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Colorized Mario's Tribute to 1954 Buick Wildcat II

1954 Buick Wildcat II Concept

1954 Buick-Wildcat II Concept Car. Enamored by two-seater fiberglass cars, Ned Nichols and Harley Earl created this car.

The car's original and current color scheme is Electric Blue; during part of its life, it was repainted in metallic platinum.

1954 Buick-Wildcat II is currently housed in the Sloan Museum’s Buick Gallery in Flint, Michigan.

The flying wing front fenders and biplane bumpers had the look of a 1930s speedster.

The car is powered by a 220 hp 322 ci V8 with the help of four side-draft carburetors and dual exhausts that protrude from the lower edge of the rear body panel.

The Wildcat has a Dynaflow transmission, torque tube, and lever-type shock absorbers. Floating headlights mounted on the bumper were not originally on the car. But there were 2 spotlights.

Instead of front fenders, a full-width clamshell hood covered the wheels when closed. “Floating” driving lights were later mounted on the chrome bumper. It sported chrome spoke wheels.

The Wildcat II’s design is based on the 1953 Chevy Corvette, including the cowl, windshield, and body design.

On display at the 1954 GM Motorama.

On display at the 1954 GM Motorama.

Other features include 'Dagmar' bumper guards, Ventiports, and twin swiveling headlights mounted alongside the Panoramic windscreen.

The Wildcat displays Buick‘s trademark porthole design uniquely placed on the top of the hood.

Originally billed as an American Adventure in Tomorrow's Design.

Beautifully proportioned 2 seater with prominent gauges and accessories.

The Wildcat II continues to travel and evade the fate of the 1955 Wildcat III which was destroyed in a wrecking equipment test.

This dream car features expanded front wheel wells polished metal inner fenders and wide white walls.

The Buick’s Wheelbase is 100 in and weight is 3770 lbs.

The Wildcat II has flying-wing fenders that flare straight out from the body, exposing the entire front wheel and part of the front-end suspension.

Ken Mitson from Phoenix, AZ took 8 years to build a Wildcat II clone replica of the original.

Creative Concepts in Mesa, AZ built the car’s body using a 1954 Corvette frame. Note no spotlights but it does have the Floating headlights on the bumper.

They were permitted to bring equipment into the Sloan’s Buick Gallery to digitize the original Wildcat II and get precise dimensions and form.

The transmission is an aluminum, T-10, Borg-Warner four-speed.

Buick 425ci V8 with horsepower output at about 450 h.p.

Video and audio clips

1954 Buick Wildcat II Sloan Museum, Flint MI

1954 Buick Wildcat II Running

1954 GM Motorama

1955 GM Motorama

1954 Buick Wildcat II Recreation SEMA 2013


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Mario on Jun 28, 2021 said:

Buick's 1954 Wildcat II was an upscale Corvette at the time. Very unique, sporty, and fast.

This was another Harley Earl GM studios attempt at a modern sporty Concept Car.

Due to the slow sales of the 53 and 54 Corvette the Wildcat II project was halted.

But it survives today at the Sloan Museum in MI.

A second Wildcat II car was built and owned privately by Ken Mitson from Phoenix, AZ. His replica has a modern Buick V8 with all new updates.

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azmusclecar on Jun 30, 2021 said:

DING DING DING DING..............we have a winner boys and girls......and the winner is:


When I first saw the open wheel wells on the front I went uh oh......but then I see how they are made to swoop like the Speedster.

And the port holes look totally at home on the hood.

We have a winner also in that that pops like a good bottle of champagne.

Looks like the Corvette had a lot of influence over the entire GM styling group.

Nice work Mario...very nice.

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Mario on Jun 30, 2021 said:

Love the electric blue color too Rob.

The clamshell hood is incredible knowing it was developed back in 1954. The video showing how it takes 2 people to open is fun to watch.

Another Corvette inspired concept car by GM. This one flows nicely from front to rear. A classic beauty!

To think this car so inspired Ken Mitson that he duplicated his own Buick Wildcat by having the original car digitized so he can build his own!

Both survive today and are a tribute to the technology of 1954 and present day.

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Anonymous on Jul 21, 2021 said:

If memory serves me this car was on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine back in '54. amazing car

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Mario on Jul 22, 2021 said:

That's some memory you have there! Love to see the cover. Regards, Mario

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Mario on Apr 12, 2024 said:

I colorized the B/W pictures.

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