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Show us your automotive decals.

Car stickers to love.

Hagerty vintage car insurance and their now classic decal.

A long time vintage Pontiac club. I was a member for a number of years.

The bible of vintage cars and parts had this interesting decal.

I jumped all over this one because my Canadian 1957 Pontiac has a factory issued 261 in line six cylinder.

This decal went on the manual foot operated washer system.

I wish I had more of these. Us old farts are proud of our old Pontiac's.

A great organization for all engines in line including four six and eight. Their main focus is in six cylinder engines of course.

Decal detail on my 57 261 six.

A real decent chap by the name of Bob Kirk gave me some of these decals who owns an amazing Canadian 1958 Pontiac. Thank you Bob, it will always be very much appreciated.

Glove box detail on my 57 Pontiac.

Two great organizations that I have been a apart of over the years.

Decal on my 1974 Chevrolet 400 V-8 engine.

Engine information for my 1974 Chevrolet 400 V-8.

Now there is a lot to take in. Maybe it is a bit too busy.

Here is an iconic GM decal that speaks volumes.

You actually had to warn people, just incase they had no common sense.

The small round decal shows that my 74 was built in Canada. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada to be exact.

BA was British American oil company and they were real big in Canada. My dad used them for years before they stopped and dad went to Gulf oil company. I bought a bunch of unused door decals.

Car decals we all love them and it started at a very young age as a kid. I can not help my self, I have to have some sort of decals on my cars. Obviously the factory decals are a must and showing off your club affiliation is a must too. I have decals here of both my 1957 Pontiac and 1974 Chev Caprice Estate. Show us your car decals. Cheers.


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Mario on Jun 3, 2021 said:

That's a lot of auto decals you have there George! Nice post. I like your Sniff but don't scratch decal. Cheers!

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SPRINT6 on Jun 4, 2021 said:

Nice, Here's the 1/4 window on my '66


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SPRINT6 on Jun 4, 2021 said:

bummer link didn't work

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ghpcnm on Jun 25, 2021 said:

It works for me. I was just about to post my Hagerty Decal when I opened your link and saw that you have one proudly displayed.

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57timemachine on May 4, 2023 said:

Are there any updates on your automotive decals out there. Cheers.

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