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Colorized Mario's Tribute to 1970's Car Dealers

Added Baldwin Motion Super Vega video and pictures

1970 Chevy Impala

1970 Cadillac

1970 Dodge

1970 Dodge

1970 Ford

1970 Lincoln Mercury

1971 Chevrolets

1971 Chevelle

1971 Dodge Charger

1971 Oldsmobile

1971 Oldsmobile

1971 Plymouth

1972 Chevrolet

1972 Camaro

1972 Ford

1972 Ford Torino

1972 Oldsmobile

1972 Plymouth

1973 AMC Matador

1973 Chevy Nova

1973 Chrysler Plymouth

1973 Fords

1973 Ford Torino

1973 Oldsmobile

1974 Chevrolet

1974 Cougar

1974 Dodge

1974 Lincoln

1974 Mercury

1974 Oldsmobile

1975 Buick

1975 Cadillac

1975 Chevrolets

1975 Dodge

1975 Ford

1975 Monte Carlo

1976 Cadillac Chevrolet

1976 Chrysler Plymouth

1976 Corvette

1976 Ford LTD

1976 Jeep

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix

1977 Camaro

1977 Fords

1977 Mustang Cobra

1977 Oldsmobile

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

1977 Thunderbird

1978 Chevy Malibu

1978 Chrysler Plymouth

1978 Fords

1978 Lincoln Town Car

1978 Olds

1978 Pontiac Trans Am

1979 Cadillac

1979 Camaro Z28

1979 Chevrolets

1979 Chevy Impala

1979 Fords

1979 Oldsmobile

Baldwin Motion Dealer NY, Super Vega

Baldwin Motion Dealer NY, Super Vega and Super Corvette

Motion Super Vega Ad

Motion Super Vega Ad

Video and audio clips

Buying a New Car in 1970

10 Quickest Cars of 1070

1970 Chevrolet Full Line Commercial

10 Cool 1970 Ford TV Commercials

1970 Dodge Commercials

1971 Ford Country Squire

1972 Chevy Impala

1973 Buick Full Line

1974 Chevy Caprice

1975 Ford Full Line

1976 Chrysler New Yorker

1977 Chevy Caprice

1978 Pontiac LeMans

1979 Lincoln Continental

This RARE V8 Economy Car DESTROYED Everyone - The Motion Vega


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Mario on Jan 6, 2021 said:

The Muscle cars dominated the 1970's but then the gas crisis slowed them down and Detroit had to reinvent itself and compete with the foreign car invasion. It was a very interesting decade and probably the last of the New Car Introductions in the fall. Gone are those days. Mario

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57timemachine on Jan 6, 2021 said:

The seventies sure brought more changes than most decades. Especially with all the government mandates for smog and safety. For me personally it was the last interesting decade for automobiles. I have no interest at all in cars after the seventies. As far as the ultimate muscle car, for me it will forever be the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6. The LS6 could out run a Hemi and it did. That year of 1970 was really the last true year for muscle cars. It was down hill from there on. Cheers.

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Mario on Jan 7, 2021 said:

Great comments George, thank you. Sadly I agree the 70's were the turning point in style, muscle, and freedom. But there are many good cars around that we can still enjoy. Hopefully this year we can bring back the car shows. Cheers, Mario

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azmusclecar on Jan 7, 2021 said:

Ahhhhh Mario,

Another walk down memory lane (while I still have my memory) and 1970 was the first year I could actually go to a dealer and order a new car. Like a kid in a candy store with 2 pennies looking at cars that cost dollars. I'm quickly introduced to the world of financing. Ahhh yes..the magic word.

Loans of up to 36 MONTHS? Are you kidding? That's an eternity. A car payment of $48 a month? Are you kidding?

Of course I have a steady job making $1.75 an hour. How much for that Boss 429? Or that LS6?


I guess I'll just take that seafoam ugly green Camaro with the even uglier dark green interior with the SIX cylinder and 3 speed manual and dog dish hubcaps and you'll throw in the white wall tires? OH MAN! What a deal!!!!!!!!!!

Are you sre sure I can't afford that Hemi Cuda in Orange sitting on your lot? Can I finance it for 84 months?


To quote WC Fields: Go away son you're bothering me.

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Mario on Jan 7, 2021 said:

Funny Rob, I went thru the same. Bought my first new car in Dec 1969 a Camaro SS financed for $68 month! I was still in the Marines and saved my combat pay from Vietnam for a year and put half down! I was single then so I could. Kept it for 10 years.

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Mario on Jan 10, 2021 said:

Hey Rob I love your colorful and humorous comments! You have a way with words coming alive and jarring the old memory banks with so much laughter! You must have been a riot in the race car pits working for the King!. Love it, keep it up! Mario

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57timemachine on Jan 7, 2021 said:

Rob, you crack me up. It is real good to see that there is still a sense of humor in today's "political non sense" climate. Cheers.

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Mario on Jan 7, 2021 said:

We have to keep our humor and laugh in the face of adversity George. I’m laughing and stirring up a lot of good memories with these posts. So Rob and George and all you gear heads, ENJOY!!! Mario

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Mario on Mar 30, 2024 said:

I colorized the B/W pictures

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Mario on Apr 28, 2024 said:

Added video "This RARE V8 Economy Car DESTROYED Everyone - The Motion Vega" courtesy of Rob AT.

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