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~ Chapter 56 ~ Heart Attach I thought to myself ~

Chapter 56 ~ Heart Attach I thought to myself ~

~ Heart Attach I thought to myself ~

~ The Public School Annex D that I started to work at was built in 1896, located on Arthur Kill Road and that was a part of Mount Loretta on Hylan Blvd ~ The kids that went to that school many times would clean the cemetery across from the school ~

~ An Early version of an ambulance that might take a person in need of help to The North Shore University Hospital ~

~ Dr Vazzana Photo ~ If one ever needs to have a Heart Stent inserted, I highly recommend this doctor as stents are supposedly only to last 10 years but I am now headed to 15 years already ~ My how time fly's when your having fun lol ~

~ The bad guy played by this man in the film"GHOST" lol ~

Song of the Angels - William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881, Oil 'This life-size painting, a serene vision of angels serenading the sleeping Jesus in the arms of a graceful young Mary, is one of the most important works by Bouguereau in the United States.' - J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

~ This man can show people that you can touch material things when one concentrates hard enough and has the strong will to move them after you die ~

~ How one can expect to look like when they are getting ready for Heaven ~

To expand further into my Heart Stent true story that was mentioned in Chapter 54 I have elaborated with more detail below ~ This Chapter 54 can be seen by clicking on this link ~

I was dressed for work with my blue uniform and was standing in the living room with the lights being real low ~ I was working for The Board of Ed and the date was April 15, 2002 which generally can be Heart Attach Day for some people as it was Federal and State Income Tax Day ~ I can recall the year 2002 as it was right after 911 (01) ~

Suddenly it happened to me!?!!?? ~ I felt my heart fluttering in my chest and I knew something was very wrong ~ My wife Elizabeth who was still upstairs getting herself ready for work too, heard me call out to her, "Liz can you come down here as something don't feel right in my chest area " She came running down to me like a speed boat asking what was wrong and what did I feel in my chest ~

I told her about the fluttering sensation that I was feeling in my heart area ~ She thought for a couple of seconds and suggested aspirin might help but I told her, "No" ~ Not knowing what else to say and do she than asked if she should call my neighbor Joe Diliberti next door as he was a cop who might know what to do ~ After calling Joe on the phone he came right over, asking what was wrong and after telling him, he too suggested an aspirin ~ This time I agreed and could see the look on my wifes face ~

Joe than asked if it might be a good idea to call 911 on the phone for help ~ I again agreed and the call was made ~ Within what seemed seconds the ambulance arrived and the EMC attendant rang the bell ~ My wife let them in and they came over to me asking what the problem was ~ After explaining what I felt they gave me some nitro glycerin that I swallowed and it felt like nothing was actually there to swallow ~ They than asked, "On a scale of 1 to 10, the highest being the worst what I felt' ~ "I told them 10" ~ They than suggested that I go to the hospital and as I got up to follow them out to the ambulance, they said no way as they put me in a wheel chair, carried me down the front stoop and placed me in the ambulance ~

Once in the ambulance they asked me the number game again about the pain ~ I now gave them an 8 number and they gave me more nitro again feeling like there was nothing there to swallow ~ By the time we reached the Emergency Room at the North Shore University Hospital the number game was even lower ~ I was placed in a special room by myself and the usual liquids were inserted into my left arm ~

The next thing that I remember was the doctor telling my wife that I had a Heart Attach only to later say that it was not an attach as once thought but instead was a clogged artery ~ My two daughters also arrived at the hospital room and one of them, Dina began to cry ~ I told her not to worry as the angel's imprinted on the nurses Tee shirt were there to help me and this comment calmed her down ~ I recalled that I was taken to a room where Dr Vazzana would insert a catheter in my groin where a tube of some sort was pushed up to my heart ~ I was kept awake for the procedure and I can recall the doctor asking me to turn my head slightly so that he could push the tube further into my body and insert a stent ~ Soon the operation was completed and after about 5 days I was to be released from the hospital ~

The release room was filled with other patients and we were all separated by a curtain for privacy ~ The nurse in attendance explained to me that she had to remove the catheter by placing a devise type vise attached to my right leg and the hospital bed in order to keep the leg from bleeding once the catheter was removed ~ As she was removing the catheter, the patient in the next cubicle whom I earlier heard speaking to his wife appeared to have a Heart Attach and the Emergency Alarms started to ring loud and clear ~ There appeared to be much running around by the doctors and nurses within the release room at that time and my nurse also released her hold on the catheter before she completed the removal as she also joined the other cubicle where the other doctors and nurses were trying to save the patient ~

At that time I had to hold and put pressure on my leg to stop the bleeding by myself ~ It appeared that the patient died for a few minutes but they were able to revive him back to life again ~ I could feel them banging and backing into my bed between the curtains while this life saving was going on ~ The patient again appeared to die after my nurse came back into my room to stop the bleeding ~ I never did find out whether the patient lived or died after I left the hospital ~ If He did die may God save his soul ~

After seeing this film tonight on New Years Day of 2017 I decided that the connection to this Chapter is so great that somehow they needed to come together ~ Scenes and also especially the ending scene from the film "Ghost" appeared to be made purposely for this man and his soul ~

Nick ~ December 26, 2016

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After seeing this film tonight on New Years Day of 2017 I decided that the connection to this Chapter is so great that somehow they needed to come together ~ Scenes and also especially the ending scene from the film "Ghost" appeared to be made purposely for this man that died in the cubicle next to mine and his soul ~


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nickmon4321 on Jan 4, 2017 said:

Connie Asbury Evans Oh my goodness Nick...I did not know this story....very scary...I know how Elizabeth must have felt, how frighten..She is quick on her feet to think aspirin and late husband had numerous heart attacks and stents....that's rough...glad you are now well ...thanks for another great story that gives each of us pause to think...Thanks Donna for having your Dad write these down...

Nick Mondelli ~ Thank You Connie for your interest and reading them ~ I know many of your Husband's RIP stories too from reading your stories that I admire very much ~

Connie Asbury Evans I wish I were the storyteller you are my friend....your stories are very interesting and educational...along with being fun...I really enjoy them...

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nickmon4321 on Jul 25, 2017 said:

on Jul 25, 2017 Nick said: ~ "So that I have a memory of who I sent this chapter to I am going to keep the name and date of each recipient in this comment, but if any one wishes that I not mention their name in this area just let me know and it shall be removed without any hard feelings " ~

Connie Asbury Evans - FaceBook Friend - 1/4/17 ~ Scott Insert Huffman - Hollywood Website - 7/25/17 ~

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