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Mario's 1950's Ford Station Wagons

1956 Ford Station Wagon

1950 Continues redesign from 1949. "50 Ways New" was the main theme. New Ford Crest was added to hood and trunk designed by Henry Ford as the new family Crest.

1950 Only 2 door wagons were available as Woodys. These later became the all steel Ranch Wagons.

1950 Dash remains the same.

1950 239 V8. Same Flathead since 1932.

1951 Dual spinners and straight hood line were major changes.

1951 Rear remains the same. Note the "Split Window".

1951 New steering wheel design. Slight dash changes.

1951 239 V8

1952 Total redesign this year. Wider and longer too. Full windshield this year.

1952 New tail lights and spare tire went inside. Full rear window now.

1952 All new dash. Automatic transmission introduced.

1952 239 V8

1953 Slight grille changes and signal lights. This was Ford's 50th Anniversary.

1953 Updated tail lights. Longer inner light.


1953 239 V8

1954 Grille and signal lights changed.

1954 Tail lights had dash lines around the chrome rings.

1954 All New Dash

1954 239 V8 OHC. Same Cubic Inch New engine is now OHC, Y-Block.

1955 Another total redesign. Full curved windshield. Large parking lights.

1955 New finned tail lights with optional back up lights in top fin.

1955 Some minor changes to the Dash.

1955 272 V8 New V8 engine bored out to 272 ci. Added HP.

1956 Slight grille and parking light changes. Big news is a new 12 Volt battery system. Allows for the many new future power options to be added including air conditioning. Recessed hood ornament. Brighter lights.

1956 New tail lights.

1956 New Dash

1956 292 V8 Note 12V battery

1957 A third total redesign in the fifties. Longer, lower, wider.

1957 New tail lights with fins.


1957 292 V8

1958 Dual Headlights Introduced

1958 Dual tail lights also.


1958 352 V8

1959 Conservative changes.

1959 Brand new tail lights.


1959 352 V8

New 1950 Ford Crest on hood and trunk











Video and audio clips




1953 Commercial 50th Anniversary

1954 New OHC Y-Block V8


1955 Commercial

1956 Commercial


1958 Commercial



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Mario on Mar 31, 2021 said:

Ford Station Wagons during the 1950's went from a truck to a Suburban for the Baby Boomer Moms.

It was an exciting, colorful and innovative time. Just compare the 1950 to the 1959 Ford. Changes were everywhere.

My Dad always had a wagon due to his job and I loved "the big back" for playing. Enjoy! Mario

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57timemachine on Mar 31, 2021 said:

I will take the 1956 hands down and no doubt it. The 1956 has always been the most beautiful 50's Ford and probably the most valuable of the 50's Fords. That 56 Ford two door wagon was Fords answer to the Chevrolet Nomad wagon but as much as I like it, it is no match for the Nomad. I am a solid GM guy but if I ever owned a Ford, it would have to be a 1956. Cheers.

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Mario on Apr 1, 2021 said:

Great pick George. That's a beautiful 56 Ford Ranch Wagon. And with the new 12 volt battery it had brighter lights and could operate many power options. Funny part is the 55 and 56 Fords were really 52 to 54 models underneath with sheet metal changes. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Apr 1, 2021 said:

Mario, I know that 55 and 56's are basically the same vehicle cosmetically. The many changes though that is between those two years is many and that is what makes the 56 a far better car all around. The small styling changes alone make the 56 a better detailed car, especially the front end changes. The dash and steering wheel on a 56 out shines the 55. The big change to 12 volt as you mentioned from the 6 volt was big news for Ford, even though Ford was slow to do so. There are a number of changes that even though they may be subtle, the reality is that combined all those changes make the 56 a nicer car all around and it reflects on the values in the vintage car market. Cheers.

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Mario on Apr 8, 2021 said:

My Dad's first station wagon was a 1959 Chevy which I believe was a nicer looking car than the Ford at that time. But his first New car was a 1952 Ford which he loved.

It was a blue 2 door coupe flathead V8 and automatic transmission. I was 5 years old when he bought it and I remember it well.

I used to sit on my Dad's lap while he drove and I thought for sure I was driving. It was a great experience and I believe that's when my love for cars blossomed.

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azmusclecar on Apr 24, 2021 said:

That 51 split window was where GM got the idea for the 1963 Corvette Split WIndow.

Okay I made that up. I sound like the Old Joe Isuzu guy in the commercials where he exaggerated everything. And the subtitles said: HE'S LYING.

Oh the fun of car commercials and seeing the old woodie wagons when I was young and dumb.

Now I'm old and dumber.

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Mario on Apr 25, 2021 said:

You could be right Rob on the GM 63 split window Vette idea from the Fords.

I like how the 52's had a full windshield as well as the rear window. Really modernized the car.

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azmusclecar on Apr 24, 2021 said:

That 1950 dash pic sure is colorful.....yellow and red and brown and ......they threw the whole color pallet at that combo.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 25, 2021 said:

Yes the colors were already starting to show up early in the fifties. A very colorful decade for cars. Good catch on that.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Apr 25, 2021 said:

Yes seemless windows seem to really open up the view into and out of the car. It cut out a lot of intersecting lines on the car and made it look a lot smoother.

That classic front end look of the 51 reminds me of all the old cop shows on TV where they would drive up in their Fords.

Funny how that grill always reminded me of Jayne Mansfield when I was a kid....hmmm I wonder why!

Please don't rat me out and tell my Mom...

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 26, 2021 said:

Oh yes the Dagmar bumpers named after......well you know who.

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