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Mario's Tribute to 1955 Pontiac

1955 Pontiac

The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief. Same car and color combo my Father-In-Law John Rico owned brand new. This is my Tribute to my Father-In-Law John and his 1955 Pontiac! Rest in Peace Dad, a Great Man.

Pontiac again for '55 steps out ahead . . . far ahead with cars entirely new and revolutionary in power and beauty!

A whole new marvelous panoramic view of the wide-open road ahead with a curved windshield!

New for 1955 a 287 cu in (4.7 L) Strato Streak V8 with 180 hp. No 6 cyl was offered.

The hood ornament “Indian Chief” was amber plastic that lit up when the headlights were turned on.

A lower-than-ever. lovelier-than-ever flow of line for 1955.

287ci 180hp V8 super powered, radically new in design and performance, ready to deliver flashing acceleration, remarkable economy and effortless highway cruising.

Ride in every way new and exciting. Complete balance of all items important to ride plus three-inch wider front seats insure complete and relaxing 'armchair' comfort.

Kom-Pac camper and boat combination trailer. This trailer borrows its design from the 52-54 Ford's rear quarters and is built out of fiberglass and wood.

The Kom-Pak was equipped with a boat, affixed to the top of the trailer, a queen-sized bed and an external cooking space.

Kom-Pac rear with gate down served as cooking area.

287ci V8 Just a nudge of the accelerator and away you go swiftly and surely.

New tubeless tires on all models.

Cars so dynamic in every phase of design and performance they'll definitely be the car you'll want to own.

287ci 180hp with more than three million test miles proved every phase of the great new 1955 Pontiac Strato-Streak V-8.

New steering gear. New cowl-intake ventilation.

Star Chief Safari two door hardtop wagon, which was similar to Chevy's Bel Air Nomad.

Safari Sport station wagon 3,760 built in 1955.

287cid V8 180 hp. New 12-volt electrical system.

Many options, power steering, power brakes, even air conditioning.

A heavier-than-before frame. Bigger front brakes.

A graceful integration of design of body and glass, of silver streak, grille and trim treatment.

The Pontiac idea was to create and build an automobile compared with America's costliest cars in every important way.

287ci 180hp V8.

The newness goes deep in this 1955 Pontiac.

The newness is there in a tremendous blaze of beauty and performance.

Pontiac Strato Streak 287ci 180hp V8.

Beautifully redesigned instrument panel.

1955 Pontiac brochure.

1955 Pontiac instrument panel.

1955 Pontiac 860 2dr only $2098.

1955 Pontiac Chieftain 860 sedan 2dr.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Coupe hard top.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.

1955 Pontiac 1955 Star Chief Catalina 2d-ht.

1955 Pontiac Safari Wagon.

1955 Pontiac Safari Wagon.

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon.

1955 Pontiac Laurentian 4 dr sedan.

1955 Pontiac color chart.

I Love Lucy episode Going to California in a 1955 Pontiac.

I Love Lucy On the Road Again in their 1955 Pontiac Convertible.

Dedicated to my wonderful Father-In-Law John Rico in his '32 Ford. Rest In Peace John!

Pontiac Indian Hood Ornament

Pontiac Indian Hood Ornament

Pontiac Hood Ornament Guide

Video and audio clips

1955 Pontiac Commercial

1955 Pontiac 2 dr HT Star Chief

1955 Pontiac Convertible

1955 Pontiac 4 dr Wagon

1955 Pontiac Safari Wagon

1955 GM Motorama

I Love Lucy 1955 Pontiac

I Love Lucy Hollywood at Last


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57timemachine on Aug 20, 2022 said:

The 1955 was a real beauty but it would be two more years before the real beauty came out. Ok I Know I am partial. The 287 was the beginning of an amazing Pontiac V-8. A motor that has left a major impression on the motoring world. Cheers.

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Mario on Aug 20, 2022 said:

George the 1955 Pontiac was a trend setter in so many ways and I agree with you the 57 was improved upon 100%. Your 57 Pontiac is one of the best I have ever seen so I don't think you're being impartial, just being honest! Cheers!

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Mario on Aug 20, 2022 said:

The 1955 Pontiac is the car my Father-In-Law owned brand new in the two-tone Fire Gold and White Mist paint. It was a beauty and he loved it.

This post is my Tribute to my favorite Father-In-Law John and his 1955 Pontiac. My wife tells me she used to stand in the back seat of their 55 Pontiac and put her hands around her father’s neck while he was driving! So cute! She was 8 years old.

The all-new 287 cu in (4.7 L) Strato Streak V8 with 180 hp and a 12-volt electrical system added power and many new options like never before. Six-cylinder models did not return and the 1955 lineup was V8-only. A six-cylinder model had been considered, but Pontiac management decided not to retain it due to slow sales—six-cylinder Pontiacs had accounted for only around 10-15% of volume since 1951.

The I Love Lucy episode series “Hollywood at Last” featured a new 1955 Pontiac convertible which they rode cross country from NY to California. The journey was hysterical and some of the episodes have been colorized.

