounded fenders gave it that look along with the roof line transforming into the rear trunk. Inside the Impala is very spacious and the ride is like being on a lake in a boat.

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57timemachine on Oct 2, 2021 said:

From 1967 to 1970 my dad had a 1967 Chev station wagon that was his company car. It was a low end wagon not the fancy pants, it was white and had a blue interior. I was a kid but I remember that car so vivid. My dad had bought a new 1967 Buick Special sedan and that car got so little use until my dad changed jobs and lost the wagon. I remember as a kid thinking how huge that 67 Chev wagon was, at least it seemed to me as a kid. Cheers.

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Mario on Oct 3, 2021 said:

That's a great memory George of your Dad's 67 Chevy wagon. Funny how many of our memories revolve around a specific car. We see an old car at a car show and a flood of past memories appear!

My Dad too had a company 1967 Chevy wagon! Must have been popular that year! He had it until he got a new company car, a 1972 Chevy wagon with AC! He really liked that one with AC and power rear window! Cheers.

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Mario on Mar 31, 2024 said:

I colorized the B/W pictures

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