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Chapter 67 - Friends and Families over the years ~

~ Photo's of Dina as a young lady ~

~ My daughter Dina in Public School 50 from 1974 to 1975 and it was a good year lol ~ Bottom row, second from right side ~

~ My older daughter Donna seating on a swing that I made for her along with the Mickey Mouse painting both done by yours truly ~

~ Nick with my older Daughter Donna about to ride off like no-one ever saw before ~

~ Elizabeth with my two daughters Donna and Dina about to fly away ~ lol

~ Uncle Gus and Aunt Grace with their son Robert ~ Gus had an interesting part in the movie, "The Godfather" and he told us it was a 'piece of Cake' ~ lol

~ Eric Michael relaxing in our kitchen on Staten Island ~

~ Although this is not my actual '64 Ford Galaxie XL I did own one from 1965 to 1997 ~ I loved that car and so did Eric Michael my Grandson who was a youngster at that time ~

~ My father Mike and my Mom Rosa with Elizabeth's Mom Nancy and Dad Jim ~

~ Front and rear seats for my two door '64 Ford Galaxie XL ~

~ Me and my Army Buddy's at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas in '57 ~ Can anyone guess where I am located ~ lol

~ The front of my house on Tysens Lane ~

~ A red light in Hoboken ~

~ Joe with his mom and sister and me as the devil ~ lol

~ Snowy winter day on my porch and back yard ~

~ My son-in-law Mark at a birthday celebration for Elizabeth ~

~ Dean, Elizabeth and Eric clowning around in our Back Yard ~ lol

~ Hollowen Party with Elizabeth and Nick just before we got married ~

~ My co-worker Joe Licari and me working very hard at MetLife as you will notice ~ lol

~ A very young Dina about to cry with her Grandfather Jim ~

~ Elizabeth with her friends and her cousin Dolores in front of her while Elizabeth is the third from the front ~

~ One of my oil Paintings done by yours truly in the early '60s ~

~ My neighbor Frank who is the Grandson of Tortonno ~

~ Tortonno and Lombardi on the steps with Patsy in the cellar ~ Lombardi was the very first pizza shoppe in the USA and the great grandson of Patsy's pizzeria became and still is my chiropractor ~

~ John Rapisardi holding my oldest daughter Donna ~

Our Wedding Party with my brother Vito as Best Man and Elizabeth's cousin as the Maid-Of-Honor also called Elizabeth ~

~ Elizabeth and Nick with my wifes parents and relatives too ~

~ My Wife Elizabeth with her Dad Jim giving her away and taking her down the aisle as she is about to get married ~

~ Both our Fathers and Mothers bidding us adios ~ lol

~ The Mondelli Family with cousins and relatives too ~

~ Although this is not my actual '64 Ford Galaxie XL I did own one from 1965 to 1997 ~ I damaged the grill on this car in an accident but was able to pick another one up for $20 at English Town NJ ~

~ Dina and her husband Mark who are the owners of a Wine Shoppe known as UVA in Key West, Florida ~


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nickmon4321 on Aug 16, 2017 said:

on May 24, 2017 Nick said: ~ So that I have a memory of who I sent this chapter to I am going to keep the name and date of each recipient in this comment, but if any one wishes that I not mention their name in this area just let me know and it shall be removed without any hard feelings ~

~ Dina and Donna - 8/16/17 ~

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