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Colorized Mario's Tribute to 1952-54 Ford Kom-Pac Trailer

1952 Ford wagon

1952 Ford wagon with Kom-Pac camper and boat combination trailer.

Fiberglass Ford Kom-Pac camper and boat trailer weighed only 1180 lbs.

Kom-Pac camper side entrance door.

Rear gate pulls down to display cooking area.

Crowd pleaser at car shows.

1952 Ford Kom-Pac trailer combo.

Spacious sleeping quarters for queen size bed.

Plenty of room for two.

Boat is stored on top of the trailer and serves as the roof.

Convenient roll-off for one man boat removal. And a canvas cover replaces the roof.

Two tone red and white 52 Ford and Kom-Pac camper.

Matching Two tone red and white 52 Ford and Kom-Pac camper.

Very popular combo on the road.

Drop the gate and start cooking. Note the rails that hold the boat.

239ci Flathead V8 110hp.

239ci Flathead V8 110hp.

1952 Ford and Kom-Pac trailer.

Kom-Pac trailer with canvas roof.

1954 Ford and Kom-Pac camper boat trailer.

1954 Ford and Kom-Pac camper boat trailer.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Let’s party!

Door is open, looks inviting.

It’s show time!

Showing off the V8.

Parking for the night.

Gate is down time to cook.

Firing up the gas stove.

Getting ready to bed down.

A Kom-Pac trailer black beauty.

A Kom-Pac trailer black beauty.

Rear gate is up.

Rear gate is down.

A look inside with windows open.

Very roomy interior with carpeting

Good height with boat on the roof.

Kom-Pac boat trailer specs.

Video and audio clips

1954 Ford Kom-Pac Trailer.

1953 Ford Commercial

1954 Ford Commercial

1954 Ford Commercial


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Mario on May 6, 2022 said:

The 1952-54 Ford Ranch Wagon was available with a matching Kom-Pak Camper, one of only 6 such campers believed to remain today.

The camper was designed in the same style as the 1952-54 Fords, and they featured a functional, removable fishing boat that doubled as the roof.

A canvas top was installed to go over the steel frame when the boat is removed. The Ford Kom-Pak trailer was to match the 1952-54 Ford line. The trailer borrows its design from the Ford's rear quarters and is built out of fiberglass and wood.

Not just an all-purpose camper, the Kom-Pak was equipped with a boat, affixed to the top of the trailer, a queen-sized bed and an external cooking space.

These trailers were built in the early 1950s, in Medford, Oregon.

The fiberglass Kompak Sportsman trailer with fiberglass boat weighed approximately 1,180lbs.

The trailer came with a built-in worktable, cabinets, 5.4 cubic foot ice refrigerator and 8.4-gallon water tank. Convenient roll-off for one man boat removal. $1,595 Medford, OR.

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57timemachine on May 6, 2022 said:

Holy quacamole, I never knew such an animal existed. Amazing little useful unit. Mario, thanks for sharing with the brotherhood. Cheers.

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Mario on May 6, 2022 said:

Hi George, this was quite a find for me and very enjoyable sharing with all the American Torque gearheads! Car shows are starting to open up here in NY, love spring! Cheers!

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