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Rockwood, Ontario, Canada Vintage wrecking yard. Part 2.

Saturday November 6, 2021.

1960 Oldsmobile 88 and 1962 Ford.


1965-1966 Plymouth Fury III.

60'S VW bus.

1968-1972 Chevrolet Nova.

1965 Dodge Polara.

1962 Chevrolet BelAir.

1960 Pontiac Safari Station wagon (Canadian model).

1963 Pontiac. (Canadian model).

1961 AMC Rambler.

1963-1964 Mercury.

1960-1964 Chevrolet Corvair.

1971-1973 Ford Pinto.

1958 Chevrolet BelAir.

1963 Chevrolet BelAir.

1963 AMC Rambler.


1960 Ford.

1960 Oldsmobile 98 convertible.

60'S Ford ????

1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega.

1960 Oldsmobile 98 convertible.

1955 Pontiac Pathfinder. (Canadian model).

1958 Chevrolet Yeoman station wagon.

1965 Pontiac. (Canadian model).

1962 Meteor Station wagon.

1963 Ford Fairlane.

1961 Pontiac Safari station wagon. (Canadian model).

1956-1962 Ford Zephyr. British Ford. Many of these were sold in Canada back then.

1956-1962 Ford Zephyr. British Ford.

1961 Ford.

1961 Ford.

1965-1969 Chevrolet Corvair.

1963 Ford Fairlane.

1960-1964 Chevrolet Corvair.

1960-1964 Chevrolet Corvair.

1950's Hillman. British.

1950's Hillman. British.

1961-1967 Ford Econoline window van.

1961-1967 Ford Econoline.

1961-1967 Ford Econoline window van. She gave up all its side window glass for my brother Mike.

1959 Desoto.

1960 Chevrolet Impala.

1963 AMC Rambler.

1969 Cadillac.

1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega.


1964 Chevrolet Impala. With a 55 Pontiac hood next to it.

1955 Pontiac Pathfinder. (Canadian model).

1960-1961 Valiant.

1959 Chevrolet station wagon.

1962 Chevrolet BelAir.

1960 Mercury.

1959 Studebaker Lark.

1953 Ford.



late 50's International ?

1954 Studebaker.

1961 Mercury Comet, 1965 Dodge Polara and 1964 Pontiac.

1960 Oldsmobile and 1962 Ford.


1957 Chevrolet 150 sedan. It is hard to imagine this was once a 57 Chevy.

1959 Chevrolet.

1953-1954 Ford.

1958 Edsel.

1958 Edsel. With a very usable rear bumper.

1950 Oldsmobile.

1955 Ford Meteor. (Canadian model).

1959 Ford.

1961 Dodge Seneca.

Truck drive train. ?

1962 Ford Fairlane and 1964 Buick LeSabre.

1966 Dodge Coronet.

60's VW Karmenn Ghia.

1967 Plymouth.

1958 Buick Special.

1978 Chevrolet and 1966 Chevrolet Impala.

1959 Edsel.

1960 Ford and 1955 Ford.

50's British Jowett ?

1955 Nash Ambassador.

50's Ford Panel truck.


60's Ford F 100.

1960 Ford and 1955 Ford.

1956 Chevrolet 210 four door hardtop door.

1958-1959 Ford big truck.

1955 GMC big truck.

1962-1963 GMC cab over truck.


1950's Massey Harris. Built in Canada.

late 70's Ford Ranchero.

Army truck.

My brother and I went back to this amazing vintage car yard and Mike found all the side glass he required to convert his 1964 Ford Econoline van to an all window van. We found more vintage cars that we had missed on our first visit a few weeks before this one. This yard just baffles the brain. There are a number of very odd and rare cars in there. Many of the cars are easy to miss because they are deep in the bush. A wonderful day spent checking out some long lost vintage cars laid to rest (in peace). Cheers.


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57timemachine on Nov 7, 2021 said:

A very enjoyable day spent checking out these lost treasures of the past. Hope you folks enjoy the journey. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 7, 2021 said:

Wow George this is incredible! Glad you went back and took more pictures. Just think how these cars were at one time new cars and enjoyed by many people and families.

Are they available for sale or is this just a dumping ground? Amazing! Cheers!

