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Mario's Tribute to 40's Cars at Car Shows

1940's Show Cars

1 1940 Buick

2 1940 Chevrolet

3 1940 Chevy pickup

4 1940 Chevy pickup

5 1940 Ford

6 1940 Ford

7 1940 Ford

8 1940 Ford

9 1940 LaSalle

10 1940 LaSalle

11 1940 Plymouth

12 1940 Plymouth

13 1940’s Hotrod

14 1940’s Hotrod

15 1941 Chevy

16 1941 Chevy & Me

17 1941 Ford

18 1941 Ford

19 1941 Ford

20 1941 Ford

21 1941 Jeep

22 1941 Jeep with 50 Cal Rifle mounted on top.

23 1941 Packard

24 1941 Packard

25 1941 Plymouth Woody

26 1941 Plymouth Woody

27 1942 Ford pickup

28 1942 Ford pickup

29 1946 Chevrolet-aero-sedan

30 1946 Ford

31 1946 Ford pickup

32 1946 Ford pickup

33 1946 Pontiac woody

34 1946 Pontiac woody

35 1947 Ford

36 1947 Ford

37 1947 Mercury

38 1947 Pontiac

39 1948 Cadillac Series 62

40 1948 Chevrolets

41 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster

42 1948 Dodge

43 1948 Ford

44 1948 Ford

45 1949 Buick

46 1949 Buick

47 1949 Cadillac

48 1949 Chevy

49 1949 Chevy

50 1949 Chevy

51 1949 Ford

52 1949 Ford

53 1949 Ford

54 1949 Ford F-1 Pickups

55 1949 Chevy

56 1949 Chevy

Video and audio clips

Patchogue NY Car Show 9/8/2020

1940’s Car Commercials

1940 Ford Commercial

1942 Olds Commercial

1948 Tucker Commercial

1949 Ford Commercial

1949 Chevy Commercial

1949 Ford Assembly Line


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Mario on Oct 5, 2022 said:

I haven’t seen many Forties cars at car shows so when I see one I’m sure to photograph it. These are the Forties cars I have seen and photographed at various car shows over the years.

There were the Pre-war car models (1940 to 1942) and Post-war car models (1946 to 1949). No American cars, commercial trucks, or auto parts were made from February 1942 to October 1945. The focus for car manufacturing companies during that time frame was to meet Military needs.

The pre-war cars were pretty much an extension of the thirties while the post-war cars exploded with technological advancements not seen before in such a short time period.

New cars finally came out for the 1946 model year with few changes from 1942. After retooling the new 1949 models were much redesigned and the V8 engine took over. Fins grew by the year and many mechanical improvements were made.

The newly designed cars of the late forties were a huge hit as sales overwhelmed production. This led to the Fifties explosion of car sales and many modern conveniences. Enjoy! Mario.

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azmusclecar on Oct 5, 2022 said:

You sure can see the metamorphosis of the body styles as the years progressed. That 49 Buick caught my eye with the swept back roof line.

I can tell the genre of a movie when I can identify the cars. That 1949 Ford shows up in the movie: "Where the sidewalk ends".

The 40's cars were before my time but I can recall them as a kid. My Mom's 49 Chevy sort of puts a time stamp in my memory.

I had a friend in PA who's 40 Ford, with that sweeping rear roof, his car took home trophy after trophy after trophy. It was the same color as the one in the photo. A 50's diner even asked if they could use his car as part of their advertising.

That is what you call ONE POPULAR CAR!!

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Mario on Oct 6, 2022 said:

Great feedback Rob, you always add a lot of your own colorful stories to my posts. I appreciate that.

I too always loved the 40 Ford. The teardrop headlights, the bold fenders and the swept back design are what makes it great for me.

My wife's cousin Bobby had a shiny Black 40 Ford convertible with a flathead V8. It was a Beauty!

The 49 Ford is another Ford Icon that I like. To me it was the beginning of a new era in cars and in life. People could finally start to live better having gone thru 2 wars and a depression.

I enjoy watching old movies also just to see the cars in them. I always point them out by year and make which annoys my wife but it keeps me sharp. Cheers!

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57timemachine on Oct 5, 2022 said:

My personal 1940's favorite car has always been the 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe coupe. Loaded with accessories of course.

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Mario on Oct 6, 2022 said:

The 41 Chevy was a beauty George. I like the 1941 Special Deluxe Cabriolet with a 216ci straight 6. Power convertible top, Leather seats, Fog lamps, Spot lamps, Wheel Trim Rings, Wide whitewalls, Radio & heater and Bumper Guards. Oh and in a rich Burgundy color. I can see it now. Cheers!

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