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Burford, Ontario, Canada Car Show.

Sunday October 9, 2022.

I took in the annual Burford, Ontario, Canada car show during their Fall fair there. The weather was just perfect though a little chilly in the morning. Enjoyed a beautiful fall colors drive there and back. Good turn out of many cars I had never seen before. Spoke to many decent old car gear heads. They even had two monster trucks duking it out on a car crushing course. I took my 1957 Pontiac and a great day all around. Check out the rides. Cheers.

1966 Chevy II SS. Factory 350 h.p. 327.

1966 Chevy II SS.

That special engine in a very special car. 327 350 h.p.

1956 Ford Fairlane.

1956 Ford Fairlane.

1927 Studebaker.

1927 Studebaker.

1970's VW camper.

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. What a dream boat.

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL.

1967 Plymouth GTX.

1948 Chev Fleetline. Much evil here.

This guy gave me nothing but attitude when I took this photo of his 1948 Chev.

There's that 1957 Pontiac that keeps showing up in these posts. I just can not shake this guy.

1962 Ford Falcon.

1968 Chevelle SS 396.

1968 Chevelle SS 396. Has always been my favorite Chevelle.

1970's Pontiac Grand Prix and 1970's Pontiac Lemans.

1960 Vauxhall Envoy. A British toy car.

1960 Vauxhall Envoy.

1965 Pontiac Parisienne. (Canadian model).

Tell the world.

My sentiments as well.

Mopar leaning tower of power.

Mopar row. 1976 Dodge Dart, 1968 Plymouth Baracuda and 1967 Plymouth GTX.

Our 100 year centennial plates here in Ontario.

1970 Caddy. Nothing but class.

1970 Chev.

This car ? gave me a good chuckle.

Great sense of humor.

Rust sure serves a purpose in these chariots.

Flexing some Chev 396 muscle.

Flexing some Pontiac 400 muscle.

Flexing some Olds 400 muscle.

Flexing some Mopar 383 muscle.

1957 Chev 210 hardtop. A model you seldom see.

1967 Dodge.

On a 1967 Dodge.

1949-1951 Chev.

1973 Dodge Charger.

1959 Meteor (Canadian model).

1964 Mercury Comet wagon.

1965 Mercury Comet wagon. Rare.

1956 Dodge.

1956 Dodge.

1979 Dodge Magnum.

1962-1964 Acadian (Canadian model).

1956 Lincoln Premier. My favorite Lincoln.

1956 Lincoln Premier.

1956 368 Lincoln Y block V-8..

1970's VW Bug.

1957 Chev Bel Air.

1967 Chevelle Malibu.

1967 Chevelle Malibu.

British MG.

British MG.

Totally souped up Chev 250 in line six in a 1934 Chev truck.

This beautiful 250 Chev six had everything done to it and I heard it opened up with the electric cut outs. There is nothing sweeter than hearing a six in heat.

1966 Buick Riviera.

1960's VW Karmen Ghia.

1967 Plymouth.

Ford engine in a Ford rod. The way it should be.

The Cam Twisters from Brantford Ontario have been around since the 1950's.

1932 Ford rod. Real sweet.

1957 VW Bug.

1949 International panel.

1965 Plymouth Baracuda. I would not want to have to replace that back glass.

This boney fella sure loves picking his banjo and checking out the sweet rides.

This little fella sure reminds me of some of the politicians we got here in Canada right now.

A couple of monster trucks were doing there stuff on a bunch of poor defenseless little cars in the fair.

I wonder if that was done on purpose. We got a Mopar, a GM and a Ford. Some body is trying to tell us something or maybe not.

Doing some monster truck duties.

This guy is just plain crazy, I tells ya.

Do you think this guy might have a complex.

1948 Pontiac. I got a nice chuckle out of this one.

1948 Pontiac. Would you dare mess with it.

1966 Chev.

1951 Chev custom.


80 car nuts gave this a thumbs-up. Do you? Thumbs-up


Mario on Oct 10, 2022 said:

Nice car show George. You're really into these car shows this Fall and getting in as much time as possible. Love the pictures of all the cars.

I think my favorite 3 are:

The 1966 Chevy II SS with Factory 327/350 hp. The 1927 Studebaker with the fabulous Rumble Seat. And the very rare 1957 Chev 210 hardtop.

All Classics and in showroom condition. Cheers!

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Mario on Oct 10, 2022 said:

I Like the original Red Line tires on the Chevy II also, very original and the engine is beautifully chromed. That was always one of my favorite cars which I wanted to buy new but couldn't swing. They were BIG winners on the quarter mile tracks at the time. Cheers!

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azmusclecar on Oct 10, 2022 said:

Mario beat me to it but that little high winding 327-350 caught my eye first thing. I was impressed with that little mouse motor when a neighbor took me a ride in his Chevelle SS. I was afraid to look over at his tach.

The leaning tower of power reminded me of my grandmother's 64 Plymouth Fury.

That late 40s International Panel looks awesome in that satin black looks nice and straight. Someone was good at hammer and dolly work.

Another fine job by our Canadian contributor.

Well done. Keep up the good work George.

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azmusclecar on Oct 10, 2022 said:

I have to admit George, that Vauxhall, we had a neighbor that had one of those. And I was a kid growing up on our one way street on the wrong side of the tracks had nothing but Amercian Cars on it.

Mostly everyone was a blue collar household, and this Vauxhall just didn't fit into that scheme.

I believe the family was from Europe. They kept to themselves when most of the other families would be sitting outside in the evening.

When I saw that Vauxhall it generated that beige unappealing car on our street. Never did figure those folks out. They moved after a few years.

Just wanted to share my experience with a Vauxhall.

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