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larry's bow ties

and others, journey beginning 1945

my first car a gift from my uncle. 1945 I was 3 yrs. old. As can be seen it does wheelies. If I pulled the peddles up on my shins.

First real car. 1953 Studebaker 6 cyl. std. shift. does not do wheelies. All I could afford. 1958. 16 yrs. old. IT'S MINE. need I say more.

Stepfather passed away in 1961. I inherited the family 1950 chev. 4 dr. traded for 1953 Studebaker coupe. now it gets serious. after repairs the 53 became my driver.

2022 I build my own. see my 29 Chevrolet page. this was built over a 4 yr. and a couple of months period beginning feb. 2013 finished oct. 2018 At 80 yrs. old I don't expect to build any more. journey between these photos will be filled in a few at a time


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Mario on Sep 12, 2022 said:

Nice pedal car Larry and a really nice 29 Chevy! More pictures please! You're still young at 80 don't let the number hold you back. Cheers, Mario

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oldkuma on Sep 14, 2022 said:

Thanks Mario. I guess the caption for every photo I post is (I WISH I STILL HAD). I have a lot of info for Rob about his Camaro but I'm a one finger typist. Keep your battery charged and the tires aired up. Larry

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azmusclecar on Sep 12, 2022 said:

Oh Larry........that first pic got you 2 thumbs up instantly.

Does that take me back to my pedal TRACTOR when I was young and good looking. I wore the tires off that thing coming down the bumpy brick sidewalk and locking my legs and pedals and making these nice long skinny black marks on my neighbors walks.

It wasn't long after that I was sent to live with another family.

Nice build on your ride.

I have a friend, well, sort of, he owned and loved Studes....he's in Florida now after selling off his collection. Everything from Hawks, Golden Hawks, Avantis, and he was a member of the Studebaker Club on the east coast I think.

And since Mario is 90 and can still chew his food, don't let 80 bother you. :-)

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oldkuma on Sep 14, 2022 said:

Thanks Rob. "69" Camaro. (nuf said) I like the blazer also. First off the park brake release for your Camaro is available on amazon. around 15$. I have a lot of info on your toys you may benefit from, but I'm a one finger typist. I could offer some info on your header clearance problem and your spark plug service difficulties. That much typing I would'nt get anything else done. check my responces to George and Mario.

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azmusclecar on Sep 14, 2022 said:

I try to keep up with everyone's posts...and yes I have had a lot of senior mechanics help me with advice on the header clearance issue. Thankfully I am past that now working on Parking Brake one.

My uncle from long ago told me, it's all just nuts and bolts son. A true mechanic knows which is which. :-)

I know I may complain a lot but I am truly thankful to God that I can at least have some skills available and a car I am truly enjoying fixing up. I'm a different (happier) person when I can spend hours in my garage.


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57timemachine on Sep 12, 2022 said:

I have always loved the 1953 Studebaker. A car ahead of its time then and a sweet time machine today. Cheers.

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oldkuma on Sep 14, 2022 said:

Thanks George. I Had 5 coupes at one time. 3 ran, one undrivable due to rear damage. 2 parts cars. very long stories. MOMORIES.

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