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What was your very first antique vintage car.

Where the love for old cars began.

We all started with that very first oldie that started the addiction for antique vintage cars. You got it, you loved it, you redid it maybe, you enjoyed it and then that old car sickness just grew from there and it is still with you today. There is no known cure for this old car addiction, well except for maybe bankruptcy or death. Share your first old car and even better with photos. My first was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan that was all there and it ran great but it was a real rusted mess. I bought this car with my heart because I loved 56 Chevy's and 55 56 57 Chevy's in general but I was a very young punk teen and I could not afford to repair this 56 properly. I kept it a year and then sold it. I am thankful that I took photos of my very first antique car, granted not very good photos but at least I have them to cherish. Share with the A.T. brotherhood your very first. Cheers.

A very complete car that had some original accessories and ran great.

Always had a fondness for 56 Chevy's since childhood.

My dad Anthony (1927-1993), had a 56 Chevrolet 150 sedan with 235 six and 3 speed stick on the tree that he bought new but I was too young to remember it. My dad sold his 56 Chev when I was almost two years old.


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azmusclecar on Jan 8, 2022 said:

George,I'll chime in with my 1965 Mercury Comet Convertible, which is Spanish for HOT HOT HOT! 289 4 barrel, 4 speed top loader. Dark blue with WHITE INTERIOR AND WHITE TOP.

The hubcaps were the first to go. Red Stripe Tiger Paws, on Chrome Reverse. I had to change out spring shackles to raise the rear to keep the fenders from rubbing the tires.

Then removal of the exhaust resonator which did NOT please my neighbors.

Of course the plastic back window yellowed darker than my urine nowadays.

And the heater core went out in a PA winter which made frosty morning drives to college and work a death defying act.

When the oil pressure gauge would read low, I'd add enough STP Oil Treatment to choke an elephant.

The engine was finally giving up the ghost when I traded it on my 1969 Olds 442.

Then life really got to be fun fun fun til my girlfriend told me she was with child.

My Pappy warned me about fast cars and fast women.

It all goes downhill from there....excuse me while I grab a tissue.

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azmusclecar on Jan 8, 2022 said:

Oh this model Comet was the CALIENTE which is why I said it means HOT HOT HOT......

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Mario on Jan 9, 2022 said:

Hey George, my first car was a 1959 Pontiac Catalina Convertible. White top, white paint and red vinyl custom interior!

It had the 389 2 BBL with automatic transmission. First thing I did was go to a Junk yard and pick up a 4 BBL manifold and a 4 BBL Carb. I bought a carb rebuilding tune up kit and figured it out. Got new manifold gaskets and replaced the 2 for 4 BBL manifold. Figured that out too, tuned it up set the points and it ran great!

It had factory dual exhausts but I bought long chrome exhaust pipes and went to Rayco for them to take off old and weld on new chrome pipes. It ran and sounded awesome.

After that I had no problem asking girls out on dates. They loved the car not so sure about me though!. But I did get a lot of dates at the drive-in, not sure if it was me or the car!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Cheers.

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ghpcnm on Jan 9, 2022 said:

I'm looking for pics of my '62 Chevy Impala, but I can't locate one. It was a white 2 door, 327/300 with a Powerglide. My first mod was an Edelbrock intake and a Holley 4 Barrel. Later added a set of Hedman Hedders. I ordered all of my parts from the SEARS Catalog. I can vividly remember the excitement of receiving the call from the local Sears store that my order had arrived. Those were the days.

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57timemachine on Jan 18, 2022 said:

What I did not mention about this 56 Chev I had, is that it had a very odd conversion. The 56 came originally with a 265 V-8 and cast iron Power Glide automatic but and here is the really big but. Someone in the past and I do not know when, changed the original V-8 automatic to a 235 in line six and three speed on the column. Now I know how this sounds and ensure you that I am not insane now or then. The steering wheel and complete column was a different color and was from a 210 three speed stick. The motor was a 235 but I am not sure what vintage. How is this for the very reverse of a typical swap. It ran really good though. I learned a lot in a short time and it just kept getting better after this. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Jan 30, 2023 said:

Any new additions to this topic. What was your very first vintage car. Cheers.

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Brandon on Jan 30, 2023 said:

My first car was a 64 LeMans, got it for $250 when I was 17. Bought pos-a-traction RWL tires and slotted mags for $300, which really made it look sharp. Picked up a 4 barrel manifold and Carter from the junkyard and rebuilt the carb. Drove it to school, then to my night job as a janitor at a machine shop, where two other high school buddies also worked. Good times!

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ghpcnm on Feb 2, 2023 said:

Where is Rob? He appears to be MIA.

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Mario on Feb 2, 2023 said:

Sad to say Rob has deleted all his pages and his user name from American Torque.

He said he's moving on to other things looking to move to a new hobby and is even selling his newly purchased 69 Camaro.

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ghpcnm on Feb 2, 2023 said:

Darn...I hate to hear that. I always enjoyed bantering back and forth with him. I hope he's okay. He will be missed.

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57timemachine on Feb 2, 2023 said:

Very sad to hear that Rob has left us. He will be missed for sure but I have hope that he will come back to the A.T. brotherhood. Cheers to Rob.

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