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Chapter 37 ~ 2012 Sandy Storm Memorial ~ RIP

24 Lives lost ~ Names and Ages

Memorial for 24 Staten Islanders from the Sandy Storm of 2012 ~ Photo Courtesy of Scott LoBaido

2012 Sandy Storm sometimes known as "The Belly Button Storm"

Midland Avenue with The National Guard to the rescue

~ Sandy Storm brings President Obama to Staten Island with Senator Chuck Schumer and are with Mrs Moore, the parent that lost two children during the storm ~

Chapter 37 ~ 2012 Sandy Storm ~ Part 2

24 Lives Lost ~ Names and Ages ~ Rest In Peace

October 29, 2012


On this day 3 years ago 24 Staten Islanders lost their lives to Superstorm Sandy ~ Below is a short story of each of the 24, so they will not be forgotten

PATRICIA BEVAN 59, was found dead on Oct. 31 on the first floor of her flooded bungalow, on 638 Hunter Avenue in Midland Beach. She lived with her two dogs. One of her dogs, a black lab, was found in her arms when they found her. Mrs. Bevan had a tough time in the past decade: she lost her father, Clarence in 2001; her son, Scott in 2004, followed by her husband of 20 years, Raymond, in 2006. Her mom, Ann Larson, died in 2011. Her two passions were Elvis Presley and Dr. Mehmet Oz - the latter a love she shared with her mother; both never missed a chance to watch his show. Born Patricia Larson in Bayonne, she moved to Stapleton in 1967. She later returned to Bayonne for a time, but came back to the Island in 2001, settling in Midland Beach. She was a parishioner of St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church, Midland Beach. Along with the companionship of her dogs, Mrs. Bevan enjoyed crocheting, especially making blankets.

WALTER COLBORNE 89, and his wife, MARIE COLBORNE 66, were found lying dead on the ground beside their car on Nov. 1 at 10:30 a.m. in a wooded lot on Tennyson Drive and Nelson Avenue, near Great Kills Beach. The couple's bodies were discovered about 50 yards from their home, lying outside of their car. They had apparently drowned after trying to drive out of their flooded gated community. The keys were still in the car's ignition. They met each other after both had been widowed. Throughout their 25 years of marriage, the couple enjoyed traveling together, frequently taking boat trips from New York to Florida.

EUGENE CONTRUBIS 67, a retired clerk for the Police Department, was found dead Oct. 30 in his home on 162 Kiswick Street in Midland Beach. The police said the cause of death was drowning. he was a retired Police department clerk. "He was a kind and gentle soul," said his niece, Kelly Ana. "Everyone in the neighborhood liked him." Mr. Contrubis, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, enjoyed playing chess, writing poetry and watching comedies. He also loved taking trips to Las Vegas.

ANGELA DRESCH 13, was found dead Oct. 29 on the lawn outside her home at 687 Yetman Avenue, Tottenville. Her father, GEORGE DRESCH 55, was found dead on Oct. 30 in a wooded area several blocks away. They were killed after a "catastrophic wave" crashed into their home. The Dresch family stayed behind because their home was looted when they evacuated during Tropical Storm Irene last year. Angela was an eighth grade student at Tottenville Intermediate School, located up the block from her house. George was a plumber by trade and he was always available to help a neighbor.

JOHN K. FILIPOWICZ 51, and his son, JOHN C. FILIPOWICZ 20, John K. was a bus driver and retired Correction officer. John C. was attending the College of Staten Island. They were found in the basement of their 72 Fox Beach Avenue home in Oakwood Beach.

ANNA GESSO 62, was found dead Oct. 31, in the basement of her house on 299 Naughton Avenue in Dongan Hills. A 1968 graduate of New Dorp High School, she obtained her bachelor's degree in business administration from Hunter College, Manhattan. Ms. Gesso had been working as a telephone collector for National Grid in Brooklyn for 21 years.

ARTUR KASPRZAK 28, was found dead Oct. 30 at 7 a.m. in the basement of his home on 20 Doty Avenue in South Beach. When the home was flooding, Mr. Kasprzak, an off-duty police officer, led his family to the attic for safety but then returned to the basement. The police said he was probably electrocuted. With water rapidly rising, Kasprzak, safely got six adults, including his mother, father and fiance and a 15-month-old boy into the attic. He then told one of the women he was going to check on something in the basement and that he would be right back. But during his trip, a surge of water overtook him, and he wasn’t able to escape. Born in Poland, Mr. Kasprzak came to the United States in 1993, settling with his family in South Beach. Mr. Kasprzak was a graduate of Aviation High School in Long Island City, which he attended despite the lengthy commute from Staten Island. After graduating from the College of Staten Island, he went on to work as a police officer for the NYPD.

