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Mikes Merc

1950 Mercury – This car has been ours for over 20 years.  And, it is pretty much like it was then and for some years before – a ’50 Merc mild custom or “Hot Rod Mercury” – which ever is politically correct, I guess. It has some early history as can be seen in the way some changes have been made over the years – some lead, some black lacquer, cut coils, 6-volt.  And, there is a vintage Kustom Kemps of America lead sled decal from a show in Kansas, a real air rifle hole in one side of the front glass. All done up in black like Johnny Cash and sporting red “traditional” pin striping from hood to rear deck, it has that “look”.  And, it’s all ‘50’s with wide bias-ply Firestone whites, ’57 Caddy caps, full length lakes pipes, ’51 skirts, shaved, decked and nosed and spots on both sides.  Inside there is good ol’ red and black naugahide tuck and roll (my High School Colors), red and black teardrop knobs and gear shift knob, fuzzie dice and mirror cover, more stripping, red carpet and original dash and sun tach.  Under the hood is all flathead three speed and original in appearance.  Oh ya, duals with Smithy’s with nice big cans at the end of the pipes.  Did I fail to mention blue dots out back and that the grill is two Merc grills end to end with the center piece removed?  And, the top is NOT chopped! Like many others, this Merc has done its share if cruising and “showing” from Kansas to Oklahoma, from north to south, from Dean to KKOA.  It’s garnered a few prizes and covered the miles. Where is this Merc, you may ask (and many do) >>> it is resting peacefully and awaiting a reawakening!  One day this ol’ Merc will cruise again – head up and tail down – no polished billet, no small block anything – just an ol’ “Hot Rod Merc” – just the way it should be! Mike P


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ghpcnm on Apr 11, 2017 said:

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