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57timemachine on Nov 7, 2021 said:

Mario, the cars and parts are for sale. The two brothers Doug and John are carrying on the torch of their father that started the yard in the very early 1960's. My brother Mike just won the big lottery when he found a first generation Ford Econoline van with ALL the side glass to make it a full glass van, which is kind of rare and now valuable. We had a great day enjoying these gems of the past. All these photos from the first and second part represent just a very small portion of the countless vintage cars and trucks that are buried there. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 8, 2021 said:

That's good the cars and parts are for sale. I was wondering about that.

Do they actually have a list of the cars and years on the lot or do you just have to walk around? Looks like most have been stripped of parts. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Nov 8, 2021 said:

Mario, they do not have a list but the folks that run it have half an idea of where the cars are. You could spend days in there with no effort. I found three Edsels (two 58's and one 59), a 50's bath tub Nash, a 50's British Jowett, a late 50's British Ford Zodiac and some other rare cars there. My brother and I were like kids in a candy store. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 9, 2021 said:

That's so amazing and incredible! I'm glad your brother got the glass for his van there. That was some find.

Winter is great to go there all the green brush is down and you can see the cars better. Great pictures George! Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Nov 9, 2021 said:

I'm impressed George, wow...being able to identify cars from partial remains. You should work for a CSI unit. You'd be great taking body parts and figuring out the who's DNA it is.

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Mario on Nov 14, 2021 said:

Hey Rob, what are you up to these days. Still thinking about getting a new old car? Good shopping friend. Mario

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azmusclecar on Nov 14, 2021 said:

Oh Mario..I'm in to roller coasters now. I find a nice car and my hopes get up and then it's either a scam or I'm too late for the party and I go crashing down. I was or am hoping to find an C2 as my last chance. Everything I find is other half way around the world or priced out of this world.

Just had a run in with a scammer....that is always fun. Needed me to wire 50% down payment hold car I offered to come bring cash to see the car and the seller said he had a buyer that could pay today,

Hmmmmm, I sure miss the old days of honest car sales. Oh wait....let me rethink that.

So until the good Lord sends me one He has picked for me, I'll just keep drooling over others rides.

Life is good though, car or no car. It's what we already have we should be grateful for, not miserable for the things we don't have.

Live life, love and bless others. Rob

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Mario on Nov 15, 2021 said:

So're into Roller Coasters now....I just happen to own the one in Coney Island that I'm looking to sell. Just wire me a lot of money and I'll mail you the deed! You don't even have to fly out to NY.

A C2 Wow! 63 to 67 my favorite years! Ever since the show Route 66 which ran from 1960 to 1964 I always loved the Vette. The Last year TV show had the new 63 and then a 64 Model.

Hard to find but they're around. If I see one for sale in NY I'll let you know. We have lots of car shows and classic car dealers here on Long Island.

Well take care and chin up. Thanksgiving around the corner and lots of Turkey! May God Bless us everyone! Mario

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Mario on Nov 15, 2021 said:

Rob check out this website. There's a 66 in AZ.

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azmusclecar on Nov 15, 2021 said:

Oh Lord Mario......$110,000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be in Arizona and even close but I will need you to send me a check for $100,000.00 and I will happily pay the balance.

I'm a bottom feeder Mario....$40-50K.

I'm not allowed to sit at the table with these prices.

I know my place in life, and with a $110K car, would it just become a garage trophy or a trailer queen, which means I need to buy a trailer, and a truck to pull the trailer and now with that added in....I think this Corvette will be $250K.

So it's better if you just send me a blank check and I will take care of filling in the amount and I promise to send you a Christmas wish.

No not a card...maybe a Christmas wish on this forum.

I'm not heartless after all, just penniless.

And the search goes on....... Rob

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57timemachine on Nov 10, 2021 said:

Rob, I have always taken an interest in vintage car spotting. Started as a punk kid and I still love it as an old fart. Glad you folks enjoyed the vintage yard journey. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 14, 2021 said:

Great spotting and naming of cars George! You did an awesome job with that.

You and your brother must have had a great time walking around not knowing what you will find.

It's a treasure trove of old cars indeed! Cheers!

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57timemachine on Nov 18, 2021 said:

Only fellow gear heads would know the thrill of being in an antique wrecking yard. It has always been a real trip back in time for me. You look around and wonder about who owned all these cars and what they did with them. Why they gave up on them and when they gave up on them. You have to love old cars to know this and feel this way. Cheers.

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