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Dave's Drive-By Corvette Show


Another lovely day in sunny Florida and so, we went for a spin and found this stunning backdrop.

Featured in the May 2023 issue of 'Vette Vues Magazine'

"U Can't Touch This"

$44,554 in 2000 = $73,407 in 2022

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: 03/22/2022 New ATI Harmonic Balancer installed. I thought about doing this job myself. However, thanks to YouTube, I decided it was too much of a job for me. I'm thankful I didn't try it on my own. It's a big job. (see Important Advice Video below if you own a C5 or C6)

An American legend, the Chevrolet Corvette is the world’s longest-running continuously produced passenger car, having been built in its various iterations since its humble beginnings in 1953. After a starring role in early 60s television drama Route 66, the Corvette became synonymous with freedom and adventure and became widely known as 'America’s Sports Car'. A genius but unofficial marketing move with NASA’s astronauts by a Florida based Chevrolet dealer, offering them “special” lease terms to be seen driving Corvettes, ensured that even America’s space heroes drove Corvettes.

Whilst American car makers faced very dark times during the 1970s and 80s, under pressure from European and Japanese imports as well as increasingly hard emissions and safety regulations, the Corvette was a rare shining light that kept the American dream going. Although similar cars like the Camaro were meeting their downfall, the Corvette braved the storm and emerged on the other side as an American icon.

The venerable C5 (1997-2004) was the first modern Corvette to challenge the world’s best sports cars on truly level ground, the first Corvette to take a class victory at Le Mans, and the last Corvette to feature those oh-so-cool hidden headlamps. But the fifth-gen Vette came very close to not existing at all. According to Russ McLean, platform manager for the model, General Motors management made the decision to “sunset” America’s most iconic sports car in the Nineties. McLean and a group of rebels ignored the decision and continued development of the Corvette, much of it off the books and on their own time.

Eventually, the big wigs came back around to the idea of building the C5. Celebrated as world-class upon its debut, it would go on to win everywhere from the SCCA Solo Nationals in Topeka to the Mulsanne straight in France. Now caught in that uncomfortable middle ground between new-car smell and classic-car kudos, the C5 is arguably the greatest performance bargain on the market. It can still cut the mustard on a road course, at the drag strip, or at a Saturday night cruise-in.

If It Doesn't Sound Good...What's The Point?

Hooker Blackheart

My new HighFlo Performance / Sweet Thunder Exhaust waiting to be installed (see new video below). It took me a while to find exactly what I wanted and trust me, this setup is awesome.

Thanks for driving by. If you enjoyed the show, please leave a "THUMBS UP" and come back soon. I frequently update with new pics and info. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and stay safe.

Video and audio clips


CERAMIC PRO SARASOTA : I dropped my car off at CPS this morning for ceramic window tint. If you happen to be in the area, this is the very best place for high-end tint, wraps, paint correction, and detailing in Florida. I highly recommend them. In this case, you get what you pay for and it's worth every penny.

IMPORTANT ADVICE for all C5 & C6 owners.

Everyone Should Own A Corvette At Least Once In A Lifetime




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Mario on Oct 21, 2021 said:

NICE Dave! Great looking Vette and paint. HUD too, great option. Good Luck with this beauty. Send more pictures, how about of your 5.7L V8. Regards, Mario

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azmusclecar on Dec 22, 2021 said:

Hey Dave, saw in your post the video of the girl that plays back up to In-na-Gad-da-davi-da. I saw her on You Tube....she sure can bang on those cans.

I'm sure you know the original title of that song was to be:

In a Garden of Eden

But the group was so stoned they slurred the words and tuh-duh.....a new song title was born.

Love the Merry Christmas message.

I like twinkley things........

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Mario on Dec 31, 2021 said:

Happy New Year 2022 Dave! Looking forward to more car shows ahead! Mario

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TBall on Jan 3, 2022 said:

Hey Dave! I see “Black Betty” parked next to you!! I finally posted her to this website…Thanks for telling me about it…

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Jan 4, 2022 said:

WELCOME ABOARD !!! It's always good to see "Black Betty" parked alongside the "Yellow Submarine".

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Jan 13, 2022 said:


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ghpcnm on Jan 13, 2022 said:

Back At Ya !!!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Feb 11, 2022 said:

Wow Dave, that is one SWEET sounding exhaust system for your Corvette!!!

You'll have to post a video of your car's sound when you have it installed for us to hear!


