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Mario's Tribute to Pickup Trucks at Car Shows

Added Old Ford Pickup Truck Commercials Video

1 1920 Ford Model T

2 1920 Ford Model T

3 1929 Ford

4 1929 Ford

5 1929 Ford

6 1930's Hot Rod Pickup

7 1931 Ford

8 1931 Ford

9 1933 Ford

10 1933 Ford

11 1940 Chevy

12 1940 Chevy

13 1940 Chevy

14 1940 Ford

15 1942 Ford

16 1942 Ford

17 1946 Ford

18 1946 Ford

19 1948 Chevy

20 1948 Chevy

21 1949 Chevy

22 1949 Chevy

23 1949 Chevy

24 1949 Chevy

25 1949 Ford F1

26 1949 Ford F-1's

27 1949 Ford F1

28 1949 Studebaker Custom

29 1950 Chevy

30 1950 Chevy

31 1951 Chevy

32 1951 Ford

33 1952 Chevy

34 1952 Chevy

35 1952 Chevy

36 1952 Ford

37 1952 Ford 6 cyl

38 1952 Ford

39 1953 Chevy

40 1954 Chevy

41 1955 Chevy

42 1955 Chevy

43 Chevy Ice Cream Truck

44 1955 Ford

45 1957 Dodge

46 1957 Dodge

47 1957 Ford Ranchero

48 1957 Ford Ranchero

49 1959 Pontiac Pickup Prototype

50 1959 Pontiac Pickup Prototype

51 1959 Chevy El Camino

52 1959 Chevy El Camino

53 1963 Chevy 10

54 1979 Dodge Lil Red Express

55 Military Humvee

56 Monster pickup

57 1953 Ford Christmas Village

58 1953 Ford Christmas Village

59 1953 Ford Christmas Village

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Mario on Dec 13, 2022 said:

Back in the early 1900s, when over 1/3rd of the US population were farmers, the pickup truck was essential in moving around thousands of pounds of produce. Henry Ford first termed the word “pickup” when he wanted to make a vehicle suitable for farmers. Many were already modifying the Model T to allow easier use on the farm.

On April 25, 1925, Ford released the Ford Model T Runabout with a pickup bed. This was the first time in American truck history that you could go buy a factory-built pickup. The pickup came with an all-steel bed that was 56-inches long, 40-inches wide, and 13-inches high.

Today, Pickup trucks are popular because they can travel on off-road terrain and are ideal for camping, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. Pickup trucks can also carry and pull more weight than other vehicles. With a pickup truck being so durable and useful, it depreciates much slower than hatchbacks and sedans.

The Top 3 most popular Pickup trucks today are, in order: Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500.

This is my Tribute to the very versatile Pick-Up Truck which I enjoyed photographing at various Car Shows. Enjoy! Mario

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57timemachine on Dec 13, 2022 said:

I will take the 1955 Chev, the 1959 Chev El Camino and the 1959 Pontiac prototype. I am not being greedy at all I just know what I like. Cheers.

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Mario on Dec 14, 2022 said:

Hi George, thank you for your input. I too like the Chevy's and Pontiac you mentioned. Very classy Pick up trucks.

In addition I will add the 57 Dodge. It was very unique that Dodge added the taillights of the 57 Dodge car on their Pickup. Similar to the Chevy EL Camino and Ford Ranchero Pickups.

Cheers my Gearhead friend and Happy Holidays! More Posts to come out.

I'll be trying to do one every week so look out for them. Mario

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57timemachine on Dec 15, 2022 said:

I will speak for myself and probably most of the A.T . brotherhood here. We are looking forward to your contributions to this auto wonderful site. Cheers.

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Mario on Dec 16, 2022 said:

Thank you George, very kind of you to say. I too enjoy all your car show pictures of your attended events. I look forward to more in the Spring. Cheers friend!

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azmusclecar on Dec 17, 2022 said:

I always identify with a 1961 Ford Custom pickup that I learned to drive a 3 speed manual in. My grandfather at times had a "fleet" of vehicles for the family to use. Everything from Ramblers, Olds 88, Pontiac Bonneville, Eagle, and more.

My aunt taught me in that 61 Red & White Custom Cab by taking me out on the country roads surrounding our community and had the patience of Job and let me learn.

I washed and cared for that truck like it was mine. If you appreciate someone, you will appreciate the things they give you. It was and will always be a great experience in my life.

God bless my grandfather AND my aunt. May they rest in PEACE.

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Mario on Dec 17, 2022 said:

I liked your nice story Rob how your Aunt taught you to drive a stick with her 1961 Ford Red & White Pick Up.

So I searched and found a video of your Pick Up and am dedicating it to you and added to my Post.

Check it out. Cheers! Mario

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azmusclecar on Dec 17, 2022 said:

Ahhhhhhhh, I'm blushing.....I haven't had any one dedicate anything to me since i was dedicated to God. Thanks....I'm honored AND Humbled.

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Mario on Dec 17, 2022 said:

You're very welcome Rob. You have been Honored by American Torque!

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azmusclecar on Dec 17, 2022 said:

And that is THE EXACT COLOR. I liked it when I made a hard right turn, my girlfriend would slide closer to me on the vinyl bench seat. The same Ol' 6 cylinder. I'm back in 1967 watching this. The truck is gone, the girlfriend is gone, but my memories are true as the video. and don't forget to double clutch into first gear.

who double clutches anymore??????????

Thanks again Mario.....a GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!

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Mario on Dec 17, 2022 said:

Merry Christmas Rob! Glad to "stir up" good memories.

I had a 59 Pontiac Catalina with vinyl bench seats and also used to make an unusual amount of right turns on a date! They never caught on!

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azmusclecar on Dec 17, 2022 said:

Sorry for the added posts but I see that TWIN I BEAM SUSPENSION under the front. Do you recall the Ford Pickup going up this mountain of logs or huge rocks? My memory is firing like I had twin distributors..."-)

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Mario on Dec 17, 2022 said:

Yes I do remember that scene it was amazing! I welcome all your posts so keep on posting! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mario

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Mario on Dec 23, 2022 said:

I added a new video of 8 old Ford Pickup Truck Commercials.

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azmusclecar on Dec 24, 2022 said:

Mario, love the Christmas Scene 1953 Village.

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Mario on Dec 24, 2022 said:

Thanks Rob, I always liked little Christmas Villages with old cars.

When I was in my house I would set up a 2 to 3 tier Christmas Village in the Foyer every year. It took me a whole day just to set it up.

Sadly I don't have the room in my Condo now. But I still have a small 50's Village.

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azmusclecar on Dec 24, 2022 said:

Thank God for my Grandfather who lovingly set up the train platform, anchored the tree to the wall, and set the Lionel train track, including the tunnel and all the assembled plastic houses. Some with lights. I spent hours on my knees in a world of make believe.

I even got blessed by God to contract Chicken Pox during Christmas Break which meant I got a few days extra of Christmas Vacation to play with the train and cars and all the accessories.

It was always a moment of closure when the disassembly came about and I knew Christmas was over. The needles by now had begun to fall from the tree. Time for life to return to a form of routine. Back to school, and packing up the train, putting the houses back in the boxes and back to the attic it goes where it remains for the next 48 weeks.

I'm so thankful God has allowed me to retain all these wonderful memories to help remind me, of all the blessings, not just at Christmas, but ALL the blessings He's bestowed on me.

Be thankful for what you have, and enjoy LIFE!!

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Mario on Dec 24, 2022 said:

Those are wonderful memories you have Rob and yes I am very thankful for what I have. Merry Christmas and may God Bless!

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