DAVID B. MAXWELL 66,was found dead Nov. 9 in his bungalow on 110 Mapleton Avenue in Midland Beach after he lay undiscovered for 11 days with his neighbors thinking he had fled before the storm. He lived alone with his cat which also died in the modest yellow, two-family house on Mapleton Avenue in Midland Beach. He was a Vietnam Veteran.

LEONARD MONTALTO 53, was found dead in the basement of his home on 176 Fox Beach Avenue, Oakwood Beach. Born on Staten Island, he was brought to Oakwood Beach as a child. A graduate of New Dorp High School, he attended the College of Staten Island and worked for 28 years as a clerk for the U.S. Postal Service at a mail processing station in Tottenville. He served as secretary and treasurer of the American Postal Workers Union. In his leisure time, he enjoyed playing the guitar, hosting barbecues and coaching his daughters' travel soccer teams when they were young. He was a parishioner of St. Charles R.C. Church, Oakwood.

BRENDAN MOORE 2, and his brother CONNOR MOORE 4, were found dead on Nov. 1 in a marsh-like area at McLaughlin Street and Olympia Boulevard in South Beach, about 100 feet from each other. The brothers who were swept out of their mother’s arms when waves caused by the storm crashed into the family’s SUV on Father Capodanno Boulevard, their bodies were found 48 hours later on a dead-end street.

ELLA NORRIS, 89 was found dead Oct. 30 in her home at 728 Buel Avenue, Ocean Breeze. The police said the cause was probably drowning because of storm-related flooding. A homemaker, she also worked as a teller for a bank in Brooklyn for many years, retiring in her 60's. Mrs. Norris enjoyed cooking Sunday dinners for her family and would always welcome friends and visitors. She also enjoyed solving crossword puzzles and making her own greeting cards. During World War II, she worked as a riveter at an ammunition's factory in Brooklyn. She was a parishioner of St. Mary's R.C. Church in Brooklyn

GEORGE P. O’REGAN 79, a retired city firefighter and Korean Conflict hero died after a fall on Oct. 31 in the New Lane Senior Houses in Shore Acres. The building was without electricity, and Mr. O’Regan apparently lost his footing in the dark. George walked daily, attended mass each day and was in good health.

JOHN PATERNO 65, was found dead Oct. 31 in his one-story bungalow at 787 Nugent Avenue, Midland Beach. Mr. Paterno had cerebral palsy and was paralyzed from the waist down.

ANASTASIA RISPOLI 73, was found dead in her home on 158 Grimsby Street, Midland Beach. She was the best friend of Beatrice Spagnuolo, who died on the same street.

JAMES ROSSI 85, was found dead Oct. 31 in his backyard at 575 Quincy Avenue, Ocean Breeze. The police said he appeared to have drowned. Rossi lived in a beach bungalow and spent much of his time tending to his aging bulldog, Shorty. The bulldog survived.

ANDREW SAMMARCO 61, was found dead Oct. 30 in his home on 146 Mills Avenue in South Beach. a retired accountant, avid Yankees fan and dedicated family man. He also enjoyed music, concerts, and most importantly, family gatherings. The lifelong Islander was raised in South Beach, but moved to Grasmere in 1961. He returned to his native neighborhood in the 1970s. He is a graduate of Monsignor Farrell High School. Andrew also earned an accounting degree from Seton Hall University, N.J.

BEATRICE SPAGNUOLO 79, was found dead on Oct. 30 in her home on 164 Grimsby Street, Midland Beach. Born Beatrice Pizzolo in Manhattan, she moved to Brooklyn with her family as a toddler. She lived there until marrying her husband Vincent in 1954. The couple eventually settled together in Midland Beach, where they raised their family. She was also a parishioner of St. Margaret Mary's R.C. Church in Midland Beach. Mrs. Spagnuolo had a passion for cooking, and especially loved preparing meals for her family. She was also remembered for her loving nature and dedication to her children and grandchildren.