1955 was a huge turning point in the automotive industry, especially with General Motors. The GM Motorama was in full bloom, and I remember going to the NYC GM Motorama with my Dad in 1955. I was sold on cars after that! Enjoy! Mario.

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azmusclecar on Aug 20, 2022 said:

Oh my, oh my, oh my. If my uncle could see this. He was a certified Pontiac mechanic in his years. I told the story before of how I sat on the milkbox outside the house waiting to see that lit up Indian Head on his car and I knew it was him.

Sadly he is in a nursing home and not doing well. He taught me a lot of things. How to cuss, how to throw tools, how to make up words that you knew meant dirty things and a few mechanic tricks along the way.

I miss him, and I miss the old POINTYASS as he would call them.

I did get a few beatings for saying things Uncle Ray told me. But all in all, I learned some life lessons as well.

Thanks for the reminder of a great car, and a good man. Truly a great thread Mario. But then again, if it wasn't, you'd hear about it. :-)

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 21, 2022 said:

Rob, it always amazes me how a classic car can bring back a lot of memories just by seeing it. Hopefully they're good memories.

This car brought back memories of your Uncle Ray. It also brings back memories of my father-in-law John who has long passed. I also recall my very first car, a 59 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Lots of good memories there.

And George has a clean 57 Pontiac because it's like the one his Dad had! I'm sure it brings him a lot of Joy.

Our generation is forever locked with classic cars and our memories which I think is a good thing. Cheers! Mario.

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57timemachine on Aug 21, 2022 said:

Mario, I love all your comments and they are all bang on. It has always amazed me how old cars not only bring back great memories of family, they also bring good people together in our great hobby. With no exaggeration ALL of my closest buddy's and acquaintances are old car guys and girls. I do not know anyone that is not an old car nut and I like it that way. Cheers to you sir.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 21, 2022 said:

I totally agree with you George how classic cars jog our memories and bond people together as family into a different world. They certainly put a smile on my face! Cheers, Mario.

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azmusclecar on Aug 22, 2022 said:

There is something to be said about a black and white classic car. It's the elegant look of a tuxedo.

Or a penguin.....

A penguin driving the black and white convertible is such a visual statement in so many ways......

Yes, my mind even scares me at times....

Hard to beliece I never did any illegal drugs as a kid. My grandfather was the police dispatcher. I was like the Johnny Cash song:


Now you have an earworm humming that song don't you?

Enjoy and you're welcome........ :-)

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 24, 2022 said:

Hey Rob, check out the Pontiac Indian Head Hood Ornament pictures I added. Remind you of your Uncle coming Home? Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 24, 2022 said:

Oh that is awesome, I would LOVE to have a display case with ALL the different hood ornaments that adorned the hoods of so many cars. I was in San Diego and they had a museum exhibit and part of that exhibit was exactly that.

One ornament after another placed accordingly to their make and modng els. WOW......I was overwhelmed with how many and how intricate the craftsmanship was on them.

To me they were miniature sculptures worthy of being exhibited in homes. I am considering one to replace the photo of my mother in law.

No, not the SWAN you can get from our favorite old time parts catalog, JC Whitney.... more like the Bulldog from the Mack Truck series. (snicker snicker)

Bad Robert, BAD........I'm headed to my room, again.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 24, 2022 said:

That's funny you mentioned you like hood ornaments, I do too! I actually have the Original Hood ornament from my Dad's 1952 Ford.

It's a jet plane all chrome and he gave it to me when he bought an Eagle Hood ornament and replaced it with the original.

You're correct they were sculptures on their own and check out Ebay for the prices they're getting for them!

A good Post for you to do is Fifties Hood Ornaments! Do you accept the challenge? Cheers!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 24, 2022 said:

I feel like someone is calling me out, taunting me. Or is this just so someone we won't mention, wants to show off their knowledge and make the rest of us feel like ........well you know......less.

Is the person taunting me have the initials


Hmmmmm, I wonder. :-)

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 24, 2022 said:

No not at all, I like hood ornaments and would like to see a Post with many of the fifties popular ones like the Fords, Pontiacs, etc.

It was your idea when you said you would sit on your milk box waiting for your Uncle to come home with his Indian Head Pontiac ornament.

You can do it, take a break and do some research. I'm sure you can find pictures on the internet!

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Aug 24, 2022 said:

Oh I'm entertaining it in my head. There's plenty of space in there.......

I almost....and this is for you, thought of a thread with many of the odd options you could order on a car. I actually saw a record player in a car once. The odder, the better. There's your challenge. Now we both have a job.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 24, 2022 said:

Yes I believe it was a 1956 Chrysler that came up with that option. Wasn't very popular though. You had to buy special records from Chrysler and not many good choices!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Feb 18, 2023 said:

The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief. Same car and color combo my Father-In-Law John Rico owned brand new. This is my Tribute to my Father-In-Law John and his 1955 Pontiac! Rest in Peace Dad, a Great Man.

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