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Dave's New Project

A few updates to show

New Wheels On The Way... 19x10 REAR / 18x8.5 FRONT

Video and audio clips

CORVETTE / America's Sports Car




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Mario on Oct 21, 2021 said:

NICE Dave! Great looking Vette and paint. HUD too, great option. Good Luck with this beauty. Send more pictures, how about of your 5.7L V8. Regards, Mario

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azmusclecar on Oct 21, 2021 said:

Oh look who came around to the right way of thinking!! Congrats Dave. Having a sunshine car in the sunshine state seems a bit over the top but hey, at least you've seen the (SUN)light. HAHAHAHAHA.

I was looking at a turbo Riviera the other day and thought of you.

I'm carless, not careless, CARless, I hope to remedy that someday soon....

Keep the Saturn on the earth, don't let it go into orbit.

Good luck with your C5. Rare color interior makes it pop.

Nice background shot...didn't Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda? ...close and sell off his collection all but a few keepers?

Rob aka AZ

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ghpcnm on Oct 21, 2021 said:

Thanks for the shout-outs guys. Unfortunately, Muscle Car City is closed. I think the COVID scare finished it off. Now, it's just a place for good photo shoots. I'll have more pics of my new hobby coming soon. I purchased this C5 from the estate of a good friend who passed away a few months ago. It has a little over 36k miles and is all original except for interior upgrades and a cold air intake. I had to do some maintenance to get it in tip top shape as it had been sitting in storage for a while, but now everything is good to go. I'm going to add a Borla Exhaust if Santa comes to see me

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Mario on Oct 22, 2021 said:

Thanks for the extra pictures Dave. Nice clean engine, great shot. Only 36K miles wow 21 year old Vette looks like it's out of the showroom! Mario

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ghpcnm on Oct 22, 2021 said:

I'll post more pics soon. My wife and I were on a trip to Key West when these pics were taken. That's why I had my Novi Stretch on the front and the mirrors.

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Mario on Oct 23, 2021 said:

Have a great time in Key West Dave. Love the C5 Video. Lots of good history in that. Cheers, Mario

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azmusclecar on Nov 3, 2021 said: is NOT MANDATED that your car wear a mask....... You must have California on your mind. Now I did see Dr. Fauci has a garage full of Corvettes paid with pandemic hush money and all of them are wearing masks........but who am I to judge?

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ghpcnm on Nov 3, 2021 said:

Never let it be said that my car is afraid of a little bug.

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