CHARLOTTE BREWSTER 74, and DAVID HAGGERTY 65, were brother and sister - police found both when responding to a call at 1025 Olympia Blvd., Midland Beach. They may have stayed behind to tend to their pets. A retired sprinkler repair worker and home health aide devoted to her pets, the two were people of modest means, known for their emotional reserve but also for their easy smiles and offers of help to neighbors. They had no family other than each other. Died off Staten Island

FRANK SUBER 55, who police say lived at 25 Central Ave. in St. George, a homeless drop-in center run by Staten Island charity Project Hospitality, was walking through Lower Manhattan when the storm hit Monday night. The storm surge overpowered him while he was on a sidewalk at 90 Broad St., NYC, according to police. Suber was pushed through the doors of a commercial establishment at that address. He was found at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, in the basement. "I have known him in the community for many years. He was a good and gracious man," said the Rev. Terry Troia, Project Hospitality's, Staten Island executive director. "His death, as with other deaths, is a profound tragedy for both his family and many of his friends in the community." Suber, who was homeless but had family on Staten Island , managed to find housing this past May, but lost that housing very recently, said a source who knew him.

Note: Courtesy of "Old Staten Island"

Nick ~ October 29, 2015

They sleep with the Angel's now and we all will someday meet again

Memorial "Empty Chairs" designed and Built out of Drift Wood by Local Staten Island Artist Scott LoBaido on Midland Beach to commemorate the 24 Staten Island victims of Hurricane Sandy...It has been many years now since Scott and my daughter Donna went to the same New Dorp High School together and he sat behind her in the same History Class...Small World indeed ~ I also went to this spot off of Midland Ave due to the fact that I had at that time received some sort of notification that Scott would be there working on putting it all together on that very site ~ As you would have it Scott was in fact there working like a busy beaver but stopped his work momentarily to speak with me and I reminded him about my daughter and him in High School ~ This was the first time that I ever met him ~ I also for the first time saw his truck that he used to travel this last time around in 2015 to paint American Flags on VFW's ~ A photo of the Truck will be next ~

~ May I present a photo of Scott LoBaido's truck ( some thing along the lines and order of a Bat-mobile ) ~ lol

All of these wonderful people are now joined together with our Staten Island friends that have left all their human problems here on earth...Amen and God Bless

The Lord be with you

Many of your Staten Island homes have been destroyed by the tremendous winds of the Sandy Storm but here in Heaven all those beautiful homes have been restored without the help of "FEMA" and/or "Build it Back"

Latest Scott LoBaido photo of the 24 "Empty Chairs"...

~ Scott LaBaido preparing for night scene for public viewing ~ Photo installed in beginning of May, 2016 and courtesy of Scott LoBaido ~

~ Night scene with Public viewing ~ Photo installed in beginning of May, 2016 and courtesy of Scott LoBaido ~

~ The latest memorial designed and made by Scott at Midland Beach for October 2017 ~ Courtesy of Scott LoBaido ~

Video and audio clips

~ Just received this video on August 31, 2017 from 'YouTube' apparently due to my opening up this "Harvey vs Sandy Storms" ~


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nickmon4321 on Mar 4, 2016 said:

Angela Mondelli Ries Hi Nick what do u think about this. Hurt or help S.I. Like · Reply · 15 hrs

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nickmon4321 on Mar 4, 2016 said:

Nick Mondelli ~ Can't do Staten Island any harm as a ton of "Ca$h" has found it's way here since the Sandy Storm and after President Barack Obama came to visit here ~

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nickmon4321 on Apr 18, 2016 said:

Diane Moden If you and Kevin are fans of the American Flag like most good Americans are, why not become 'Friends' with Staten Island artist Scott LoBaido who has painted the American Flag in the 50 States of the USA not once but on three different occasions ~ I'm sure that he will 'friend' you as he has thousands of friends already ~ This link will let you see some of what he is all about ~

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~ Diane Moden ~ Apr 18, 2016 said: SUPERB!! Thanks again Nick!!

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on Sep 10, 2017 Nick said: ~ So that I have a memory of who I sent this chapter to I am going to keep the name and date of each recipient in this comment, but if any one wishes that I not mention their name in this area just let me know and it shall be removed without any hard feelings ~

~ Marjorie Binns - Old Hollywood Website - 9/10/17 ~ Claudia York - Joe Spinnel friend - 9/20/17 ~ Posted To All Members - Old Hollywood Website - 11/5/17 ~

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