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1957 Chevrolet Original memorabilia.

Chevy dealers handed these out.

Original 57 Chev pot holder. These were handed out to prospective buyers by dealers. Can you imagine doing this today. Women would be all offended by it today. Of course the 50's were much simpler times and in my opinion, much better times in general.

Started collecting 1955 1956 and 1957 Chevrolet original dealer memorabilia back in the 1980's and still have most of my stuff. Here are some samples of my 1957 Chevrolet dealer memorabilia. Cheers.

Original paper plate, never used.

An original "give away" ticket that was never used.

Original napkin, never used.

Original post card, never used of a Bel Air sport sedan hardtop.

A variety of dealer related items for the 57 Chevrolet.


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Mario on Dec 5, 2021 said:

Amazing you still have these George! I turned 10 in 1957 and I was very much into cars. Today I think back that 1957 was a very nice and good year for me. Cheers!

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57timemachine on Feb 10, 2022 said:

I actually had a very large number of items that I have sold over the years for what they are worth. When I sold my 57 Chevy Bel Air hardtop back in 2007, I decided to start selling off my collection. Cheers.

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Mario on Feb 11, 2022 said:

If I could go back in time to a specific year I think I would choose 1957. Life was simple and cars were great! I have so many wonderful memories of that year.

I was just 10 years old and very much into cars. I loved building car models and going to the car dealers for new car booklets and seeing the new models.

Thanks for the memories George. Cheers!

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57timemachine on Feb 12, 2022 said:

The only thing that scares me, is that one day I may regret selling all of the amazing original Chevy stuff I had. You can not keep it all because after all, you can not take it with you when you start pushing daisy's. Cheers.

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azmuscle on May 18, 2024 said:

Great memorabilia Geo. I think it's so neat to pick a year and dedicate your collecting to it. I would've chose 1969 for mine. Nice work Geo. As long as it it brings you joy, save the BEST for your LAST!

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