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My first body off restoration.

This 57 Chev Bel Air (sport sedan) four door hardtop I purchased in fall of 1984 in Erin, Ontario, Canada. I had just sold my 56 Chev 210 sedan a month previous. The car came from Texas and was super solid. I rebuilt everything and started collecting dealer and factory accessories from 1957. The car was a dream to drive and show but in 1990 I decided that this car was worth a complete body off restoration. In September 1990 I started the work and finished the car in May 1992. I had built many cars in the past but had never done a complete body off and I had to do one before I died, bucket list sort of thing. I drove and showed the car until I sold it in 2007 to a gentleman in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. That is the other far western side of Canada from where I live in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Of course I miss the car and of course I regret selling the car but that is just the way life goes sometime. George Cheers.


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57timemachine on Nov 11, 2020 said:

The more I think about this wonderful car, the more I want to wack the side of my head for selling it. Dohhh.

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Anonymous on Feb 9, 2024 said:

Well you owned the car for 23 years and that's a long time. Selling the car allowed you to move on to the next project. You have pictures and memories, hold onto that. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Feb 11, 2024 said:

Mario, there was no next project when I sold my 57 Chev. I already had my 57 Pontiac, which I finished in 1997. There is a long story there as to why I sold my 57 Chev. I had way too many vehicles and I was starting to loose my mind. At the time I had six vehicles and I had to sell off some stuff and I sold two vehicles. It was not a money thing, it was a sanity thing. Cheers.

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