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Colorized Mario's Tribute to 1954 Plymouth Belmont

1954 Plymouth Belmont Starred in 3 Movies

1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept Car designed by Chrysler Corp, under the direction of Virgil Exner, for the 1954 Chicago Auto Show and the NY Autorama Show.

The body is reinforced fiberglass, the work of Briggs Manufacturing. Its styling is aerodynamic and indicative of Exner's future Forward Look theme.

The design is clean with the convertible top carefully stowed away in a hidden compartment located behind the seats.

The Belmont was highly publicized and well received by the public at the various major automobile shows where it was displayed.

The first plastic-bodied car by the Chrysler Corp, the Belmont seated two and used a V8 engine that produced up to 150 hp.

It was originally painted in a light blue metallic then painted red later. It was 191.5 inches long.

Unfortunately, the Belmont was never put into production, this car being the only one built.

Following its appearances on the 1954 auto show circuit, the Belmont made its film debut in the 1956 movie Bundle of Joy, starring Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It also starred in the movie Kathy O in 1958.

It is powered by a Dodge 241ci V8, 150hp, engine with a Hy-drive semi-automatic transmission and rides on a 114 inch wheelbase.

The Belmont carries its original Dodge Poly-Head V-8 with serial number P27-1014 and is backed with its original Hy-Drive semi-automatic transmission.

The car is powered by a 150hp poly-head 241 ci V8 engine.

Straightforward and uncomplicated round gauges adorned the Belmont Instrument Panel. Notice the floorshift for the semi-automatic transmission.

A Padded dash for safety. A better look at the semi-auto transmission floorshift.

The Round gauges have an aerospace look to them.

A modern Center Console ran between the bucket seats with a padded rear all around.

Colorful brochure of the 1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept Car designed by Chrysler Corp.

In most recent years it was shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.

The convertible top is carefully stowed away in a hidden compartment located behind the seats.

Exceptionally restored by Mike Fennel Restorations, the Belmont has been shown at some of the finest most prestigious concours in the US and has won many awards over the years.

The major theme stressed by the company was that the Belmont was a practical car in every sense, combined with sweeping beauty.

The fiberglass roadster body was mounted on a standard Plymouth chassis that had been proven by billions of miles of owner use, creating an unmatchable combination.

An unusual headlight bezel designed especially for the 1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept Car drew a lot of attention.

Although concept cars were routinely destroyed once their useful life was over, the Belmont became the personal property of VP of Design Virgil Exner for several years at his request.

A complete restoration brought this unique vehicle back to its original show car condition.

The convertible top is carefully stowed away in a hidden compartment located behind the seats.

The Belmont was sold at the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction in 2014 for $1,320,000 to a private collector.

The Belmont was conceptualized as a rival to the Chevy Corvette and Ford T-Bird, and it was the first Plymouth with both a V8 engine and a fiberglass body.

Penned by famed designer Virgil Exner, rumor has it that Exner liked the Belmont so much, he demanded the car after Plymouth was finished with it.

Chrysler was not in a financial position where it could afford to create a car to match the Corvette or the T-Bird so production for the Belmont never happened.

The Designers were on such a strict budget that they had to use stock parts wherever possible, including bumpers and taillight bezels.

1956 Movie Poster for Bundle of Joy, the 1954 Plymouth Belmont had a short part in this movie.

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds first movie together in 1956. They married in 1955.

The 1954 Plymouth Belmont was also in a 1957 movie "The Tattered Dress".

The 1954 Plymouth Belmont in movie "The Tattered Dress".

The 1954 Plymouth Belmont in movie "The Tattered Dress".

Film poster for 1957 movie "The Tattered Dress".

Movie "Kathy O" starring Dan Durea and Patty McCormack in 1958. Third movie starring the 1954 Plymouth Belmont in its original color Blue.

The original 1954 Plymouth Belmont was painted a light Blue then later painted red. Movie clip from "Kathy O" in 1958.

Movie poster for "Kathy O" in 1958.

Another movie poster for "Kathy O"

Video and audio clips

1954 Plymouth Belmont sold at Barrett Jackson 2014.

Trailer for Bundle of Joy, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

Trailer for movie Kathy O in 1958.


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Mario on Oct 30, 2021 said:

The 1954 Plymouth Belmont a sporty 2 seater designed to compete with GM's new Chevy Corvette and the upcoming Ford T-Bird.

Unfortunately Chrysler Corp did not have the resources to go into production with this sports car.

Luckily this concept car survived and is currently owned by a private collector.

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Oct 30, 2021 said:

The face of this car has a face that only a mother can love. The rear leaves more to like. Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Oct 30, 2021 said:

I like the front with its headlight bezels and oval grill and I especially like the eloquent rear.

Not many American sports cars around in 1954 other than the Corvette, so this 1954 Plymouth Belmont could have been a hit if it would have gone into production.

But unfortunately we'll never know for sure.

It did manage to be in 2 major movies in its day though. Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Nov 6, 2021 said:

It actually starred in 3 major movies I found out after more research. Quite a feat for a concept car.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Nov 5, 2021 said:

I agree George, if you look at it for a bit you can see some wide eyes and a grilled toothy mouth. Not my cup of tea......

Thanks for sharing though Mario

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Apr 11, 2024 said:

I colorized the B/W pictures

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