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Al & MJ's Rat

Quick & Nasty

I had some extra parts laying around so I jammed them together and this is how it came out

No chop just a 9 and a half inch channel job. It has a widened 39 Dodge sedan upper nose piece for a grill

I had a spare c-4 Vette front suspension laying around ,so I grafted it to the original 33 frame . It was cheaper than buying good brakes for the old straight axle. The bumper-etts are left over from a 50 Chevy project layed on their side.

I'll run it this coming summer with the small block 355 chevy and stuff this 354 Hemi from a 56 Dodge school bus . in it next winter

My grandson Liam helped me with the wiring. Thanks bud I couldn't have finished it without you.

Liam was right . The problem with the temp gauge was the sender.


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ghpcnm on Jan 2, 2016 said:

THUMBS UP and that Ol' Hemi is gonna make it a true Ratter to be envied.

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Albegood on Jan 2, 2016 said:

Thanks .The small block is already a blast. Can't wait for the weather to break. I build them to drive them.

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azmusclecar on Jan 3, 2016 said:

I bet Plymouth used this as a model for their Prowler..........I can see the DNA written all over it......

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azmusclecar on Jan 3, 2016 said:

Can Liam do house calls? I have some electrical issues to work he union?

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Albegood on Jan 3, 2016 said:

He's a Union guy but if you catch him on a weekend he will fix you up for just a Happy Meal

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