[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Feb 13, 2022 said:

Thanks, Mario. I could have installed the exhaust myself if I wanted to use clamps, but I want it welded up. Unfortunately, I'm not a welder and so I am leaving the installation to a pro. I will post pics and video upon completion next week.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Feb 16, 2022 said:

Wow Dave, great video on Gilmore's Gas giving a 5 cent discount for pumping your own gas back in 1948! They were decades ahead of their time!

I saw on one of the gas pumps reg gas price 26 cents gallon and their price is 21 cents. Big savings back then.

Funny part is there are a lot of gas attendants there helping customers how to pump their own gas, so where are the savings for them?

In any case it is a great find with lots of pictures. Thanks for sharing! Mario

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Feb 17, 2022 said:



I TAWT I TAW A POOTY TAT.........hahahahahahaha

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Feb 17, 2022 said:

The Chi Lites are my favorite Motown group. And yes, I do love yellow..tweet tweet. I got the new exhaust installed today and I must say it's absolutely awesome. I'm jazzed about it... Getting some engine mods next. Take care, my friend.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Feb 18, 2022 said:



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Mario on Mar 19, 2022 said:

I always liked the 4 Tops, unfortunately there's only 1 original left. RIP 4 Tops!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Mar 23, 2022 said:

THUMBS UP!!! Great video Dave Yellow Submarine!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Apr 3, 2022 said:


I always come here expecting something new and Dave doesn't disappoint.

Yellow Submarine is very appropriate. Well done Dave.

Now that earworm is making me hum the song...and rock my head back and forth.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Apr 4, 2022 said:

Thanks for the shout-out old pal. I try to keep my page updated weekly with interesting info and nostalgia. Enjoy !!!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 6, 2022 said:

Love the 50's 60's video Dave. Thumbs Up!!!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 23, 2022 said:

Hey Dave, I like the video on the buried 57 Plymouth for 50 years! I was 10 years old in 1957 when that car was buried and I remember it well. It was such a disappointment in 2007 after waiting 50 years to see how bad a condition the car was in. Water leaked in and ruined the car. So much for having a Time Capsule!

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Apr 23, 2022 said:

The story of Miss Belvedere sheds a lot of light on the promises made by the purveyors of burial vaults. Laughably, in many cases they come with a warranty.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 23, 2022 said:

By the way I like how you turned your 2000 Vette into a 1963 Split Window! It looks really sharp! Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Apr 23, 2022 said:

LOL !!! It's definitely not a '63. Actually, I saw an aftermarket version of this mod and I decided to embellish it. I like the look, but more than that, I like that it makes it easier to tint that rear glass which is notoriously difficult. A lot of tinters won't even attempt it. This mod enables the tinter to apply the tint in two pieces without it showing up. BTW: Thanks for the compliment.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Apr 29, 2022 said:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave has found the lost C5 split window........ call off the search........

I didn't even know they made this aftermarket piece.

I have been negotiating with an owner of a 1978 Pace Car Restomod........and one thing as you said,

I CANNOT find any one who will tint that back window. And considering it is fixed, and not on a hatch, imagine lying on your back for how long trying to get that tint to cooperate.

With a weak A/C and no tint, that Pace Car would not be a pleasant ride in the AZ summer.

Keep up with the surprises Dave......thanks. AZ

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on May 3, 2022 said:

Just an idea Rob, how about if they removed the back window to tint it and then put it back? Hmmmmmm......

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on May 3, 2022 said:

They say there's a genius born every century. It looks like Mario may be the 21st.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on May 3, 2022 said:

Thank you Dave for your kind words. I just try to think out of the box and all you American Torque patrons inspire me!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on May 3, 2022 said:

I searched the Corvette Forum and I only found maybe two posts where owners tried the removal, tint, then reinstall. The owners claimed they were responsible for the removal and reinstall since no tinting vendor wanted the responsibility and liability.

That is too big of a project for me.

I appreciate the thoughts Mario.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on May 3, 2022 said:

I had my windows done with the new ceramic tint yesterday. It's amazing stuff that cuts 90% of the UV/Heat. If you can find a top quality tint shop in your area, they can do your rear window in two pieces and the splice will be virtually unnoticeable. It's not a job for the shade-tree tinter, but it can be done. If you do it, I highly recommend the ceramic tint. It's definitely worth the extra cost.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on May 12, 2022 said:

Thumbs Up on your new video Corvette Generations!

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on May 12, 2022 said:

Thank you, Kind Sir. Have a great day !!!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on May 3, 2022 said:

What about trying a Corvette repair shop by you. They can remove and replace the glass and maybe they can tint or send out for tint. Worst case you take the glass to a tint shop.

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on May 13, 2022 said:

Love it

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on May 23, 2022 said:

Great Corvette Podcast video Dave! Thumbs Up!!!

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